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  1. In the interest of full disclosure - I've had something come up of a personal nature that will keep me off boards for the rest of the draft (at least the next two days). I authorize the commish to draft in my stead until I return.
  2. Pick 1: Carlos Hyde RB Cleveland Pick 2 will follow in a little while.
  3. Chris Hogan, WR, NE Allen Robinson, WR, CHI
  4. I can tell there will be a lot of this for this draft...
  5. Waivers? No Draft Winner picks his spot next year? No Change PPR to Points Per First Down Yes Add Second IR Spot? Yes Remove Kickers from roster? Yes if no, then remove points for PAT? Yes
  6. Looks like it's time to dust off my NJDevs account again. 1) Waivers - will get back to that, on the fence. We're basically shifting the advantage to the bottom teams in the league vs. the people who watch the games every week , but I find myself with less time than usual to watch games each week. 2) Champion-pick - no. Any drama we take out of the draft process is a non-starter for me. 3) PPFD - I'm all for adding stats and upping scores, as well as wacky scoring things. I'd be a yes on that. Also proposing: 4) Remove all extra point scoring for kickers - when Scott and I (Because I did this in my league) originally did this, it was because you really sucked if you missed XP's. Now it's expected, and I'm not a fan after a few years. I would also vote for "no kickers' as well if there's interest in that, but let's start with the less radical of the two options.
  7. As long as Fitz stays healthy (not a given from former Alabama players) then I think we got a good one. I doubt this year's going to look good record-wise, but I feel like the personnel is taking forward steps. Hopefully the management doesn't drop the coaching staff if they don't make the playoffs this year.
  8. So Rotoworld.com vis-a-vie Buster Olney is saying that the Mets intend to keep DeGrom and Syndergaard (and are overpricing Wheeler) because they "intend to contend" next year. Just reading the last 5 pages of this thread, that doesn't pass the smell test to me. Or are the Mets really one or two guys away from contention (assuming that Cespedes is out for the majority of next year) and I just am not seeing it?
  9. Seems like a win for the Mets in that they had a public spat with Harvey and then someone actually GAVE THEM something in return for him instead of waiting for him to be a free agent. Devin's gotten a golden second chance opportunity to try and get back in relevance too, works for both sides. And I absolutely CAN'T see the Harvey/Reds relationship working out with such a hitter's friendly ballpark and such a bad team behind him.
  10. I think Minkah and the second round pick, TE Mike Gesicki, will both have immediate impact, and I like both picks. Less sold right now on Jerome Baker - seems like a high pick for someone who profiles as a sub-package linebacker.
  11. All I can add to what Maddog said is that my colleagues and I refer to that quarterback as "Wack" Osweiller, so that tells you what I think of him as a backup. Moore may not have been good in his spot start(s) last year, but if that's the whole QB room then that's a major downgrade.
  12. Allegedly, Pouncey requested release - he's either not right from his injury or doesn't want to be part of the rebuild that seems to be coming. Kilgore is a "good enough" replacement to start. Pouncey will be missed, he was a great player when healthy. Also, Miami signed Josh Sitton, which could be a good value signing depending on the terms and injuries.
  13. Has this been one of the wackiest off-seasons in recent memory or what? A league where no one ever trades anyone and there's been like 5-6 trades already ahead of the league year start, 3 to Cleveland that might make them borderline playoff contenders. A 29 year old starting caliber QB hitting the market because the team that didn't want to contract him and instead traded for the 33 y/o QB who's on the road to becoming a journeyman placeholder. The most talked about player from the combine that isn't an insanely overvalued QB is a one-handed linebacker that ran a running back time in the 40 yard dash. Hell, Odell's antics seem like business as usual for the NFL to be honest, the difference between him and the rest of the guys that go out and have too much fun is that people know him by name. The new league year is set to be VERY interesting.
  14. This is infuriating. Suh is one of Miami's best players, but if you want to tell me that 26 million is too high for a DT and he refuses to restructure, then fine. We're a worse team because of it, but fine. BUT, a team that is desperate for help on the O-Line is talking about trading/releasing one of their few GOOD linemen purely for cap reasons in the same breath - WTH are they thinking? You're not going to get a good tackle for 9 million on the open market, but if that's too much money for a right tackle, then you can extend him and tear up the 5th year option. I mean, my cap math is in no way official, but if Miami is hell-bent on cutting Suh then there should be no good reason for them to cry poor and dump James as well prior to his deal becoming guaranteed. They're going to have so much spare cap room it's going to look stupid when we're signing Joe Average off their couch mid-season for league minimum money to fill a hole in coverage. So disgusted right now.
  15. I want to see the draft picks before I really say anything about the deal - he was a big contract (15 million) on a team that couldn't afford him, but he's also by far their best pass catcher, and his loss will be felt. Edit: 2018 4th, 2019 7th. Highly underwhelmed, but it replaces the pick Miami lost trading for Quinn so OK. If we had the draft first, I'd rather see if we do or don't draft a QB and restructure Tannehill instead (only buys him one more guaranteed year on the team for 16 million in relief). Suh would be on the team for two additional seasons beyond 2018, and he's in a position where age is not kind (as opposed to QB, where you can survive if you're protected). If we can swing it, a line of Suh, Quinn, and Wake (+ a guy) is a terror on opposing passing games.
  16. Miami's well-over the cap right now. They have to be compliant with it by the first day of the new league year IIRC. They do have two real dead-weight players (Timmons and Julius Thomas) that make up a lot of cap room, and if they choose to cut Suh and/or trade Landry they could make enough room to sign people to fill positions. They're not crippled, but they're in bad enough shape that they lose any kind of bidding war. As for Sherman himself - I mean, he's a name, but he's 30, he is coming off a torn Achilles plus a cleanup on the OTHER ankle, and he's primarily a Cover 3 corner whereas Miami (I think) doesn't necessarily specialize in zone defense. I don't know if I'd take a high-money flier on that profile (and he's probably commanding at least 1/$6mm or 1/8$mm on his "pillow" contract).
  17. I have absolutely no problem with the BPA trade, this is a great move for Miami as a team and will make their pass rush better if Quinn is healthy. I'm just fascinated with cap-ology and wonder what they're going to do day 1 to make this fit. I had a plan worked out in which Miami could shed enough salary to keep Tannehill (duh) and keep Suh at his current cap hit while signing significant free agents, so they can clear the room for it. I had just used the room to sign people (Andrew Norwell and Trey Burton were the big adds) - this is a great move, but it probably takes Miami out of the running for one of those players.
  18. The thing is, Miami's already over the cap as well. Unless they traded Landry for Quinn (couldn't find compensation as of now), I don't know how this fits.
  19. I'm OK with this, so long as Landry is willing to play ball. If he turns around and signs the tender immediately, Miami could be in a world of sh!t. I could also easily see the whole Josh Norman situation playing out again, where Miami randomly revokes the tag when they need to. In other roster news, Miami is reportedly looking to clean out a lot of veteran high-cap guys. Lawrence Timmons and Julius Thomas are no-brainer cuts from a performance/pay perspective, but one of the "surprising" ones is that Miami may make Suh a post-June 1 cut. There's sense on both sides of this one - Suh was one of the best DT's in the league last year yet again, but his cap hit (26.1 million) is the third highest in the league overall. A post-June 1 cut opens up 17 million in cap space. There's also rumors that they could cut JuWann James (9 million saved) and/or Ryan Tannehill (15 million saved), but I don't buy those rumors because there's no obvious replacement on the roster for either. Unless they're going to be in some free agency sweepstakes that we don't know about, I'm thinking Tannehill is the QB next year (in what's probably a prove-it year) and James will be the RT. It may make sense to talk extension with James if they want to keep him long term, though - he's played well when healthy.
  20. Yeah, any assistants that were contracted are now staying. What HC is going to take that job knowing he can't pick (some of) his assistants? This is a total clown show. Indy would be the laughingstock of the league if Cleveland didn't exist.
  21. For what it's worth, I thought Frazier would be a good add on a deal like this to most teams (EDIT) and as a Yankee he was a net positive in the clubhouse, and there's value to that culture as well. It's not an exact fit to need for the Mets (he's another Three True Outcome guy on a team that seems full of them), but they had a hole at 3B and he'll hold up respectably there. I would think he also pushes Reyes to the bench or to the waiver wire, but I've been wrong on that before.
  22. All rooting interests aside (and as a Fins fan, I was OK with Philly winning as opposed to Tom Brady's 6th Ring), this was a fun defense-optional game that went to the very end. And some of the commercials were lit, though I was done with #TideAd by the end of the game. As I posted on social media - Congrats to all the Philly Eagles fans that finally can celebrate the Super Bowl. Double-congratulations if you didn't suffer any injuries or property damage in the celebration. One note of interest - may be "making something of nothing" right now but Gronk was non-committal about playing in 2018-2019. Should he choose to hang it up, they can definitely win games without him, but they're an elite team with a guy like him who can command that kind of defensive attention down the field. Their offense will suffer if he retires. Also, now we'll see what a different DC will do with the Pats' talent. Same with the offense and McDaniels, assuming the will-he-won't-he sh!t was also blown way out of proportion.
  23. So Baker Mayfield and "#GetMeToMiami" On the plus side, here's a guy who wants to play in Miami. He's got at least NFL-caliber potential and he's a fiery player who clearly cares about winning football and his team. On the minus side, he's a bit immature and I wonder if he wants Miami for the relaxation factor and not the football factor. The Dolphins have basically said they'll take best player available at #11. Thoughts on potentially drafting Mayfield at #11? Will he fall that far? Will Miami trade up for him?
  24. That and the Seahawks total bomb vs. LA. I didn't help things myself by putting Baldwin in the flex at the last moment over Duke Johnson Jr., which also would have won the week for me. Grats on the win though, Ayl, good luck in the finals.
  25. So long as we don't reach in the middle of Round 1 for a QB who's clearly not a good idea (ex. Christian Ponder, Paxton Lynch) just for the extra year of control, I agree with this. Miami's pick might be as high as 20 if they come close to the playoffs and miss. EDIT: Ideally a good CB will fall to Miami Round 1 - WalterFootball is projecting Ken Webster, CB, Old Miss at their #13 draft position as of last week.
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