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  1. rbdf

    Devils see change coming

    way too much talent on this team for it to suck this badly - that's coaching, and leadership, that needs to be changed. What I seriously don't get though is that Lou is basically biting off his nose to spite his face. Ownership forced him to bring in Kovy, regardless of contract/fit with team/etc. etc. because they need a star in order to sell luxury boxes and club seats. So what, now he sits there and says, "look, i told you so, stay out of MY hockey operations" and lets this team quickly slide out of a playoff spot? Just fire mclean already and put everyone out of their misery. It would be one thing if this was a rebuilding year, and we were losing with a bunch of young talent that is learning to play the NHL level - but we're not, we're losing with very talented, but aged, veterans. And unless some of them start showing some ability again (rolston, langs, zubi, broduer, etc.) then the only real trade bait we have to dangle at other teams are Elias, Zajac, Arnott and Parise when he gets back - guys like zajac and parise are what you need to build around, not trade, but they are the only players of any value on this team right now. I could deal with a rebuilding suck it up kind of year or two if that's what he was doing, but it's not. Lou is just holding on too long to a coach that can't handle the team he was given - cut bait and go fish elsewhere, you're having no luck here - sorry johnny mac, but loyalty can only go so far, and he knows that as good as anyone else (mr. ranger bleu)
  2. rbdf

    Fire Oates

    They seem to lack any semblence of a system - it really just looks like a bunch of experienced guys playing pond hockey out there, they sort of know where they should be from being coached in their youth, but have no coach now giving them direction and a system - just rolling lines and rushing up ice. It's really been terrible to watch. I can give the D a little lee-way, after all, minus the injuries, at least 3 of those guys are playing in Albany, but the offense needs to have some kind of coaching direction/strategy/system to act as cohesive agent and get them all on the same page. So either 1) Johnny Mac has some system in his head that he's unable to communicate to these guys; 2) He has communicated it and they either don't buy into it or just can't execute it; or, 3) He really didn't have any system to put in place and is just winging it each night, hoping to get buy on the talent of his experienced forward group. If any of those three scenario's are really the case, it would be apparent that Lou picked the wrong coach for the job. Regardless, if they don't pull out a heaping handful of wins by thanksgiving, you gotta get a new coach - you can't let this continue through Christmas, sacrifice the 1st half of the season and have any glimmer of hope for a playoff birth. It would really really suck that the first high 1st round pick this team has had in 20+ years ends up forfeited to the league.
  3. rbdf


    I've said it many times before - just like the yankees should trade Jeter while he has worth in return, the devils should look to unload BLOWduer - and just like every time i've ever said it or posted it, I fully expect to get flamed. BUT, Here I go again. Marty still has value - people still think he's a hall of fame goalie, even without stevens and the countless other solid defensemen, defensive system, and defense first coaching he's had for the past 17 years. SO Time is now (as it has been for last 5-8 years) - trade him, get a current goalie and a high draft pick (could have been more last year or 2-3 years ago). The injured d-men will be back soon (I pray) and we can still salvage a playoff birth with a little luck. Montreal has always wanted him, and he has always wanted to play there, well, now is the time, pull the trigger, piss off the fans, fire Johnny Mac, trade BLOWduer, and let's salvage this F-ing season with at least another first round exit in the playoffs (come on - do any of you really see the friggin isles coming out ahead of us???) OK, come on - flame me all you want. This is no different than the yankees holding onto Jeter and Posada for about 3 or 4 years longer than they should have, and, spending this off-season thinking how to re-sign them again. I know, I know - fan favorites and all of that sh$t - but if the team doesn't make the playoffs, how friggin psyched is everyone then???? Trust me - trade the star,salvage the season, make it into the post season and have a shot at something, and it's a different tune. BTW - I wish Lou (as much as I love him as a GM) had figured out the whole salary cap thing about 5-years ago, and, I really wish he hadn't made the NJ coaching position something no decent coach would ever want, since after the dev's finish up this (soon to be very embarrassing) west coast road trip, we'll then be stuck with some other couldn't get a job any place else loser coach to finish out the year - way to go merry-go-round Lou - let's hire more coaches over the past several years than there have been years to hire them in. I'm done - flame me all you want, but after having followed this team from their time as a minor league affiliate playing in the big league until now and seeing them grow from piece of shi$ to stanley cup winner (repeatedly), this is just too friggin painful to watch - the team and coaches they put out there for 2010/2011, just absolutely SUCKS A$$, and it is time to make SIGNIFICANT changes, regardless of what the fans may think. Great in signing Kovi - but are we gonna watch the friggin thrashers for the next 15 years??????? Brodueur - trade value Johnny Mac - not a head coach Elias/langenbrunner - trade bait white - should have been gone long ago defensemen, in desparate need - hang a help wanted sign
  4. considering the incredible lack of depth of talent on the team right now in the forwards department, it's going to take a coach like lemare to come up with any kind of semblance of a winning season. We have one top-2 line plus an extra top-2 line player, then drops off to slackers, old men, and journey men (Zubrus, Rolston, Pando, Clarkson) to fill the next three lines out with. Not that I didn't think it was time for guys like gionta and madden to move on, but I thought Lou might at least attempt to replace, no, UPGRADE, from them. Oh well, get used to the 1-0 and 2-1 games that will be played at the Rock for the next couple years.
  5. afi-NO-ganov NO NO NO NO kotalic, on the other hand, could be a fit in the depth chart, problem is, we still need a couple of guys who can play on the 2nd line with elias - short of a trade, I don't see anyone else out there in the UFA group still unsigned who fits the bill for 2nd liner - bunch of 3rd and 4ths available, NO second's. You all know lou though. Come September he'll have someone show up in camp, then move some things around, and by January Patrick will have a new center and winger.
  6. everyone over 30 on that list should retire - they're all done. Those under 30, so long as none are looking for more than $2m/yr - 2 or 3 yr. deal, well, maybe there are some 3rd line centers/reclamation projects to be had that lou could sneak in. All in all though, not a bumper crop, and definitely none are better than 3rd line, and therefore, should only be offered what a 3rd or 4th liner gets - $875k to $1.8m range, 2 or maybe 3 year deal.
  7. crap, when you lay it out like that, you're right, that is the norm - wow that sucks - crap, why did I think we were better than that? must be all the regular season division leader seasons or something damn, the more I look at that, the more I say OVERHAUL time.
  8. It's time for some new faces here in NJ, and for some old faces from here to get a change in scenery. I wouldn't mind maddog being here, he's solid defensively and a true team player. But, I don't think we miss him any more than say Holik when he went away either, and let's be honest, he's looking for a big pay raise and a long term deal, and at this stage in his career, his skills will only diminish, so I'd much rather see Lou spend that money elsewhere - too many mediocre players here making substantially more than mediocre money (zubris, gio, madden, pando, white, etc.). This team needs a little shake up and some new blood and attitude, otherwise, 1st round exits will become the norm.
  9. rbdf

    Playoff Predictions

    lot's of optimism here in devil land, that's refreshing. Unfortunately, this is not the same team as the one Langenbrunner said a couple months back that "anything short of a stanley cup would be a disappointment". I don't know what happened, but they were playing above their heads when Clemmer was in there winning 25 games for them, then they had that big emotional high when Marty got back and I really believed, with a very well rested Marty, there was no stopping this team and they were going to steam roll right through the playoffs. But after they got Marty of the Roy record, the emotional let down seems to have deflated everyone and bad habits built up quickly. It will be true test of Sutter's coaching ability and the veteran leadership to see which team shows up on Weds (and subsequent) nights. If they flip the switch and go back to pre-record breaking team, they're unstoppable, if they can't find that switch, with the way carolina played down the stretch, it will be over quick and nearly painless.
  10. rbdf

    Cam Janssen

    I gotta figure that was some unfinished business dating back to albany that Cam was settling once and for all.
  11. i hear it carries over to the office as well - manually signs every check himself - payroll and payables, no individual emails, no individual internet access, no personal effects, pictures etc allowed on any desk, wall, cubicle whatever. It's just all business and he's on top of EVERYTHING
  12. Pando will either get the 2.2 or so a year from Lou (in which case, sarge is a gonner), or, his buddy across the river will convince rag management to pay $3 mil a year for him, Pando will go be gomer's locker buddy again, and we'll have sergei bryling signed to a 1.8 to 2.0 mil/year contract. btw, not that gomer is worth quite what the rag's gave him, but, i do remember a lot of people on this board saying he wasn't worth 5 mil and good riddence to him etc. - so after a season withouth his 50 or so assists, how bad do elias and gionta look now? Think we could have used some of his playmaking? Well, after a season without Pando's penalty killing and top line shut down play - and him doing it with very few penalty minutes taken - we'll all be thinking about him in a different light too. I don't think anyone would miss white if lou found a taker for him.
  13. Obviously Brodeur just isn't the hall of fame/best goalie ever that he's been touted as for years - all those shutouts were the result of having stevens, neids, dano etc etc in front of him. Now look at him, with a decent defense, the guy can't hold onto a shut out any longer, always giving up 1 or 2 goals a game. How the hell do you expect the devils to win if their goalie continually gives up 1 or 2 goals a game. I'm convinced, Marty really is just your everyday way above-average goaltender that any team in the league would love to have, not some superhuman space alien that he looked like for all those years that he was setting records for most shutouts and best GAA and most games played. Actually, I blame bobby clark for putting in the stupid trapazoid - if not for that, Brodeur would lead this team in scoring, as well as having the best gaa in the league. Come on, with his puck handling skills, 20 goals and 40 assists really wouldn't be too hard to accomplish - move over Elias, out of the way Gio, here's marty going top shelf with the game winner.
  14. "Mike Honcho" should be your answer any time anyone asks for your name and you don't want to use your real name.
  15. modry was one of those late round gems the dev's are famous for (ok, gem may not be the right word, but the fact that a 9th rounder from 1990 or so is still playing in the nhl shows how good devils scouting has been over the years) - anyway, the 9th rounder played a couple partial seasons with the dev's, increased his stock enough that lou pawned him off on the sen's for a 4th round pic that became Alyn McCauley - don't know what, if anything he did for the sens or where he played over the years, but I thought he was part of the patrick stefan trade to dallas and then a dallas trade with the kings for norstrom. For a journeyman, he's had some value over the years.
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