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  1. Well, as many have already posted, IF THE DEVILS CAN'T "GET IT UP" FOR THIS GAME... DEVILS 4 RANGERS 2
  2. Well, if you were able to see the game, consider yourself very lucky indeed. Another cablevision rep scheduled a service call to have my TV's checked, we'll see what happens.
  3. I do not have direct tv, I have cablevision OI digital. It was blacked out on channel 88, which is Fox Sports NY.
  4. I just got off the phone with cablevision, and they inform me it was THE DEVILS who have blacked out the game due the my proximity to the CAA! If The Devils are behind this, what will they gain by such actions. Do they think the arena will sell out due to the blackout? If this is the DEVILS doing, they are only going to alienate more of their fans. BTW, if I have to pay for HNL Ceter-Ice it will cost me an additional $159.00 for the season. That being said Cablevision, HNL Center-Ice, and THE WHOLE NJ DEVILS ORGANAZATION CAN GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!!!
  5. Well, I wouldn't go as far as to trade away the whole team, but I definatly think our boys are going through a case of Stanley Cup Hangover. That being the said, Pat Burns must put a stop to it right away. We must "right" this ship before it truely gets out of hand.
  6. http://www.nhl.com/lineups/player/8467336.html On TV he looks to be about 6-4 at the most!
  7. Here's another poll on The Sporting News... Vote of the Fan Which goaltender has been the best in recent years? Brodeur: (51%) Hasek: (27%) Roy: (22%) Is Marty finally getting his long over due accolades?
  8. Yeah, I knew what you meant. I just wanted to "yank the chain" as they say.
  9. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/inside_ga...6/taking_sides/ Give the Devil his due As retirement looms, we should admire Daneyko's career Posted: Thursday June 26, 2003 3:19 PM Had a good talk with Ken Daneyko, the Devil of a defenseman, a couple of days ago. He's in Florida with his family, on a golf course, soaking in the Southern sun, the way a 39-year-old should after finishing his 19th NHL season and winning his third Stanley Cup. Daneyko still has that silver sheen to his voice. "Think this was the sweetest one yet," he said. "At this stage in my career. ... " Daneyko, I'm saying here, has played his last NHL game. He hasn't announced anything yet, though the newspapers keep calling. He's still pondering a bit, still wants to have a talk with Devils general manager Lou Lamoriello, Daneyko's boss for the last 16 years. But by the end of our conversation he sure sounded ready to hang it up. "I'm leaning that way, leaning toward going out on top," Daneyko said. He's played his last game, which isn't exactly as newsworthy as Patrick Roy packing up his pads. But if you think the retirement of Ken Daneyko -- toothless, battle-scarred, rugged Ken Daneyko -- doesn't mean much, you're not paying attention. Daneyko has played for the Devils since 1983, longer than any player in any of the major four sports has been with one team. He has laced up his skates for nearly 1,300 New Jersey games; only four men in hockey history have played longer for a single club. The year he first pulled on a Devils sweater Ronald Reagan was a first-term president and New Jersey went 17-56-4-1. His teammate Scott Gomez was three years old. Daneyko has played on the worst Devils teams, and he's been at the heart of the best of them. "If there is somebody or something that says New Jersey Devils, it's Ken Daneyko," Lamoriello once told me. Lamoriello said that to me while I was working on a story on Daneyko and his alcoholism. It was on Nov. 2, 1997 that Daneyko went public with it, announcing that he would enter the NHL's rehab program. He'd been on the road, playing hockey and drinking, since age 15. He let everyone know about his problem in order to put pressure on himself, to give himself no room to slip. His career was in trouble, his marriage too. As Lamoriello said, "He was a man at his lowest end." For now, the Devil appears to have beaten back his demon. There he was a couple of weeks ago taking his turn with the Cup on the Meadowlands ice. There he was a few days later, a guest on the Letterman set. Now Daneyko's thinking about his future: He'd like to get into broadcasting or maybe player personnel. He and some partners are building the Ken Daneyko IcePlex near Wayne, N.J. For a time, it didn't seem as if his career ending would be so sweet. Daneyko had played Games 6 and 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals to help New Jersey beat the Senators. But in the Finals, with the Devils up against the Mighty Ducks' mighty speed, coach Pat Burns sat Daneyko down. "After I didn't play the first six games, there was no chance I'd get in for Game 7." Then it happened. The night before the deciding game, Burns came to Daneyko at the team dinner and said quietly, "You're in. Don't tell anybody." "I was like a little kid, weak-kneed and in awe," says Daneyko. "I called my wife. She had to settle me down, remind me I've been doing this 20 years." This is from a man who has played in 12 Game 7s, one shy of the record. This is from a man who has played in just about every big game in Devils history. When New Jersey fans heard the pregame scratches and realized Daneyko was not among them, they roared. They roared again when he came over the boards for his first shift, and they stood and cheered one giant thank you, when he touched the puck. Never mind that Daneyko has averaged about 1.5 goals a year for his career. He's been the steady, body-crushing lifeblood of the defense for as long as most Devils fans can remember. As the game wound down, and the Cup was secure, Burns let Daneyko stay on the ice for the final, splendid minute and a half. Daneyko deserved it. "The way the fans were that night reminds me that these 20 years have really been worth something," said Daneyko. "This year a lot of guys on our team had storybook endings. This was mine."
  10. or better yet, too bad the Niedermayers' don't live in my neighborhood! <_<
  11. While I can appreciate ESPN's faith in THE DEVILS winning the Conference finals, I think they went a bit overboard with this one. This to me, makes for some great "Locker room material" for the SENS. Could this be why ESPN is doing it? Or, do they just want to Jinx us? http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/playoffs2003/finals
  12. 2nd round here we come; the question is, who will be next?
  13. http://www.hockeyjournal.com/bruins/200304.../brodeur14.html Brodeur's legend grows at B's expense By Kirk Luedeke If you had any doubts that New Jersey goaltender Martin Brodeur was going to have a quick trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame, you can leave those at the door of the hallowed place in Toronto. The 30-year-old has once again proven that he may be the greatest goaltender in the game right now. Sure, there were those, this columnist included, who believed in their heart of hearts that somehow the Bruins could become the Cinderella story of the 2003 playoffs by doing what few teams have really ever been able to do: score goals on the workhorse goalie who makes it look easy. So much for that idea, B
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