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  1. Screw the "experts". Marauders take Rex Burkhead #34 RB NE
  2. Since when? Thought it was only paused from midnight to 6AM Right. B/c the auto pick don’t count unless the next guy picks.
  3. Damn dude. Both? Really? sheesh, They were both on my list for this round. douchebag!
  4. It's MILLER TIME! Give em the rock! Lamar Miller #26 Hou RB
  5. OK, Tom sent Gisele over to sign his contract with the Marauders... I'll allow it. #12 Tom Brady QB NE
  6. Waivers: Hard YESLeague Champion Picks Spot: Soft NOPPR to Points Per First Down: NO Second IR Spot: YESRemove Kickers?: NOIf Kickers stay, then remove PAT's from Scoring?: NO
  7. 1) Yes on waivers 2) No on champ getting pick 3) meh. Not if it is just for receivers. 4) Keep kickers same. all for a deduction for missing XP's and close FG's
  8. i know they used to call a touchdown a first down. Do they count?
  9. It is poaching. A guy who happens to be watching a game who is nowhere near the bottom of the waiver wire snags an injury replacement = poaching. fo sho. I think you need a dictionary. I'm for the Ayl waiverwire rule as well. Don't care about the "picking" thing.
  10. I'd wear the sh!t outta that! Ordering today! This week off a month into the season sh!t is for the birds!
  11. I like Shorthanded goals.... j/s...
  12. WAY to STAY with the PLAY and pursue the puck! GREAT JOB WOODS!
  13. HEY! It aint a flip phone! It's a QWERTY slide out, and THAT guy WON this league & is your reigning Champeen! Little respect damnit.
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