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  1. Just hope we are either playoff worthy or sh!t enough to draft Luke.
  2. This is great I started watching the first period 8pm UK time. I can now get up at 6am UK time and watch the last two. If only more games were like this.
  3. We have better players now for sure. To me he was just one of those guys who personified what being a Devil is all about. He was one of our own. One of those guys who never mailed it in, didn't take a shift off.
  4. That's pretty shocking. Loved Rico, but just doesn't feel like there is a place here.
  5. Gave me chills. Really happy it's gone to Nico. Still surprised it never found its way to Travis.
  6. Just here to say, I love this team this year. They are faaaar from perfect. But there are so many exciting players to watch you just always feel something is about to happen. I mean a few years ago you wouldn't have got a move like Pav's or Jack's pass to Palms in a whole seasons worth of highlights. Now we are getting them in the same game. First time in a long time I feel optimistic.
  7. In terms of Draft picks this year's draft is meant to be weak, combined imwithtbhe fact that scouting has taken a hit , so if he does flip Palms for draft picks you are looking at trying to get a return in 2022.
  8. Thanks, hoping it doesn't have any long term effects. Over here in the PL Chelsea midfielder Kia Havertz caught COVID , and was similarly unwell like Jack and he really struggled when he came back. I know Jack said about needing to get back to feeling good and sorting his nutrition. Really hope it hasn't broken his flow.
  9. How was Jack's play last night? I couldn't watch last night (typical) and he didn't feature much in any of the highlights. From the sounds of it he had Covid the worst out of the group that came back last night. Was he still playing at speed or did he look a bit off?
  10. Holtz scored the game winner as Djurgarden came from 3-2 down in the third to win 4-3. Glad I could break his curse by pointing out he hadn't scored.
  11. Been working my way through the top 250 movies on IMDB. That has been a really excellent way to find movies I probably would have never watched if it hadn't been for the list.
  12. No points for Holtz in 6 games. The WJC really broke his flow.
  13. Indeed , that's what I was implying. Maybe that will start to change now.
  14. All the guys and their families being ok is all that matters at this stage. It was inevitable this was going to happen. Interesting that the Northern Division is now the only one not to have had to miss any games.
  15. Is Nico the #1 center anymore? .......
  16. I was watching and when Goose came out instead of Jack I was a bit cross as you want to get one on the board. But it didn't matter and I calmed down for a second. I was thinking "ah well hopefully save him for thirds and take it a couple shots further" Then 5 for 27 Kyle Palmieri skates out. Shot lost. Why not use Jack? WHY!!!
  17. How long has PK got left on his contract? I really like the guy as person, but he is just terrible at this point. I watched the condensed game highlights, which is 9 minutes long and I sweater he was on his ass for a 1/3 of the highlights. And it's not like he is doing anything at the other end of the ice either to make up for it. Palms also looks lost at times. As always with him though , you don't know if he is about to go on a crazy run before falling off a cliff again. Still been really impressed by Zacha. Still haven't given up hope that he is a late bloomer and can
  18. Not to keep going in about Hall, but currently at 6 points in 3gp.
  19. 100% , if you could start working on the 2021 draft now please , then we can send this thread and your suggestions to Fitz and the Devil's scouting team and make sure we get some quality going forward.
  20. Miles wood can make you hate him and love him in the span of 4 seconds.
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