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  1. How much luck can one team get.
  2. What's funny is that no matter how this season goes, there is no way Schneider is staying here, because this team can't be bothered to get up and give him one solid full-game effort all season. Why should he give a sh!t about this team when they obviously don't give a sh!t about him.
  3. Remember when we used to be nigh unbeatable in the shootout? Those were the days...
  4. What a Jeckyll and Hyde game. For 40 minutes that was some of the worst hockey I've ever seen in the NHL. I was legitimately embarrassed to be a Devils fan for that stretch. But then we suddenly woke up and I have to say our 3rd and OT were at least respectable. I don't know why, but this team simply cannot get up and play for Schneider. Regardless, we always watch as other teams steal games that we should have won. Finally, we have a win that by all rights was the other team's. It was laughable. It was ugly. But it's a win, and I'll take it.
  5. I don't know why everyone here is on his case. He's on pace for at least 7 points by April. He also helped them roll out the gate by getting suspended for the first 10 games. Toronto, your hopes have been answered.
  6. This year reminds me a lot of two years ago. That year's team was also mediocre but at the same time was also extremely unlucky. Are we a good team? No, but we certainly don't deserve to be 1-5-4.
  7. Before the season started I told a friend of mine that this team is a complete mystery, and it'll either be a crazy success or a disaster of epic proportions. It's only been 6 games, but I'm pretty sure I know the answer. Apparently you really can't build a team off of old, supporting players and hope that you'll have four 60 goal lines by the end of the year. There needs to be a catalyst for the supporting players, and we simply don't have any. Every single player on this team (including Elias at this point in his career) is painfully mediocre at best, and that just doesn't cut it when there's no player on the team that can create offense without any help.
  8. As bad as our situation is, we're really getting helped out by Washington, Philly and the Rags who are sucking even worse than us. In a normal year, we'd be in a lot of trouble with this record. Aside from perhaps the Penguins, we're in really good shape division-wise despite the horrendous start.
  9. 6-0 Anaheim right now. May be another 9 goal night against the Rags. When was the last time a team was blown out two games in a row?
  10. The sting from the last two games definitely gets lessened a bit after watching the Rangers get pummeled hilariously to a score of 9-2 and 47 shots against.
  11. Yea, sure. Toll the contract, force Kovalchuk to stay here and then have 11 years with a player who can't wait to leave. What a GREAT option that is...
  12. Absolutely no words for how I feel right now. In 2010, it was extremely obvious that the Devils were putting the franchise in his lap, and that he would be the face moving forward. We didn't sign Parise to an extension because we were too busy with Kovalchuk. Especially now, that Parise is gone, Kovalchuk HAD to know that he IS the Devils going forward. For him to do this move is not only selfish, it's absolutely reckless and shows he has no regard for anyone but himself. Screw him, screw his "thank you to the organization and the great fans", and screw the KHL. I don't know what options are, but I would like the NHL to cut off all ties with the KHL going forward.
  13. You're right, the owners suck too, but at least the owners tried to make an effort with the 50/50 offer in order to try to get out of this lockout. Again, it wasn't a great offer but it was more than good enough for the owners and players to start negotiating. I think the NHL even said that they had factored in 10 days of negotiations in order to salvage an 82 game season. Tell me whatever you want about the previous lockout and about who made money and who didn't. What happened back then doesn't matter for the same reasons you told me - it was back then. What I see right now in front of me is a good base point of negotiations offered by the owners, and an unrealistic counter-proposal by the players which only serves to keep the lockout in place. Simply put, the owners put forth SOME effort and offered some concessions, while the players are singing the same tired song.
  14. I don't think anyone expected there to be absolutely no days lost, so saying September would have been early is a little unrealistic. When we can still salvage an 82 game season, I call that early. In the last lockout, these sorts of offers weren't made for another 6 months. And your second statement about asking players who rarely hear no to take paycuts when the NHL is at record revenues just shows how out of touch the players are with reality. The owners aren't lying when they say that most teams can't make money and that the current system is unsustainable. By offering the 50/50 deal, the owners put a lot of their cards out on the table, and I think they expected the same from the players. The 50/50 offer was in no way great for the players, but it was a legitimate starting point for serious negotiations. For the players to essentially spit on that shows a lack of willingness from the players to settle on a reasonable deal that can work for both sides. That's not how you do negotiations when something really matters to you (ie, your fans and the sport you play).
  15. I was angry at the owners before. Now, I'm furious at the players. It was pretty much acknowledged by everyone that the owners' 50/50 offer was close to their end-game, and that offering it so early in the process was meant to be a launching point that both sides could use towards ending the lockout without too much damage being done. In my opinion, the players committed a major faux pas today by essentially biting off the hand which was holding a nice juicy steak for them. It's ridiculous and it shows blatant disregard by the PA towards the fans of the sport, and of the sport itself. If the players care so much about their money that they are unwilling to see sense and try to work with the owners after they made a goodwill gesture, then I'm not too sure I want to keep supporting them.
  16. Pierre LeBrun ‏@Real_ESPNLeBrun Bettman confirms NHLPA made three counter proposals. Says none of them "even began to approach 50-50." Not encouraged Pierre LeBrun ‏@Real_ESPNLeBrun Bettman calls it a "step backward." Pierre LeBrun ‏@Real_ESPNLeBrun "I am to say the least totally disappointed." - Bettman Sigh.
  17. Sadly, I think we won't achieve anywhere close to the level of success we had last year, both in the regular season as well as the playoffs. Parise, Poni, Brodeur aging and other intangibles are huge losses, and we really have not taken steps to fill those issues. I think Henrique will continue to develop, but I don't think he'll do better this year than he did last. Larsson will be better, but is still several years away from being the elite-level talent that he needs to be in order to be a real game changer. Josefson and Tedenby are, in my opinion, non-factors until they prove otherwise. All in all, I think we'll be lucky to crack 92-95 points, and maybe squeak into the playoffs.
  18. No chance. Canadians will be out in force on this one.
  19. They do through 3rd party providers (you can order everything through them, though). I have TV through them, internet through Cablevision (for now), and phone through Vonage. In total, I am paying just a tiny bit less than Cablevision's / FIOS's triple-plays, and enjoying a much better TV experience.
  20. For what it's worth, I've went from Cablevision to FIOS to DirecTV, and DirecTV is by far my favorite of the three, plus you get pretty much all the games in HD (including the overflow). If you're so inclined, I would give them consideration as well as FIOS.
  21. Amberite

    Rick Nash To NYR

    Looks like the Rangers are going full circle and right back to their all-star days of having lots of great names that count their money all the way to the golf course. The Rangers do still have SOME young talent, but they're quickly devolving in the wrong direction. If not for Lundqvist, I'd be laughing right now.
  22. Yes, Barr is the PK guy. The general consensus from Sharks fans is that Shaw was made to look like he ran both the (excellent) PP and (abysmal) PK, so the fans essentially wanted him out because of the PK issues. Afterward, through interviews it was made clear that he actually had very little to do, coaching-wise, with the PK. Either way, as long as he is only running our PK, I'm thrilled.
  23. Very excited about both of them. This is almost as good as signing a big name player.
  24. ben00rs, first I'd like to say that's a real well-written ranting post. And again, you are free to your opinions, and all I'm doing is stating mine. You saying all these things about Parise, and what his true intentions were, I hope you can agree that this is all conjecture. Is it possible that I'm wrong and that in reality Parise is a huge two-faced douchebag that played us from day 1? Absolutely. But I don't see it and he hasn't done much to deserve this sort of reputation. You are basing your opinions by clinging to the littlest of details while ignoring what's presented in front of your face. There is a saying that the simplest explanation is usually the right one, and in my experience that's the case most of the time. I've gone through many July 1sts, trade deadlines, playoff series, and other hockey events thinking that there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than there really was. At the end of the day, as much as the media likes to make stories of everything and we like to believe that there are big conspiracies and everything is grandiose, the reality is that things are much simpler. We imagine July 1 probably as something out of Entourage, but in reality it's likely a bunch of GMs sitting in their plain offices and talking on the phone all day, while (most) players sit at home watching Jersey Shore reruns while getting the occasional text or phone call. It's just not nearly as exciting as we make it out in our heads, and I think the same applies to Parise. Do you really think he had this grand plan all along? I don't think so. I think he always felt in the back of his head that as much as he likes it here, it would be nice to play at home. He heard offers from lots of teams, which anyone would be a fool not to at least consider, and then he got the offer from Minnesota. I think at this point he was really split about either coming home or staying here. And, on the evening of July 2, just like he said, he and Suter started discussing how great it would be to play together. From there, the pieces fell into place and he suddenly had the allure of both playing at home, as well as with his longtime friend. It's just that simple. Thinking that he played us, or that he always had his mind set on leaving, or that we are just in his rear view mirror now is all conjecture and is not based on the facts laid out in front of you. I'm just as disappointed and upset as everyone on this board is, but to blatantly hate the guy because of a story made up in my head is not being fair to him, or to us for that matter. Which again is why I say, base your feelings of Parise on reality - he worked his ass off for us, he never openly did anything bad to the team, he never disrespected us. Am I going to cheer for him? Nope, but I sure as hell don't need to piss on his jersey or boo him.
  25. What? Are you kidding? First, he didn't say anything in that post of any value. Second, what is there to listen to here? He's saying he'll keep hating Parise because he THINKS he lied to us, which is a ridiculous assumption in itself. As I said in a previous post, everyone is free to their own opinion. But I am also free to call them out on it. Maybe it's you that isn't even listening.
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