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  1. I hope that tonight wasn't a preview of his season this year....
  2. This is not as bad as people think. We needed goals & Lou when out and bought goals.
  3. I have been calling this for years & it finally happened. Low risk I guess.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised to see Lou go after another Czech player.
  5. Well, there goes another season.
  6. I'll miss him big time. All the best to Chico & his family.
  7. Elias26

    We Got Rutuu

    Bernier comparison is spot on.
  8. Elias26

    We Got Rutuu

    This is all you need to know. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/hc-trade-tracker-tuomo-ruutu-2/
  9. I think in many cases the head coach isn't your friend IMO that's the job of the assistant coaches. That being said I think it's time to let PDB go.
  10. Elias26

    Joe Whitney

    As a short guy I'm rooting for this guy to make it. The link shows some of the other small players in the NHL. Does the NHL have a new shortest player in New Jersey’s Joe Whitney? http://nhl.si.com/2014/01/23/does-the-nhl-have-a-new-shortest-player-in-new-jerseys-joe-whitney/ By Allan Muir Good thing that the Hurricanes’ Nathan Gerbe popped in that sweet Marek Malik-goal last night in Philly. At least he’ll have that highlight reel moment to hang his hat on if he loses his title as the NHL’s shortest player to Devils forward Joe Whitney. Whitney, a two-time NCAA champion at Boston Co
  11. Haha at least you guys are honest. I just like the energy he brings on the ice & in the locker room.
  13. I have the same feeling. If we get blown out he's gone.
  14. At some point it's not a matter of luck. We are at that point.
  15. I though the same thing but instead got a nice breath of fresh air. Long live St. Patty.
  16. He's going to want over 3m I'm sure. I like the idea of him playing with Elias. At his point he would be a more talent version of Sykora in his last year here.
  17. As others have said it's what the market is this year. Lou paid what he had to and it's better then giving Clarkson 7 year at over 5M. Not to address scoring, oh and our Defense still sucks...
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