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  1. Every time you read something on this it just gets worse.
  2. The concensus at the time was it was between Nico and Patrick, that's a fact, the tweet you referenced earlier conformed this. If someone on here said "no one" it was a generality. If this is the hill you want to die on, I will leave you to it. Your second point: Based on the situation at the time , no it wasn't a mistake , it's just the realities of drafting. It happens every year. And honestly there are far more frustrating examples in Devils draft history than this. I was just looking at the 2002 redraft and the Devils took Barry Tallackson the pick before Chicago drafted Duncan Keith at #54. Which is only made worse by the fact they took Anton Kadeikin two picks before that. But drafting is always easier in hindsight.
  3. I am not sure what you are trying to achieve with this other than making yourself look quite stupid. Do you know what the word consensus means? Trying to revise history to somehow make it look like the Devils made a huge mistake is nothing short of ridiculous. If anything the Devils made the right choice because there were a lot of people still gunning for Patrick at #1.
  4. I don't know if anyone else is following this but it is fvcked up!!!!
  5. I don't know if anyone is following the Ivan Fedotov story but it looks like young Russian players getting out of the KHL might be difficult in the coming years.
  6. Any takers on bringing MadDog back to NJ as an assistant coach?
  7. Yeah I mean he is going to a lot of effort. In this case it was always going to be wasted effort.
  8. I follow him on Instagram and he looks like he is very much enjoying life up there.
  9. Someone in the Dallas exec office looked at the Devils coaching and performance and said " I want a piece of that action". Shocking.
  10. I think they understand correctly what he should work on. It certainly feels like the current front office have a much better grasp on our prospects and seem to be handling them much better than we have in a long time.
  11. How to use a spreadsheet? His model uses historical data to make a comparisons against players who took similar path and put up similar numbers in their draft years. He then looks to see if those players had success in the NHL. So it's not taking into account anything other than that. There is no potential factored in or other intangibles, it is purely numbers driven.
  12. This is uhhhh.......different.
  13. It's been so long he has unretired:
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