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  1. he wasn't the only one playing against those teams... And that Laine & Matthews got easy games as well...
  2. Nico is out of the competition... And our future player from Slovakia cannot show more talent as Finland won as usual
  3. Just nod guys... Just nod...
  4. Let's hope Montreal doesn't have internet anymore...
  5. I can put that there too... nasty nasty
  6. At what time is it ? (please) Edit : Find it ! When is the 2022 NHL Draft Lottery? Date: May 10 Start time: 6:30 p.m. ET
  7. He can learn quickly...
  8. Or a short one... But yeah what you say !
  9. And i will miss Devil's hockey the second the game is over... October... dammit... it's not even may yet !
  10. This team.... is... Weird. Fun. No doubt. But weird. But fun. A ton. But really really really weird. But fun.
  11. Solid work from Nico just before the Yegor's goal
  12. I will take the job at advertising the franchise in France. I hope i will get tons of money coz that way i could say that i do have the dream job. Coz i will have no work to do. As no one care about the Devils around there.
  13. I would have tried a Artturi Lehkonen probably...
  14. I'm still concerned that for the heck of THE STORY... we would consider a Ty+Bratt for Quinn trade... i'm conflicted coz that would be way too much a price to pay... but i do love great story ; ) (but as i'm french.. that story will end in a really sad manner ... sorry in advance)
  15. To get that Hugues i guess we will have to pay for Ty Smith & Bratt I guess... and/or picks around all these. That would be great to have the whole trio as Devils but seems little bit spicy !
  16. (he was also a great contributor to this forum and i miss him ! )
  17. Basically... We aren't really good. Right ?
  18. I love them... They allow me to sleep !
  19. Depend of the price... but i would test the water there...
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