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  1. I think they understand correctly what he should work on. It certainly feels like the current front office have a much better grasp on our prospects and seem to be handling them much better than we have in a long time.
  2. How to use a spreadsheet? His model uses historical data to make a comparisons against players who took similar path and put up similar numbers in their draft years. He then looks to see if those players had success in the NHL. So it's not taking into account anything other than that. There is no potential factored in or other intangibles, it is purely numbers driven.
  3. This is uhhhh.......different.
  4. Really sorry to hear that CR. I hope all goes well , thinking of you all. My mum just got to 5 years cancer free of breast cancer this year. She kept the whole thing quite for over 9 months before my first son was born so I could not worry and enjoy the moment. Not sure how she did it as she is terrible with secrets. Hoping you all get the same outcome and it's something to look back on as a challenge overcome.
  5. Bardakov won't be coming over any time soon. Which is fine as he needs established minutes and a bigger role as he only featured in 19 regular season games. He played in all of SKA's 16 playoff games so hopefully he will take a step next year.
  6. As if by magic here is an article explaining some of the logic behind it and how the scouts viewed Nico and others at the time.
  7. There is a video on YouTube about how Markar wasn't taken overall and what it essentially comes down to is that scouts and GMs at the time did not rate the league he was playing in or the level of competition he was facing. Everyone saw the qualities he had, but we're on the fence to whether that would translate at a higher level.
  8. I did say if you set aside the loss of the picks. It could go the other way, the Rangers could decide to match to save face and then have him signed to a horrible deal eating up their cap (although we all know that someone would bail them out taking on stupid contracts).
  9. Brooks was discussing Kakko getting scratched and how it mirrored what happened with Kotkaniemi and Montreal. Could the Devil's pull off the ultimate troll job on the Rangers and get Kakko to sign an offer sheet? I mean if we set aside his performance, the potential loss of draft picks etc. It would be incredibly funny.
  10. From Pronman at the Athletic, revised mock draft projection based on talk from the combine. Interesting comments about the defenseman. If Slaf is there I think we go for him. If he is not I think the Priority will be a trade.
  11. Me checking the scores when I wake up every day.
  12. Another Devils prospect taking the college route.
  13. His group that year was very , very weak. Belarus, Hungary, France , Germany and Slovakia. USA and Canada were the only challenges in that group. They then played Denmark in the quarters. A quick search shows Laine put up half of his points for the tournament in the games against Belarus and Germany (2g-1a in each). He was held pointless in his two games against Canada and the game against the USA. Only big name he got a point against was Russia.
  14. I am sure there is an insult in there somewhere.
  15. Oh I know this. I am in the same boat as you. It's just sad.
  16. Sorry, you said "Nobody" not "I don't" and I think I could find people willing.
  17. This is Meghan Chayka who is a data scientist and co-founder of the ice hockey analytics firm Stathletes. I move your previous remarks be stricken from the record sir.
  18. That lineup makes me shudder. If we go into next season icing that I think I will cry.
  19. I still get goosebumps watching this. I love this particular clip as it's 2 minutes long. In it you get to appreciate the mastery of Doc not only with the original call on the goal but also the genius of letting the moment speak for itself. From 18 second in to 1 minute 38 you just have the moment and it's perfect. The flip side of seeing this is realising it's been 10 years without to many more meaningful moments outside the Hall season. I literally crave nights like this again. Watching the playoffs this year and seeing the emotion hits home even more.
  20. In this organisation we save that move for Goaltenders.
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