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  1. Funny pic, looks like you got checked by Scotty!


  2. Know what would irk Crasher?

    Having it say something like League Champion or Reigning Champ or the like next to, or instead of, my team name in the draft results thread! :evil:

  3. I can ALMOST smell OCTOBER!

    1. aylbert


      October needs to shower.

  4. LL Baseball is the best baseball on TV

    1. aylbert


      Since when was Lou playing baseball?

  5. Is it October yet?....

  6. C'mon Devils! it ain't over! Time for Brodeur to return and get on a hot streak!!

  7. Sorry, I am weak and NEED a hockey fix! I will go to games and I WILL enjoy hockey once more. Wish I could make it hurt the owners more, but I will only go to a couple games, best I can do.

    1. 95Crash


      I feel your pain. It's not easy to go without. I, on the other hand, grow more steadfast every day. At first I was going to boycott the first 10. Now I'm seriously thinking of not going to one single game this season. The league is not getting a dime out of me.

  8. C'mooooon! HOCKEY!

  9. I liked the 'ole "preview" to posting

  10. Feeling like kickin ass and chewin bubblegum!

    1. NJCroMag


      And you're all outta ass?

  11. Trying to keep up on the blinding pace of picks during this draft.

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    2. Masked Fan

      Masked Fan

      He's probably pouting I snatched Rivers after that glowing endorsement of Crashers.

    3. aylbert


      I really wanted to take Rivers as I alluded to in PM... but had to grab another RB

    4. redruM


      I would have picked faster but had no idea it was my turn...

  12. No clock on weekends .... at least now I can catch my breath!

    1. aylbert


      They need their beauty sleep. If they were any uglier, it would be a 1st degree felony.

  13. I think the blistering pace of this FFB draft has given me sunburn.

    1. RSC


      We need to slow down, I think I accidentally drafted Denard Robinson

    2. NJDevs4978


      Damn, talk about a sneaky keeper pick lol. I think Masked is about to faint from shock since he's now up

    3. MantaRay


      sheer vertigo inducing this pace.

  14. "We will do everything we can right now to go to Plan B"

  15. Damn. At least it's about as short an off season as it could be.

  16. If LA can win 3 in a row, the DEVILS can win 4 in a row!!

  17. Lou replaced the Kool-Aid with Tiger Blood?

  18. DAMN! What kind of a sh!tty Christmas present is that?!!!

  19. I'll be at the Rock tonight!!! What bars are you people going to be at?

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    2. Pepperkorn


      Oh... I was just thinking about my husband. He loves your avatars - but if I met you for a drink... well ... I'm just sayin'

    3. Pepperkorn


      I'm massively bored

    4. Pepperkorn


      right now at work -- not at home if you know what I mean -- you know...I WISH I was home...insert waggling brow smilie

  20. "Reputation: 1000 If only all posters were this good" LOL Where'd that come from?

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    2. DevilMinder


      You are so dreamy Masked

    3. DevsMan84


      I am surprised that I am a 10.

    4. Quinn01


      When I have children, I hope they grow up to be you.

  21. Rutgers and the Devils threw one away! :(

  22. OTAH has been s l o w

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