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  1. Not sure if this has been discussed but been watching All or Nothing with the Leafs. Really been enjoying it. Hoping it becomes a regular feature.
  2. Also forgot to follow up but Stillman had 2 goals and a fight last night.
  3. Gritsyuk with a two point game so far.
  4. I mean the opioid crisis in America was entirely preventable but $$$$$. The Pharmacist on Netflix is a heartbreaking watch from start to finish. The lengths large companies would go to just to make profit to the point of trying to destroy one man's life is astounding.
  5. It's been a bit quiet on the KHL front recently. All of our prospects who played yesterday including Mukhamadullin finished without a point. Well not today.... Gritsyuk using the screen to get the first of the game.
  6. 6-2 is how it ends, Talvitie with a one timer a la Holtz from the oposite side, with Flynn getting the 6th. A good start. Hoping for good things for this team, would be nice to see a number of them take that step in development.
  7. He is doing exactly what he needs to do. Getting sent down could have been a knock to his confidence, but he is going out and getting the job done.
  8. This makes me sad. Really sad for his wife and his kids. It's stupid because I feel a bit angry towards him now, but addiction is a fvcking terrible thing.
  9. Rather than sticking this in the Prospects thread I thought it was worth having its own thread. Utica's first game of the season tonight against the Rochester Americans. Lines for tonight: Been a lively game so far! 3-2 comets at the end of the first. Holtz has a goal , Tyce Thompson has two assists with Okhotiuk with the first.
  10. Chase Stillman with a goal so far today. I like this play, backing the defender up and beating him on the outside. That shot was also mustard.
  11. Just trying to gauge what's going on with some other guys. After a decent year lady year Nikola Pasic has had a slow start in the SHL. 5 games, no points and he has been injured since.
  12. Stillman with another assist last night. 5 games 1g, 3a a good start to the year.
  13. Primary assist so far for Luke tonight.
  14. Luke with his first of the year. Beautiful shot.
  15. I love how Jack tries to be serious in every interview and the reporters manage to get him with something every time that makes him laugh.
  16. Probably thought he was helping out a fellow rookie collect his first NHL goal puck. Then remembered who it was. Then still had to check if it was his first NHL goal.
  17. They are going to have their work cut out for them .
  18. Three of the above players are not real. Guess which three.
  19. Chase Stillman has 3 points in three games so far for Sudbury. Also Sudbury has one of the worst logos of any Ice Hockey Franchise ever.
  20. Nice bit of hand eye coordination there.
  21. I thought the same, didn't realise you could go subtitles. But after a while the dubbing actually became part of the experience for me.
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