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  1. Zajac is my favorite devils player currently on the team... Not because of skills (Nico is another dimension), or team success (sadly)... but i'm sentimental ... Always loved this guy ! I'm happy to see him retired as a Devils ! And next cup will be with him in the lineup !
  2. Ok i will go to sleep before having another hat trickz vs us...
  3. I was going to type .. after the insane pressure of our PP... with no score, the Columbus first short after will be a goal... and... bam...
  4. Hey... at least we will have Lafreniere next season...
  5. Not that I wanna lose or tank... But why our odds of landing Lafreniere is that bad if we stay where we are?
  6. Wherever Shero ends... We will be the new Pittsburg for this new team... Look at Shero moving piece to bring "ex-Devils players" ; )
  7. It would be pure chaos in New Jersey Devs Fans World ... But i rather take him rather than Marty (ooooooh... INFAAAMY ! ) (i know i know) He takes the Flyers from a bad place and make something out of it... Not a cup pretender ok, but something solid nonetheless. (I think we will have Fitz and i dunno what to think about it... but i would gave him a try)
  8. Decision was made and right now I don't care if it's fair to Shero... If he deserve or it's a shame (I think it's a shame but again... I don't care for now) I'm really scared for what come next? I so not see Marty being good as this job....
  9. This is the worst decision that could happen ... Horrible horrible... Depressing time to be a devs fan... what a sh!tty season !
  10. We were playing too well... We really want Lafreniere so... Cory is here ; )
  11. ok then... what about " What a strong game ... from Nico " ?
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