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  1. Very sad day for us. All I can say is : Thanks for the memories, Doc.
  2. Suddenly very grateful that I can't see any pictures!
  3. Dew!!!! How are you??? Why is it that on a hockey board I can only find all the old-timers on a Cupcake thread?!
  4. sign of the times that there are still tickets left?

  5. PK- why am I not shocked to see you leading the Cupcake Brigade? Somethings just never change.
  6. A little late to this thread, but I used to be a full season ticket holder and I went to all the games alone, for years. I had a blast. You get to enjoy the game and meet new people. Some of the people I got to know are like family to me.
  7. I was there three weeks ago. I got them for 12-1. Not too bad.
  8. Dog, I caught that cold and it took a good three weeks for it to clear up. After the inital but-kicking, that damn cough & scratchy throat just wouldn't go away.
  9. M.

    Flyers new 3rd jersey

    I mus be getting old. I'm having a hard time telling some of the third jerseys from the regular ones. They all pretty much looking the same to me nowadays, or at least like ones I remember from the not-so-recent past.
  10. So, they add extra trains for those heading south, but maybe might add some back to NYC or Hoboken, which will get the Bergen County folks to Secaucus to then catch a train on the Main/Bergen lines,which won't have extra service at all. I assume the Montclair/Boonton line is not going to have extra service outbound either?
  11. M.

    Devils' Survivor

    Martin Brodeur: 11 Andy Greene: 5 Paul Martin: 3 Johnny Oduya: 3 Nicklas Bergfors: 2 Sergei Brylin: 4 Patrik Elias: 5 Brian Gionta: 4 Cam Janssen: 3 (-) Jamie Langenbrunner: 5 John Madden: 4 Jay Pandolfo: 6 Zach Parise: 9 Mike Rupp: 3 Travis Zajac: 6 Dainius Zubrus: 3 David Clarkson: 3 Brent Sutter: 6 John MacLean: 4 Larry Robinson: 3 Tommy Albelin: 3 (+) Jeff Vanderbeek: 3 Lou Lamoriello: 5 David Conte: 3 Doc Emrick: 7 Chico Resch: 2
  12. M.

    Devils' Survivor

    Martin Brodeur: 4 Kevin Weekes: 2 Andy Greene: 3 Paul Martin: 3 Richard Matvichuk: 3 Johnny Oduya: 3 Karel Rachunek: 2 Vitaly Vishnevski: 3 Colin White: 3 Arron Asham: 3 Nicklas Bergfors: 3 Sergei Brylin: 4 (+) Patrik Elias: 5 Brian Gionta: 3 Cam Janssen: 3 (-) Jamie Langenbrunner: 3 John Madden: 2 Jay Pandolfo: 3 Zach Parise: 3 Mike Rupp: 3 Jari Viuhkola: 3 Travis Zajac: 3 Dainius Zubrus: 3 David Clarkson: 3 Brent Sutter: 4 John MacLean: 4 Larry Robinson: 3 Tommy Albelin: 3 Jacques Caron: 3 Jeff Vanderbeek: 3 Lou Lamoriello: 4 David Conte: 3 Doc Emrick: 3 Chico Resch: 2
  13. My nephew is really excited about going to the hockey camp today. He did the Elias one last year and it was great for him. He plays mostly defense, so he is going to the Stevens camp this year & is also doing the Broduer camp as a d-man/shooter. Hopefully, Stevens interacts with kids as much/well as Elias did.
  14. SO this is your first post in like upteen million years- you're moving? Good luck & let me know where I can have the NASCAR #1 Fan flag mailed to you for your front lawn. I figure it would make a nice birthday/housewarming gift plus it'll help you fit right in with the new neighbors.
  15. M.

    Unsentimental journey

    The memories are what make the place so special, and they should realize that when they market the new place. I went to a game last week and walked up to the season ticket people to see the price info for Newark and stuff. It looks nice and all, and the guy might have had a shot at talking to me about a plan, until he referred to the arena as "this dump". I looked at him, said thanks very much but some of us have had very good times at "this dump", and walked away.
  16. M.


    If Donna were able to, I'm sure she'd post it, so I will: that's why we love Timex. There is a reason why he is one of two players currently on the team who has been around for all of the Cup runs, and Lou knows what it is. In Lou we trust.
  17. M.

    Desired 1st round opponent

    The voice of reason for all of us superstitious folks who have been down this road before.
  18. It depends really. I have a collection of at least one jersey from every professional team that a one player played for. Those are on display- from the Russian ones to the NJ Devils one. It makes for a nice display. I also have a few game worns that I wear to games. They are pretty cheap when you get them on the buy one get one 1/2 off sale Meigray often has, so the coffee spills don't don't hurt as much. The one that needs to be framed is the Stanley Cup Final one that I bought from the last Cup run.
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