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  1. Matt and Stan

    Is it me or were they about to fight durnig that flyers game?
  2. Over the Goal Cam

    I understand that, but my question wasn't geared toward that goal it was a general question. Even though that shouldve been a goal....
  3. Over the Goal Cam

    Well I guess I should pay closer attention..... Thanks
  4. Over the Goal Cam

    Do only the home team broadcasts have access to this cam? I ask because I have to watch the games on Direct Tv and last night they showed the MSG broadcast of the game. On the Mogilny goal that was disallowed they mustve showed every angle except for the over the goal one.... Hmm....
  5. Devil-decker

    Despite whether or not this is blasphemy, a part of me was happy to see the Rangers play a good game.... I dunno the rivalry just got boring. Picking the winner of this game for the past few years was more or less just common sense. During last nights game I wasnt so sure...
  6. Video review steams Devils

    What did Alex say?
  7. 1995 Game 4 SC Finals Program

    Game 4 Finals Program from 95...Im sure everyone remembers that game. Anywho, let me know if anyones interested.... Im pretty sure its signed by brodeur, but I dont have it with me right now so I cant confirm that.
  8. Lost Season Two Thread

    http://forums.go.com/abc/oceanic/forum?sta...7&byThread=true This message board has some interesting stuff....
  9. Florida??

    Ah very nice.....do you know which game(s) yet?
  10. No Esche on Friday night vs. Devils

    This is killer news but Im really not looking forward to hearing the "You beat us because we had to play our backup goalie" excuse....
  11. Interesting....

    Well I didnt mean we'll be just as good as we were with them, I meant we're not gonna drop from a playoff contender to the basement just because those two left....
  12. Interesting....

    The Devils are 10th in Yahoo's (the worlds number one source for hockey information) Power Rankings... Martin Brodeur is back, but look what he woke up to. His two top defensemen are gone, his top scoring threat is recovering for hepatitis A and his coach is fighting cancer. Oh, and the NHL passed rules to limit goalie puck handling
  13. Florida??

    Ahh very nice..... Are you a fat cat/darryl/b*tch fan?
  14. Florida??

    Hey Im in orlando. Yeah I've been to a few games down in Tampa and if I had a dollar for everytime I heard "go back to jersey" I could probably by the devils and move em to orlando. Are you down here?
  15. Hellooooo ....

    Only one I could find... http://www.keyboardconspiracy.com/puddy.jpg <{POST_SNAPBACK}> aah maybe I shouldve read your post a little closer....this would definitely NOT make a good poster.... Sorry!