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  1. Let's hope that your forum here will now being less toxic... Now that all the crybabies got their toy at Christmas. There is no doubt that the hate that is so powerful in this place will now redirect at full force on a new scapegoat to make you feel all better... I guess Fitz is the next target of your frustration and need for blood. Damn I miss this place so much... I mean the place it used to be. Anyway... Have fun full of hate people. Celebrate until your next hunt.
  2. I will not go as far as seeing me as very intelligent but you seems to miss my point. And there i will not blame your smartness but clearly my broken english. My point wasn't about compare Lou & Ruff ... And if it's not relevant (as i will gladly admit it's not) let's scratch it from my message ! As it has very little to do with previous posters and Lou... Let's forget about it My point was that the non stop hate toward Ruff is boring to me. And you may think that my use of the world " hate " is a tad too much but when i see constant messages asking for his head ... Hey ! smell like hate to me ... (and i admit, i'm not dealing that well with hate) Once again, nothing personal from me.. And as @NJDevils1214 point out, I can totally go away from here. Duly noted and it was awesome the time it last right ? He is right after all.. Why come if i'm not having a good time with this ? More than 21 years of fun being around here it wasn't that bad !
  3. Ok then keep throwing all your trash at our coach every 5 mn and by venting like that making this forum boring to read again... But yeah of course you are way better at this that other previous posters that you despite... Am I happy at this season? Certainly not (is the season over? Nop.. BTW) especially after last year? No... And i guess the coach last year was so much different than this year... And this season is all him and nothing to do with bunch of rookies in D (who will be so great.. That's for sure) and the lost of 2 veterans that without them... Exposed guy like sieg' big time... But all Ruff's fault and last year he was just lucky and got nothing to do with success. I got it. But it's obviously your forum, not mine... So keep the same narrative.
  4. The Ruff hate make this forum tough to read once again... I will not judge people's opinion and not starting to go into a debate if they are wrong, right or obssess with this... But some of you (and you know who you are) got 80% of their message about Ruff being bad. We got it the first 50 messages. I remember that some people who is no longer there got accused of always bring up some topic (for example about their hate of Lou) .... what's different now ? Of course you can say that you wish you would have another coach (knowing for sure that Ruff is going to stay the whole year) it's totally fair to say that and to be frustrated about this team this year (and putting almost everything at the coach) ... it's fair and it's a forum where you can talk about it... but come on ! Almost every post ... And it's the same complain you do when we see some posters only when there is a lost ... it's irritating right ? It's the same feeling when the same pattern happens here : A win ? Some hero save the coach ass. A lost ? stupid old ass who doesn't adjust ! You may have a lot of valid point ... i'm not saying... but it's the non stop hate that make it so difficult to read ! We already know your position and it's a fair one... no need to force it into our throat all the time. Anyway... Luke is awesome !
  5. By putting a really weak Bastian (these days) in the lineup? Cool! But ok, as long as he doesn't take stupid penalty... Why not?
  6. B.Smith was benched after his stupid penalty... Some accountability there then (despite some comments here ; ) )
  7. we played a team that struggle and are on a L streak... And it shows !
  8. If he doesn't play it's all his fault... Smith is playing forward also because Bastian doesn't play his game ! He is having a difficult season so far
  9. I love late game... at least i can watch some of it when i wake up !
  10. We need a Tanev asap !
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