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  1. Can't agree at all with this, Cory is cooked. Not sure why, but he is fried. Kinkaid probably isn't the answer, but at least he actually has A win!
  2. I was gonna say, that's b/c Schneider has been the 2nd. It's painful watching him anymore.
  3. Should be 5:30, right? Where are your tiks? I THINK the Ice and Fire and Goal seating can get in @5?
  4. Lotta points left on the bench. Goff lobbying to make me bench Brady!
  5. Not sure if my theory will stick throughout the year, but picking the team playing the Eaglets will work for MOST OF IT!
  6. Thanks Commish. Actually, that sounds like a solid money maker!!
  7. Posted on League message board, but doesn’t seem to be used by the commish. I looked on the settings, but did not see it. Question: what is the league site deadline for making lineup changes? 30 mins before? 5? @ kickoff?
  8. Tough call with them playing each other and after Flacco’s week one flashback to greatness. But he did still wind up posting a decent game for you. Looked like a bigger disaster til the second half!
  9. I'm in.... Or do I have to PM Crasher by some arbitrary time to make it official?
  10. First off, Has, thank you for responding to the post. Unlike the commish, who apparently “has spoken” and feels no need to address it anymore. Second. Every one of your points have validity. This drama was drummed up by Goodell with his b.s. mandate. He gets off on it. I was at work, where access to fantasy is impossible, and just having computer time to access this site is limited. I got called away from the computer before I could send the unnecessary PM decreed mandatory by the tyrant. But still was able to, well before the delayed kickoff. Scott understands this especially being unable to take 10 seconds to send a text to help the draft along due to his super busy lifestyle. Week 1 : not having the team loaded, and in this case, not having the draft done, deserves “a pass”. Especially from such an unnecessary “rule”. He stated “AND obvious picks are obvious “ after addressing Kickers and Defenses. He KNEW I was starting Julio, it wasn’t like he even needed the PM to find out. He responded to my post, he didn’t have to “dig (scroll) through 5 pages (3) of pictures” to find out. Any reasonable person would have just responded to the many other times it was addressed that he got it, not that he needed the “cover on the TPS Report” for it to count.
  11. What the hell Crasher? Goodell is a better looking commissioner at is point. Think about that Wasn't the whole point of you coming up with your little completely unnecessary plan for people to ONLY be allowed to PM you so you don’t miss it in all the other messages you get? Well, you obviously didn’t miss it. You knew for days my intention was to obviously start my star #1 WR first round keeper. You knew before the game. You knew for days. I don’t see any difference from one of us talking to you the day before, or texting you. Even though you knew, I still set you a PM. It was still well before kickoff. I wasn’t trying to sneak behind anyone’s back.
  12. If you really aren’t putting Julio in, start hurns.
  13. Just hoping to be able to blow enough smoke to make people think I would actually start that HACK! Hell I only made him my keeper so I could save everyone ELSE from possibly drafting him and getting stuck with his NO TD catchin ass!!!
  14. I left my #1 WR spot open on my starting roster this week for Julio. I'm sure the commish will be right on that as soon as his super busy life allows.
  15. I guess the 2nd overall RB you draft in the forth round isn't an "obvious" enough starter.
  16. This group has already begun the season. You are unable to join this group at this time.
  17. Gonna give the Jag Pool chicks something to watch this year! Hopefully! WR #10 Donte Moncrief Jax
  18. I believe we used to shorten the clock to 6 hours? no? TY. But I worked 6pm to 6am and already was out for the count. Slight difference in scenario, no?
  19. Hell, there's still 4 minutes til "the deadline"
  20. Game didn't start yet douchebag(s) And to quote the commish "obvious is obvious"
  21. I was going with the OBVIOUS picks are OBVIOUS. Like starting your 1st round keeper EVERY WEEK... douchebag And you'll get your PM princess. chill the fvck out, I had to feed the hogs and smack the chickens.
  22. Lotsa SF colors on my team this year... :/ K Robbie Gould SF
  23. Speaking of which, I'm obviously starting my 1st round keeper. Mr obviously @ WR will be the guy you were just talkin about, obviously. But I don't just want him in the 1st half, I'll take his 2nd half TD's and yardage too.
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