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  1. And they are not that good to start with. Lol Brutal game from Jack last night.
  2. I mean if he knew Blackwood would need nursing through the whole season and the. Bernier then goes down , possibly for the year, you need to be looking at other options, or you are just throwing the season. Cant hold Crawford against him at all.
  3. If Blackwood has been injured since the off-season and can't get healthy the whole goaltending situation has been handled terribly by Fitz.
  4. Gritsyuk is going to the Olympics. Mukhamadullin didn't make the cut.
  5. Seriously man , I am not advocating for or against him , I just said he was interesting. I would take your opinion over most others on this board because I know this is your thing. I think you have been in too many back and forths with others on here lately not everyone is here for the arguments .
  6. So not keen on Lambert then? Lol. He is interesting because of the potential. He shows flashes of great skill. But as you say more than one scout has concerns so he is a risk. Looking forward to seeing Slafkovsky at the Olympics.
  7. It's nice to see a player identify an area of his game that needs improving and then actually make the improvements rather than just talk about it. One of the things he has really improved on from his first few seasons is his shot selection. He is making better decisions all round.
  8. Also, if anyone is interested in this year's Goalie class here is a really good write up. https://www.recruitscouting.com/recruit-scouting-nhl-draft-2022-goaltending-prospects-by-frank-longo/
  9. Lambert is really interesting. I have seen a lot of people saying he is this year's Raty. Another player who is interesting is Conor Geekie. He is a unit and has amazing hands, but he is a centre and he isn't the best skater, so not sure he would fit our profile or need.
  10. Utica back to winning ways. No surprise that now Daws and Schmid are back between the pipes the goals agaist are going down. Schmid with a 34 save performance last night. Holtz with another goal and foot continues his resurgence after his time in the NHL. Zetterlund also continuing his hot streak as well.
  11. Some grade A motivational speaking right there. You can always hope it goes to voicemail and you can leave a message.
  12. Having looked at this year's goalie class there is some potential for some late round steals. Will post some good articles in the draft thread. Also Jacob Malek in our own system is having quite a year in the Czech league. But we need to get him facing a higher level of competition next year.
  13. He is falling further and further behind in terms of points by players from that class. That draft haunts me to this day. Barzal was just clearly better, Konecny was clearly better. Anyway nothing you can really do now. After this year I am happy to package him for someone else. Time to start the 2022 draft thread and look at wingers and goalies.
  14. Thanks DevilMinder, seem to be on the mend.
  15. Not good at all. When Lou was questioned he said he had no idea, and if he had been aware he would never have drafted him.
  16. Bit slow on the updates, I have been having some health issues post COVID, so not paying as much attention. Lets start with Luke Hughes: Hughes got the first goal in Michigan's 3-2 win over Penn State. Some amazing skating on that goal. He now has 20 points in 23 games with 8 goals, who's is 4th best on the team and 5 better than Owen Power. I missed anothe excellent performance from Gritsyuk last weekend. He had a goal and assist in a 4-1 win. Goal below: In his first full KHL season he has 28 points in 39 games, with 16 goals. Sharagovich scored 11 points in his first full NHL season, although he was younger and managed to last the full year in the KHL. Chase Stillman's move to Peterborough has so far failed to reinvigorate his season. He has played two games so far with 0 points. Patrick Moynihan has also been held scoreless in the last two PC hockey games.
  17. His ECHL performance wasn't that good either. His save percentage was only 0.902. Utica's season has just been completely derailed by COVID , but I think it's credit to the coaching staff that they are still keeping that side competitive even in the most challenging games. If Lindy were to go I would 100% give this coaching staff a chance.
  18. Price was in the NHL player rehabilitation programme and had a major injury that he might not be able to come back from. He hasn't played a game all year. It makes no sense on any level. None.
  19. Chase Stillman has been traded from the Sudbury Wolves to the Peterborough Petes. Apparently the trade was supposed to be a three way deal with another contending team but the deal wasn't completed before the deadline . Hope the trade gives him a bit of a bump and gets him back to his early season pace.
  20. Luke gets back on the scoresheet with a slightly odd assist tonight in Michigan's back to back series win over UMass. Some nice skating to hold it on the zone, but a pretty weak shot that could have lead to an odd man rush the other way. He does have a habit of trying to force stuff rather than staying patient. His skating is so good he could probably hold onto the puck a lot longer on that play and walk the line to open things up.
  21. I think he is the kind of guy that will get buy in from the players early doors and you will see results, but after two seasons his methods have pretty much crushed the life out of every player involved. I see him as the Jose Mourinho of hockey. I think he was of his time, but the game is moving on. His reaction to Trevor Zagres's goal speaks volumes. If anything I think this was an overreaction the other way to counter his views on that.
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