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  1. What the hell Crasher? Goodell is a better looking commissioner at is point. Think about that Wasn't the whole point of you coming up with your little completely unnecessary plan for people to ONLY be allowed to PM you so you don’t miss it in all the other messages you get? Well, you obviously didn’t miss it. You knew for days my intention was to obviously start my star #1 WR first round keeper. You knew before the game. You knew for days. I don’t see any difference from one of us talking to you the day before, or texting you. Even though you knew, I still set you a PM. It was still well before kickoff. I wasn’t trying to sneak behind anyone’s back.
  2. If you really aren’t putting Julio in, start hurns.
  3. Just hoping to be able to blow enough smoke to make people think I would actually start that HACK! Hell I only made him my keeper so I could save everyone ELSE from possibly drafting him and getting stuck with his NO TD catchin ass!!!
  4. I left my #1 WR spot open on my starting roster this week for Julio. I'm sure the commish will be right on that as soon as his super busy life allows.
  5. I guess the 2nd overall RB you draft in the forth round isn't an "obvious" enough starter.
  6. This group has already begun the season. You are unable to join this group at this time.
  7. Gonna give the Jag Pool chicks something to watch this year! Hopefully! WR #10 Donte Moncrief Jax
  8. I believe we used to shorten the clock to 6 hours? no? TY. But I worked 6pm to 6am and already was out for the count. Slight difference in scenario, no?
  9. Hell, there's still 4 minutes til "the deadline"
  10. Game didn't start yet douchebag(s) And to quote the commish "obvious is obvious"
  11. I was going with the OBVIOUS picks are OBVIOUS. Like starting your 1st round keeper EVERY WEEK... douchebag And you'll get your PM princess. chill the fvck out, I had to feed the hogs and smack the chickens.
  12. Lotsa SF colors on my team this year... :/ K Robbie Gould SF
  13. Speaking of which, I'm obviously starting my 1st round keeper. Mr obviously @ WR will be the guy you were just talkin about, obviously. But I don't just want him in the 1st half, I'll take his 2nd half TD's and yardage too.
  14. I don't think your calculations are quite right on either of my #1 QB's, but I was going to take Doyle right when you scooped em up. Good pick!
  15. Hope it works out for ya... But did you have to give CRASHER more power?!??!!?! C’mon man! That’s like giving Khan a FLEET of Starships!
  16. Gonna see if we can uncover a bounceback season from Pierre Garcon #15 SF WR
  17. Guess that leaves me as the dirty whore. #36 RB Alfred Morris SF
  18. Started strong. Excellent value there I think. But the pick feels .... incomplete somehow...
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