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  1. awesome tied up at 1! and man mad props to the crowd they were insane tonight kovalchuk army made me lol
  2. did patrik elias just steal my car?
  3. i lol'd at the overdramatization.
  4. god brooks is really getting annoying. i get it, you don't like tortorella. that doesnt mean every article he writes has to be some womanly passive aggressive jab, he's obviously trying to get as many cheap shots in on him as he can for bitching him out. and while it couldnt happen to a more deserving guy, just reading such petty "journalism" is starting to insult my intelligence(and believe me me, you have to try real hard to do that)
  5. danis was better off trying to running tackle the shooters
  6. marty is getting KILLED on hfboards its hilarious fimally he'll get the rest that no one on our coaching staff seem to want to give him
  7. damn. how long has it been since i seen a deal of that magnitude come from this team
  8. He nailed it. And i'm glad that he's one of the few people in the devil's circle of media being honest about it. If you were listening to the broadcast when Doc was speaking, you could tell that he was just as dissapointed, maybe even angry that the organization told nobody anything, but he held back.
  9. Richter was an excellent goalie. His bare handed save in the 97 playoffs is burned into my head, but I was fortunate enough to see him when he didnt burn out. I have nothing but hatred and respect for the guy.
  10. just got back from the game tons of fun, great seats great play by the devils overall imo
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