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  1. Miroslav Satan to the Devils. Sure thing.
  2. And as we are good with being confused ... We will take their Hugues as well
  3. Pics taken from my living room
  4. What they are trying to express is that... What ?!
  5. Excuse moi i'm learning english but " Holding a grudge " is still a thing right ? ; )
  6. Any interest in Sean Monahan ? I know he struggles recently and got some injuries... BUT... he can be add for little price now .. no ? (yes i'm keep digging around Calgary as it appears difficult to land Tkachuk)
  7. As an european... And especially as a French (where hockey is really low in culture, exposition etc... ) It wasn't a easy bridge to link with NHL and the Devils. I started watching hockey during the Olympics of Nagano in 1998 and felt in love with the game, the intensity, the pace, the technic, rules etc... And the Czech team was insane and i felt for it. I decide to start looking for a team to follow in the NHL. I could have roots for Pittsburg as they had the post Czech players at this time but come on... a Pingouin ?! As a die hard Metal head ... The name Devil rings some bells ; ) So a cool name (ok i've learn since that it's not the cool guy down below but a swamp creature.. nevermind it was too late when i discover the truth ! ) An awesome logo Perfect Jersey 3 Czech players .... And after only few games... I couldn't stop loving Scott Niedermayer. That was it. Then Scott Stevens (he talks a lot to my barbarian metalhead). Since year one, and the quarter-finals against Pittsburg (and Jagr .. aaaargh), i knew the bridge was burned ! I didn't choose at first instinct the penguins and I was even more a dev's fan after that serie ! And as a really lucky guy, i just had to wait for two seasons for "my" first Stanley
  8. Same can be said about Vanecek for us
  9. No Tkachuk at this hearing.. In all the options available for him is the one where he pushs hard to be trade. Not especially for us of course but we can pay!
  10. On your whole list i only wanna knew if Tkachuk was on it ! As your work in some mysterious way this summer... I wanna my dream to come true ! So...
  11. Is it better to call for Miller rather than having a call to Calgary to this little big forward that would look so good with us? Or Calgary wouldn't want Sev?
  12. Especially when you remember that is about a great player... That will play for us!
  13. Hey speak for yourself!!
  14. If you want i can gave you a tour in Paris for free (i'm a greeters here). You and your family will be treat like my guest and i will have a blast meeting you and your family. For real : ) And about not knowing French... Start your sentence by "bonjour... Désolé je ne parle pas français" (hello sorry i don't speak French) people will see that you care and you will be treated well... (and i'm really serious about the tour!)
  15. You know that I know and I'm just messing with you about that.. Right? I'm playing my French arrogant role! I have to.. In order to survive that's what we need to do : )
  16. To be fair... I'm pretty sure you will find dev's fans saying the same thing with as much lack of wisdom... Who knows who is right there? (i like our chance better, yes)
  17. maybe not the smartest thing to do than picking "them" and start a new (and uncessary) rage... Let's have peace and enjoy the day ! (so far... it's a good one ! ; ) )
  18. i was thinking Mercer was our 3C
  19. It's the best outcome.. BUT... i feel weird... I always liked him. He probably didn't deserve my love... but hey... not the first one ; )
  20. I can't think otherwise than see the Devils being used by JG's Agent to have the price he wants. Everything translate to JG to the Flyers... I have see this movie so often (remember shakenbold using us and go to the Rangers ?)
  21. Of course i'm right... And L'amoureux is indeed The Lover. And if SD speaks french, my english isn't broken at all. And as a reminder, i learn english while following Hockey online.
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