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  1. First two goals we gave up were trash. Team is it's own worst enemy. The Ducks played like the team who's season was on the line. We just look uninterested at times. Players look tired.
  2. Actually this feels pretty inconsequential. I haven't followed the prospects so closely this year but Bardakov has 12 points on 52 games for SKA this year. That's 6 less than last season in 9 more games. He is 23 and Russian. So no guarantee he even makes Utica. A seventh is a massive long shot. Mc Mermaid is at least playing in the NHL. We can only hope this is a precursor to a bigger move. Maybe someone for some reason wants Smith?
  3. I am drunk, but even if I wasn't I would still be saying WTF is this trade.
  4. See I didn't think Saros was actually shorter because he manages to stay pretty upright when he drops down and still takes up a lot of the net. Maybe Kahkonen needs bigger shoulder pads.
  5. The Sharks truly are terrible. That looks like a team that has fully given up. Khakonen is listed ad 6ft 2 , but I don't recall seeing such a short goalie in such a long time. He is no form of presence, looks tiny when he drops down into butterfly. The Devils were just shooting on site and knew thst if they could get the puck at shoulder height they would score. Nice confidence boost for the team. Still managed to give up the first goal though. Frustrating the teams we needed to lose managed to get easy wins. But at least no looser point games last night.
  6. I think that his current inaction gives us a good indication of where he stands on this. Currently he seems OK with riding this out and seeing what happens.
  7. Is it April the 1st? If any chain introduces that here they can absolutely get fvcked.
  8. It feels like it's on purpose now, like he picks his lineup based on what will piss us off the most.
  9. The amount of options to make the playoffs is dwindling. Boththe wild card teams seem to be pulling away. It will come down to if we can haul in the Flyers for that divisional sspot. Its not impossible, but as you say time and the number of games isn't on their side.
  10. I have been watching but after sitting through 120 minutes of Chelsea wasting chance after chance against a Liverpool side made up of children, I just can't watch another team I love go through the fvcking motions and beat themselves again.
  11. Their third goal was one of the luckiest goals I have ever seen.
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