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  1. Funny sh!te. GOOD GAME!! I LOVE DEFENSE! Defense wins CHAMPIONSHIPS! OLD TIME HOCKEY! EDDIE SHORE!! Puttin' on the foil coach!
  2. I've always liked the T-Shirt Welcome to New Jersey Now get the hell out! If you feel like a few chuckles and maybe even some good laughs check out this site for more I laughed pretty good at some and sed "YUP, that sounds right!" to a lot more mostly NJ tshirts
  3. nICE lETTERING aNNABELLE. dAMN tHAT pESKY cAPS lOCK kEY! In other news...I thought the day of the shut out was over. WAY TO GO DEVS!!!!
  4. What the hell are you people doing up? btw Southern NJ, N Del, SE Penns too.
  5. I'll give that a Hell Yeah! Guess I still don't get it. Cuz i took it as THIS year is our FOURTH CUP BABY!! WOOHOO!!!
  6. Well played D i O! Keep up the road support! I'm the nutjob you might see at the Wachovia when the Devs come down the Tpk to spank Philly. I grew up in a Northern NJ town and played hockey on a frozen pond whenever my brother would let me go with him. I enjoyed the game but had no home team to cheer. I was cemented in my ANTI-NY way of life in every other sport, ie Cowboys, Patriots, Tigers, Nets. So, there was NO WAY I was going to call a NY team "mine". So, when the Rockies came to NJ it was the match I had been waiting for! Been supporting the team ever since!! LETS GO DEVILS!!!!!
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    Hell yeah! Remember the 94 playoffs? the Devs - ButtRanglers series had OT out the wazoo! And turned out to be Waaaaay better than the Stanley cup finals the Ranglers lost to The Killer Whales. I went with the shootouts, I'd just like to see the refs CALL the goalie interference penalties that ARE happening , and let defensemen clear the crease... ..but I digress...
  8. ROFL! Hilarious 17, Good luck finding a gf. Then you can work on that whole first orgasm thing. I only played that game a couple times, seemed tuf but fun. Ever play BattleField 1942 on a PC ? Play it online and there is never any end. You just play over and over against actual people. A different game every time.
  9. It was a dream you know.. ..maybe there was no Jersey to look at!
  10. Forget that, Like I said white SCREAMS I SURRENDER. Waving White towels??? hellloooo
  11. When did that "rule" come into effect? Remember that playoff series against the Canes? The game at home when the Devs got knocked out, the big "Ad campaign" was "WEAR WHITE AT HOME" and "Wear your white" The whole time I was thinking "White means surrender"....THAT SUCKED!!
  12. Yes. Of course. Absolutely go!! Watch Seinfelds season 6 "Face Painter" episode before you go to get in the proper state of mind. And don't be an Arse hole while you are there. Just have fun.
  13. The TEAM looked sloppy. They hustled, but the passes were NOT crisp. Only two passes the whole game looked sharp. The D put the puck onto Flyer sticks WAAAAY too much. And did NOT protect the front of the crease well. The Flyers fans were really able to put in their jabs on me last night. Here's where the champion caliber teams bounce back and show what they're made of. LETS GO DEVILS!!!!!
  14. Thanks! That's a start. I'll still use that one for something. Where did you find it? Canal Hockey! Bars! Stop! you're getting me all teary eyed! But what do you mean "at least the bars"?? There's more to Wharton? Don't forget Pepe's, My Irish Rose, Pauls liquors, Wharton Liquors, The Canal House, The Charloquin Cafe, Eggos, Winkies (now West Central Pub)...Yup a 3 square mile town with over 15 places to consume/purchase booze. I was there til '89 No, I'm in SOUTH Jersey. I don't get to many home games anymore. Maybe two a year. I go into HOSTILE turf to ..."Support the team" - David Puddy So If yous get the game on FSN (Which my Comcast provider does NOT carry) , You might see me Tomorrow.
  15. Check out the avatar and info again. <------That's me! That's how I'll look at the game too!
  16. I was looking EVERYWHERE for a picture of David Puddy from the episode Face Painter and was hoping someone here might help me out. I can't find one anywhere. I wanna put up a poster of him beating on the glass on my game room sports wall. Anyone got one or ideas as to where to find one?? I'm from Wharton, but have lived in South Jersey (Flyers Country) for 8 years now. I go to the Wachoffya Center whenever I can to see the Devs kick Flyer tail. I was at the preseason game last Thursday and will be there tomorrow for game 2. I'll be easy to spot. I'm the one nutcase there in Devil Jersey & Mask!! Nice Devil Emoticons by the way.
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