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  1. He will be in the second he is able to be. Hopefully that will be Sunday.
  2. +1 Never want to see such a stand up guy go down.
  3. Jake

    A True fan

    i would bet quite a bit sutter reacts differently after this game as he had over the past 2 weeks
  4. UGH. I too know the big dude in the back of that picture. Used to play street hockey with him, but havent spoken to him in years. Douchey experiences suck.
  5. Hes played about 980, though 1 in 10 is pretty impressive too.
  6. Jake

    Trade Rumors

    can this deadline come already?
  7. considering the success of Tim Thomas, a fellow late bloomer, I dont think it's that wild to think someone, most likely a team with out a solid number 1, will take a shot at him.
  8. Obviously, if the top line keeps playing like they have been, there is no way they will be broken up. I say try him in Jamie's spot. Elias-Zub-Gio Parise-Zajac-Rolston Pando-Madden-Langs Clarkson-Holik-Rupp
  9. In my opinion the hit is analogous to an inadvertent high sticking penalty. It doesn't matter whether or not a player meant to hit a someone in the face with his stick, all that matters is that the player was not in proper control of his stick. Every high stick the referee sees is called, regardless of intent. I don't see how a hit to the head should be ignored based on intent if high sticking isn't. What I would like to see, however, is the implementation by the NHL of some type of concrete rule regarding the length of suspensions assessed for hits to the head.
  10. Damn son, JWomp just hooked you up.
  11. http://njmg.typepad.com/devilsblog/2008/11...-tow-games.html I'm sure it wasn't intentional, but the league needed to address the hit.
  12. Interesting about Spiller. Normally I'd say it was a glitch, but a few weeks back they had Jay Leach listed as a Devil before it was announced that he had been signed to Lowell.
  13. Not to big of a deal.. I always thought ohe was here primarily to teach the kids, and he will still be doing that. However, I'm sure his presence and knowledge had a little somehtign to do with our ragtag defenseman alst year playing unexpectedly well.
  14. http://www.sportsline.com/nhl/story/10897589 Sooo... we make two good signings, but somehow don't look any better than last season?
  15. Jake

    Brylin to Russia?

    I wonder if he regrets not picking up his option.
  16. I, for one, have been for trading Brian. It's not that I have anything against him. I think he is a great player and really admire his grit. Its just that this team needs a top defenseman, and we really have no one else that could be the centerpiece of a deal to get one. We have a bunch of untouchables/NTC'd players (parise, elias, white, etc), and then a bunch of players that really have little value throughout the league. I feel like Gio is the only player that can realistically be moved. This is because he DID just score 48 goals on an obviously defensive team and that has to be very attrac
  17. Jake

    Jay Leach?

    Sportsnet.ca his him on the ducks. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/players/Jay_Leach/2913
  18. According to TG, the Devils have around 2.2 million in cap space.
  19. wow.. 6.5 over 6.. cant see that ending well
  20. Jake

    Holik signs with NJ

    Hossa is NOT coming to NJ for the amount of cap space we have left. Stop dreaming.
  21. Jake

    Holik signs with NJ

    TG confirms: http://njmg.typepad.com/devilsblog/2008/07...mment-120829892 Its in a comment towards the end. Definitely 1 year at 2.5
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