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  1. LOVED Action Park! Had friends who worked there. Still have a boomerang with the logo on it! They had you sign waivers of liability, and as a young teen, of course we all signed that sh!t! Or had our parents sign em! Momma didn't raise no pansy! LOVED the tennis ball tanks, the crazy diving cliffs, water slides, and the race cars, BUT THE BEST thing was the Alpine Slide! Hauling ass down a concrete slide on a piece of plastic was AWESOME! Falling off and getting skinned alive sucked of course. But flying out of the slide and into hay bales was funny as hell. The challenge was to go up the side like an Olympic Luge sled rider and obviuosly to go fast enough to catch the person in front of you! The walk up the mountain had spots you could stop and watch others on their way down. We'd always camp the high crash zones and watch to see the wipeouts. People REGULARLY went to one of the first aid stations after going down that thing!
  2. ayl, I never noticed before, but Marty looks like SUCH a creeper in that sig pic!!
  3. Having my other league draft woke me up. Kept meaning to check on this. that date should work.
  4. I'd like that chorus played for a goal song! from 2:40- whatevs up beat Their new album has a song, "Two Horns Up", that'd be fitting for the devil horns people throw! Little "pump you up" shots of the crowds at the Rock.
  5. I literally JUST got one of these this weekend! I am being sued! ... By some lawyer with a THICK INDIAN accent!.... But I can call the number he left to go over my options!! Sometimes I answer these to fvck with them and lead them down a trail of hope only to drive them to getting so irate that they hang up. Hopefully by wasting their time, I save some sucker from answering their phone and getting scammed.
  6. Because We Are Team, and we pretty much always get the shaft on these decisions since #4 was given to us. Personally, I think they SHOULD be considered regular season games, since they don't fit the 16 game playoff that was in place at the time.
  7. Right? The cup wasn't motivation enough???
  8. He was just pinking up his Order of Buffalo Wings!!!
  9. I'm a Navy Vet. Socks can never be the same...
  10. Still have mine. Cons: I WAY overpay for it for the amount of use it gets! "Local" (family) calls clear and "free" ... Pros: My cell reception SUCKS in my house, all the telemarketers still call the house and get blocked. have a phone line during power outages to get updates and if there is an emergency I really oughta drop it or at least just go to the most basic of services and eat the charge if I actually use it for an outgoing call. It'd probably still be cheaper then the B.S. $$ I drop on it every month to barely use it.
  11. The Jets win this trade hands down. Shipped disgruntled player to the other conference & got back TWO 1st rounders and a solid starter! The old Jets woulda screwed themselves by trading him to the Pats for a bag of deflated balls and a voucher to a massage parlor in Miami!! Of course, they could make it better if they let someone else draft for them... They are still the jets...
  12. I hate having no Devils game to cheer for in this tourny...
  13. I'd rather have an unadulterated PPG guy like we had with Kovy. You gotta put one in to win!
  14. While I think the Vegas logo coulda been better and incorporated hidden hockey sticks, it ain't bad. And I think the Kraken sounds badass and that's a great start! The S is clever the way it is a tentacle splitting the S, and the space needle on the anchors captures their big draw... Besides rain and Starbucks and hippies. I see a second logo with a mean sea beast in their future. Better then the salmons! Or the sockeyes! You think that wouldn't have become the Load Socks!?!? To be fair, I don't think the WNBA has too much to worry about when it comes to gambling habits of their enormous fanbase. I gotta say, I wouldn't mind winning one of these! https://www.flickr.com/photos/45676495@N05/46077758742/in/photostream/
  15. I've been to their Spectrum, FU Center, The Wach Off Center, & Wells Fargo, and am ALWAYS in our colors.... and a mask . And I try to get "Let's Go Devils" chants going because I'm an a$$hole... I get boo'd. But laugh it off with those near me. I've irritated some of them to getting close to fighting several times in all those arenas, but was always able to diffuse the situation by turning the majority of the crowd against the idiot wanting to fight by winning the battle of comedy and wits banter beforehand... But to be fair, FlyHer fans are usually not armed for that fight. Good point about the phone camera thing. But if you are to the point you think fighting in the arena is a good idea, you're probably past the "giving a sh!t about real life" stage. Now, once you hit the streets heading to our car/ride, that's a different story. & I was there at a time when people came tumbling down the seats before too! Crazy stupid!
  16. Did you try turning it off and back on again!?
  17. I guess she'd bring Tom to the party, so that's a plus.
  18. Well, since a Hell thread skid sideways, I figured I'd build a road at that new off ramp. Here are the posts that got it going. My party will be jumpin... except for a few that'll be propped up in the corner Weekend at Bernie's style. Michael Frickin Jordon!, Darren Pang, Luc Robitaille, Jim Brown, Sony Michel, Bryan Cox, Dennis Green, Buddy Ryan, Taylor Hawkins, Arin Ilejay, Larry The Cable Guy, Jerry O'Connell, Lou Diamond Phillips, Hal Holbrook, Paris Hilton, Denise Richards, Rene Russo, Bonnie Wright, Veronica Montes, Meaghan Jette Martin. Entertainment, pickup games, music, comedy, and babes!
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