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  1. Lamoriello will fire him before the 3-on-3 break.
  2. Whomever it is, I very much look forward to our future defensively responsible 3rd line center.
  3. When you're a seller like we are and are hunting draft picks and prospects, there are no panic moves. You exploit panic to make your team better. Which hopefully we'll do in the next 18 hours with Zidlicky and/or Gelinas.
  4. Yeah, it really cluttered up the board. I had to wheel my mouse a whole half inch down to find the latest thread complaining about Lou.
  5. Hey, so question. Do we have our own 2015 2nd Round pick still? Or was that traded away previously? Here's hoping Zidlicky, Ryder, Gomez all find new homes as well before Monday.
  6. Risky

    Rupp Hit on Oshie

    Breaking news: MIke Rupp is a piece of sh!t. Also breaking: The Devils are terrible at the shootout. This guy is an A #1 doosh.
  7. This season rests on Lou's head. For the Kovalchuk fiasco and for ignoring his best franchise player since he drafted Patrik Elias and letting him walk based on his ludicrous 1940s free agent negotiating style. I've said it before and I'll say it again: for a man who fires people as if it were a bodily function, Lou should fire himself for the predicament he put this team in this year. Ryder can drive him to the airport.
  8. Losing all our shootout champions doesn't help build confidence. Parise Kovalchuk and of course, Viktor Kozlov. It warms my heart to know we're missing the playoffs this year based on the hockey equivalent of being able to throw a football through a tire. I wish Gary Bettman were born a Spartan so that he would have made it were he belongs -- abandoned on a high cliff face during the winter.
  9. Yeah, he should fix all the speed, offense, transition game and puck control issues we've been having. Clarkson sucks. Thanks for the memories.
  10. This team don't score without Gelinas in the lineup. Certainly not on the power play. Sit Fayne and make the call up.
  11. Oy vey, if we had a first rounder this season, we could have played Marty in 2/3 of the games and used the off-season to send him off into the sunset and rebuild. Instead, we have this mess and we're still going to miss the postseason for the 3rd time in 4 years. Thanks, Ilya.
  12. Risky

    32 games to go.

    This team is not good enough to make the playoffs. Very lacking in offensive ability and streaky in that facet, anyway. Plus we continually play the wrong goaltender. I have been watching Martin Brodeur for 20 years now and it kills me to see him playing in this state. Not how I want to remember him. And not how he should want to be remembered.
  13. Lou should fire himself for helping to put this team in the situation it's in. I agree the Kovalchuk debacle was not entirely on him, but he did still preside over it. The fact that we are going to have to surrender a top 5 pick this year is just sickening. Ilya Kovalchuk and Lou Lamoriello and VDB have set this franchise back five years with the combination of signing Kovalchuk, losing Parise, and drafting Stefan fvcking Matteau. This is the darkest time I can remember as a Devils' fan, and it ain't getting any better any soon.
  14. I vote that we send Get Real to Russia where he can apologize for Kovalchuk all season, in Russian, on Russian forums. That would absolve us of at least two of the bigger fan-related headaches of the last decade.
  15. Risky

    Plan B: Now What?

    Well we start by going back in time and surrendering the retarded Matteau pick and not signing Bryce Salvador.
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