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  1. Fan Misery Index - Devils #1....really?

    Who's Cam? Janssen?
  2. Whether you like +/- or not, this is weird:

    I don't know which team you're watching, guys: Elias and Jagr are *not* the same players.
  3. Janssen waived.

    I don't like it. I like Cam. At least he cares.
  4. Langenbrunner retires

    Langs = Clutch.
  5. Caption This

    Ahhh.... Ahhhh..... AHHHH-CHOOOOOO!
  6. Who is Our Captain?

    Jagr is the captain.
  7. GDT 7: Devils @ Senators aka first win of the season 730pm MSG+

    Yes, after Lemaire and Brylin both come out of retirement.
  8. GDT 7: Devils @ Senators aka first win of the season 730pm MSG+

    I wonder what goes through Marty's mind. He must realize on *some* level that he is very far from what he used to be.
  9. 10th years ago Dan Snyder tragedy

    I remember this. Whenever I see Danny Heatley on TV, I think of Dan Snyder.
  10. The useless Zees

    Zidlicky with the giveaway in his own zone for the Calgary's GWG... Thanks for making my point, Marek.
  11. Good article on fighters in the NHL

    I agree... Remember, that the famous Detroit-Colorado brawl started with Larionov jumping Forsberg.
  12. The useless Zees

    Alright, Zajac was alright in the first two years, but it's been downhill from there.
  13. The useless Zees

    But they have been doing it for years. Let me rephrase that: they have been doing nothing for years. Zubrus and Zajac have been useless since day one.
  14. The useless Zees

    You guys have been ripping on Volchenkov in the GDT, but you don't pay attention to the really useless players: the Zs: Zubrus, Zajac, and, to a lesser extent, Zidlicky. Zidlicky gave up the puck for no good reason twice in the first 10 minutes tonight, but at least he goes and attacks and does something. The other two fellas, with big contracts, skate about every night and do NOTHING. Nothing. Scream for their head instead.