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  1. Who will be the back? It's a long line! Hopefully Zeke tags in Alfred! Morris RB Dal
  2. Yup. I believe that one way or the other, Conner becomes the starter for sh!ttsburg next season. And I think he will be more than a blank space this season. Thats is why I was going to snag him
  3. Damn! I got Mantablocked! Nice pickup, great value for next years keeper too! After that last minute steal The Marauders select This chick puts the WOW in pow-wow!! Chris Thompson RB Was
  4. Ah, right on time.... Yup, was on my radar. good pick. Fixed. Tough pick. Should do well, good pick. The Marauders are PROUD to sign WIDE receiver Rishard Matthews Ten
  5. Nope, hated that crew, they put a beatdown on my Dog Pats. Lost a LOTTA $$ on that game! (for a 14 yr old! ) But, I am happy to announce signing the Top Cats D/ST Car Panthers!
  6. Crasher, you need to buy a dictionary. Nostalgia deals with the past, kinda like that Hulkster video YOU put up, ironic-that's another word you can look up with your new dictionary! Try living in the present, where I am the reigning CHAMP. It is a glorious time of well being and zen in the world. People will look back @ my reign with nostalgia, longing for the day when the Marauders ruled the land. And with that, the Marauders welcome their K#1 to the fold. Stephen Gostkowski K NE
  7. Well, something's gotta give. I'll check in again. Let us know if he got autopicked, Commish.
  8. Marauders like to have replacements of high potential.... especially when #1 is made of glass... TIGHT END Jack Doyle Indy
  9. He's got a chance, but I think it's going to be a 2 headed beast.
  10. OH, you mean Crasher Crusher? Good pick! I'll take that headache ANY DAY over having a QB who ONLY gets you 5-12 pts a game and NEVER comes thru with the big numbers! I commit to a starter and only play the matchups in extreme cases, and have a #1 should my #1 go down. Wow. THAT was a deep reach....
  11. Damnit. That was poor timing. The Marauders are hoping for NO Sophomore Slump! Dak Prescott QB BIG D No, YOU da man Dak!
  12. fixed You've got jokes... He does, and here's one of them now... CRASHERQB: Derek Carr,RB: Melvin Gordon, Lamar Miller, Dalvin Cook,WR: Mike Evans, Emmanuel SandersTE: Greg Olsen,K: DEF:
  13. Another 69er!!?? I must be CRAZY!! C'MON Shanahan ! Pierre Garçon WR SF
  14. I'm thinking a Ravens RB, what could possibly go wrong there?... Terrance West RB Bal
  15. Time to answer his pleading to be on a winner roll in the QB, Car, Cam Newton Time to Bounce Back
  16. Figure that's the only reason he was still on the board, & like I said, hope he stays friggin healthy!
  17. Good point! I, on the other hand, am just rolling with the tide & shopping now before the cupboard is empty. The Marauders, in hopes he can stay healthy, take TIGHT END Jordan Reed Was DON'T stub yer toe bud!!
  18. Right!?? Well, with Ware biting it, could be 'uge!
  19. Oh, i'm sorry, did I keep you waiting? I did NOT think I would get McCaffrey (bolded for spelling) yanked out from under me there! Ha! Had to go consult some experts. I'll have Carlos fill the gap
  20. Good pick, I was going to take him right now. Guess I won't be needing her
  21. Brutal, but on a related note, isn't it like a 12 hour clock now? with no clock midnight to 6am? So he has til 3:20 EST, right??
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