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  1. You're hooked How is your girlfriend doing with the thought of being with Henrique? She must be excited ! You should ask your parent to get you a new cell phone with lessons. Do you still have nude photos of your girlfriend on your cell phone?
  2. Who should have kept his mouth shut?
  3. The 76ers set a record last night tying the NBA record od 26 straight losses. If the Devils fail to make the playoffs the owners have many dates backed upped for the arena that make more money for them.
  4. I won't speak about Avery but Marty has been that way for years never taking ownership always someone else's fault.
  5. How many posts have you posted this season?
  6. I agree with Albany is in the hunt I expect them to remain the same and maybe as suggest Gelinas and Merrill might return, I think they should, if Devils lose tonight. With a Devils loss tonight, what message is sent to Marty and Cory regarding playing the remaining 10 games? Personally I don't want to see Marty resigned for next season or beyond. I could actually see us losing both Marty (next season) and Cory (season after).
  7. What Lou needs to do in the off season is retire. + 1000
  8. absolutely agree, Steven should be fired for the way he handled the Defense.
  9. Chico was/is a Devils player mind reader, that was sicking.
  10. Mike it's over, devils are done, you don't need to post anymore. How many posts have you posted this season? How annoying is this guy? is it only me?
  11. I am all for Marty starting against the Rangers. I hope he gets blown out in the first period, then we will put an end to the Marty Brodeur whining and opinions. Let him move on to Pittsburgh next season. Bye Marty, you damaged yourself with your mouth.
  12. Did someone post you are annoying? How many posts have you posted this season? Have you answered that question?
  13. Just play well Cory. I won't be booing Parise either.
  14. Do you know what your talking about? Because I don't
  15. Best wishes Sykora, thanks for the memoirs.
  16. To bad all this Devils hate will be wasted on Parise while should be directed at Lou Lams. DD56, Marty brought it onto himself, all by himself.
  17. Why did Brodeur bring this up now, at this time of the season? Good bye Marty no one is interested in you or your thoughts. Lou please retire and take Marty, Pete and Scott Steven with you.
  18. Lou has lost all credibility are far as I am concerned. Pete and Stevens should be fired after the season ends. Lou must retire. Owners need to step up and produce a winner, they have the money but not the interest. Henrique and Elais need to stay together next season. Larsson needs to be given one more year. Zubrus should never be more than a 4th line player. Clowe I am not convinced he belongs but willing to give him another try. Ruutu, Zajac and Jagr are together all season as a solid line. Ryder I think we have seen enough he goes. Brunner maybe another year. Gionta and Bernier should be gone. Carter gets another year. Salvador must go. Keep Fayne. Merriel and Gelinas back to Albany next season. Broucher back in Albany next season. Harrold must be gone. Zidlicky another year. Greene stays. Volchenkov stays for another year. Now fill in the blanks with out Lou Lam in charge. Anything less than this find another team to root for because 3 out of 4 years missing the playoffs are bunch of losers. I didn't mention NO Marty Brodeur on the NJ Devils next season.], he must be gone. Don't extend Cory's contract this summer, we must suffer through another Lou FU, maybe, lets find out without the Brodeur Drama. Marty has hurt this team this season as has Lou, IMO.
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