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  1. GDT 10/10/08: Devils VS Islanders 7PM

  2. GDT 10/10/08: Devils VS Islanders 7PM

    Devils 2d Period 0:29 -- Patrik Elias 1 (Brian Gionta, Brian Rolston) Devils 2-1 sorry ... got sidetracked by the Phillies game
  3. GDT 10/10/08: Devils VS Islanders 7PM

    First period recap Ny Islanders 1
  4. GDT 10/10/08: Devils VS Islanders 7PM

    Devils 1st 12:49 -- power play: Zach Parise 1 (David Clarkson, Paul Martin) score 1-1
  5. GDT 10/10/08: Devils VS Islanders 7PM

    Islanders 1st period 9:48 - Doug Weight 1 (Mark Streit)
  6. GDT 10/10/08: Devils VS Islanders 7PM

    The sports wire is listing .... starting in goal: NYI: Rick DiPietro NJD: Marty Brodeur refs: Dan Marouelli and Steve Kozari linesmen: Brian Murphy and Mark Shewychyk sorry the wire just sent a correction: Joey MacDonald for NYI in goal scratches -- all healthy NY ISLANDERS T Pock, B Comeau and J. Bailey NEW JERSEY Brookbank, Vrana and Greene
  7. OOT Scoreboard - Fri. 9/26

    As of 8:45 p.m. Columbus 3, Nashville 2 -- 2d period Montreal 0, Ottawa 0 -- 2d Toronto 2, Pittsburgh 1 -- 2d Boston 1, Detroit 0 -- 2d Minnesota, Chicago just starting
  8. GDT Numero UNO: New Jersey @ Philadelphia

  9. GDT Numero UNO: New Jersey @ Philadelphia

    and we interupt this program for your Devils out-of-town scoreboard Boston 5............MONTREAL 2..........END, 2ND PRD PHILADELPHIA 2......New Jersey 0........END, 1ST PRD NY RANGERS 1........Ottawa 0............END, 1ST PRD TORONTO 1...........Buffalo 1...........IN 1ST PRD TAMPA BAY 1.........Pittsburgh 0........IN 1ST PRD
  10. GDT: Devils at Rangers 9/21

  11. GDT: Devils at Rangers 9/21

    sorry ... stuff is moving slow tonight NEW JERSEY 1 NY RANGERS 4 2d period: NYR - Martin Straka 1 (Brandon Dubinsky, Ryan Callahan) 13:19
  12. Paul Martin re-signed!!

    Nice contract for both. For Devils, they keep a home-grown talent who is more than capable of playing a ton of time and a solid D. For Martin, the structuring shows that the Devils believe that he will improve each year ... so his salary goes up. And gives him a nice paycheck in the last year and a nice number to go into UFA with or sign a longer term deal with. Length is nice. If Martin turns into a solid #1 D in three years, the Devils work to extend his contract. If he's a bust, you either trade him in the final year or let him walk. Interesting to see a lot of discussion as to whether this is a risk or whether it was too much. Let me add this to the mix: Lou might have been rewarding Martin for his loyalty --- coming to camp last year with no contract as Lou worked out his cap problems; choosing not to go to arbitration after a $2M offer sheet. There is no way to know if Martin will continue to improve ... but from Martin's comments in the media about Sutter and accountability as well as his comments about Robinson, it sounds like A. he knows he needs to improve and B. he is planning on working to improve and expects to be held accountable for his play. Admitting that, for me, is half the battle and worth the risk. As for the removal of his name from the roster, it could be something that occurs when a contract is going through the NHL office or the web masters are idiots or ....
  13. Atlantic Division: An Unbiased analysis

    There's too much unknowns on all these teams Are the Devils a remodel of the 1995 squad ... lots of role players and guys willing to play the system? Can the Rangers fit all those egos on the ice and gel as a team? Does Pittsburgh have a defense and goalie that can match the offensive firepower? Is Briere and Biron the saving grace for Philly? Right now, for me, it's a three-tier division Pens/Devils I think the Pens are the team to fear in the future ... right now they are a year or two away from dominance, but they have the personnel to prove me wrong Devils are going to surprise a few people. They are always written off, but I think the sum of their parts is going to be a solid team. I think a new respected coach gives them a bit of an edge because I think we are going to see accountability plus the Devils are always a team that can absorb loss of personnel (sans Captain Scotty, of course) Rangers/Philly Rangers look great on paper ... the questions are matters of chemistry and egos. Also I think Sather is going for broke this year, which has added the now or never pressure. For players like Shanny and Jagr, that works. If there are injuries or something happens to Lundy, I can the Rangers missing the playoffs and the Flyers sneaking in. But right now I would put the Rangers third in the division. But ... Philly added some key pieces and I think they will be way better than expected. And could easily finish third in the division. A lot of the Bobby Clarke mistakes are gone, but I think they still need a few more pieces before they move up. Islanders And this could all change once the teams get on the ice for camp