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  1. Wh as t a strange job to have . It's even more weird seeing someone actually doing it. Although I don't find it wierd to see Bruce Buffer essentially doing the same job in the Octogon.
  2. I like it, and it helps the franchise keep its identity for when we no doubt destroy it and just walk away like we do every time with our AHL team.
  3. Luke back in action doing Hughes things.
  4. New season incoming and once again Utica has better jerseys than us.
  5. I was doing a fun little project about how things might have turned out had the Devil's taken Makar instead of Nico at 1. Might post it up at some point.
  6. Found an season preview article on the PG Cougars published a few days ago that lists Brennan as a key returning player. https://whl.ca/article/2022-23-season-preview-prince-george-cougars So looks like that settles that. His performance was good in the prospect challenge, so maybe we see him come to main training camp.
  7. I don't think so. He has done 4 seasons already. He isn't listed anywhere. Could be that he ends up in the ECHL.
  8. Here is a rundown of where our prospects are playing this year excluding those in Utica: Czechia- Extralig: Petr Hauser- Sparta Prague Jaromir Pytlik- Kladno Sweden -Allsvenskan: Nikola Pasic- Sodertalje OHL: Chase Stillman- Peterborough Pete's Will be interesting to see if he stays there the whole season. The trade last year did not play out well for him. If the Pete's are looking uncompetitive he could be moved again this year. WHL: Josh Filmon- Swift Current Broncos Finland- Liiga: Jakub Malek- Ilves Topias Vilen- Pelicans Devils did not retain Etu Pakilla from last season but he will be on the same team as Malek. Russia- KHL: Zakhar Bardakov- SKA SKA off to an incredible start this year and are undefeated. Arseni Gritsyuk- Avangard Omsk Avangard are off to a terrible start this year with only one win. Shakir Mukhamadullin- Salavat Ufa Potentially could be paired up with former Devil Ryan Murphy who had one game in 2018. Legacy. Yegor Zaitsev- Dynamo Moscow Daniil Misyul- Locomotive Yasoslav MHL: Artyom Barabosha- KA Moscow Daniel Orlov- MHK Krylia As this thread already attest to , we are lucky to have an expert in our midsts with Guadana. NCAA: Seamus Casey- U of Michigan Luke Hughes - U of Michigan Ethan Edwards- U of Michigan At least it's going to be easy to keep track of these three this year. Samu Salminen - U of Connecticut Was originally slated for Denver but there were some "admission issues" which is a shame. Didn't make much of UConn last year watching Shlaine. Although the found consistency down the stretch. Speaking of which. Artem Shlaine- Northern Michigan U He hit the transfer portal and has an opportunity to start afresh. Viktor Hurtig- Michigan State Will be nice to be able to keep track of him easier this season. Patrick Moynihan- Providence Playing his senior year, he really found a grove last year and was an important player for PC. Case McCarthy- BU He really progressed last year. He isn't the biggest player, but he is solid and plays both ends of the ice well. Charlie Leddy- BC Always fun to see how players from the USNTDP get on when taking the step into the NCAA. Cole Brady- U of Massachusetts Another transfer for this year. He spent last year with the Arizona Sun Devils and basically put up terrible numbers all round. Surprising that UMass have brought him in, but they must see something in him. Might fair better behind a stronger team. Will be doing my best to follow the players this year (leaving the KHL and MHL to Guadana, clearly got it all covered), but the job and family life making it more tricky.
  9. Good start for Malek as he takes a step up in competition this year. He had a dominant year last year, so let's hope that carries over into this year.
  10. Most of them were, San Jose with Golden Seals stylisation was interesting, Whinnie the Pooh coming back for Boston and the Fisherman for the Islanders are a few of the more interesting ones. The t shirt colour must reflect the main jersey colour. So it's going to be white.
  11. Someone got a higher resolution nscreen grab on Reddit. That looks as if it could be a blue outline to my eyes. Link to all the screen grabs for the T-shirts seen so far: https://t.co/OhvvEAexp7
  12. Yeah he sounds decent. Will take some time to get used to but this could have gone horribly wrong and intial impressions are good.
  13. There are still moves to be made I believe, with players like Kadri still on the market and teams needing to clear some cap space I think there is business to be done. My provisional grade is a C+.
  14. I guess wheeler is basing it more on who is a gamebraker, and that is probably Hughes. I would say they are pretty equal. Both have some deficiencies to their game. I guess whoever figures those out first wins. Hughes dynamic offense is always going to stand out though.
  15. Been a while since we have heard anything on this. The white black and red looks better, but awful logo.
  16. In situations like this all I hope for is that claims are taken seriously and handled with sensitivity. Far too often that's not what happens, once the legal system has chewed people up it spits them out to deal with the consequences , especially in trials with public interest.
  17. This place man. fvcking hell. It's like reading a mental patients diary at times, absolutely all over the place. You have to go back to the topic title to even work out what you are supposed to be reading about.
  18. Yeah I thought he would be looking for more term.
  19. Player I have always liked, thought he would have been a good fit here.
  20. Im not trading Nemec , so if is taken out I am more comfortable.
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