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  1. Eric_empire


    I read one article thar Hrdina is the first center... due to his chemestry with Nash and Viborny....
  2. If any numbers shuld be retired now it's #4, #44 and #3. Every one is forgeting abour Richer and his job for the team, ok, many of you may have bin to yong to remember his glorydays for the team...
  3. Once again.... If he plays this seson Albelin should have the "C".
  4. Abby is talking to Lou about a comeback on ice instead of behind the bench and as Abby is the only devils "on the team*" that have woren the big "C" for the team before he will be the natural choise. Good leadership and knowlige of the team... If not Madden all the way...
  5. I think we may see oneway deals going to the rats as well... like Marshall.
  6. Eric_empire

    Carpenter leaving

    Ok that basicly means that Abby know what he will do this winter... Coaching the Devils...
  7. Eric_empire

    Red October

    a lot depends on if #4 returns. I just don't see White getting moved, but maybe I'm blinded by the fact that he's one of my favorite devils. i see Freeze going before viktor, simply because kozlov may have more skills...who knows what lou's cooking up...he's the mastermind. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> There have bin some rumors with the Oilers and with the Nuks and some with the Cans... The firts one wold show Kozlo and White to Fla and Freezer to Van gitting Huselius in return.... One would send Freeze, White and Suggy to the Cans for Williams... The Last would Send Kozzy and Whity to the Oils for Jani Rita.
  8. Bicek is already gonne he signed in Sweden in june but ad Oliwa do the dumping list...
  9. Eric_empire

    Red October

    Kozlov, Freezer, Marshall, Oliwa and White... I think we will see all of them in other colours. Kozzy and Freezer due to there prize tag, Marshall mainly becourse he will not fit in in the new NHL where speed, speed and more speed is the key, alsow he is noth that cheep. Oliwa could be saved if he where a leuge minimum, you dont give a goon $836,000. White is the odd man out if Lou gives up a d-man, he will not trade Raffy, McGillis ore Malakov that he just signed. Marin is to valuble and Matvechuk is more solid than Whity and cost less. Then we have Hale, DeMarchi in the farm and yes the poo blob Brown...
  10. Eric_empire

    bergfors article

    Can ad that Swedish media discribes Bergfors as a St:luis/Naslund typ of player. Smal, fast with at tremenes scoring tuch.
  11. An assistant coaching job just opened up, Stevens anyone? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Opening mey be used for Abby whom have a done deal with Lou according to Aftonbladet... Allthow Abby may still want to play.
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