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  1. There are ways to do that and get assets back. Cap space is still so valuable.
  2. WHY?! Why is there always some stupid a$$hole willing to bail this team out?
  3. The main thing is that it's not this years pick. And Fitz I am sure will emphasise that the 2025 pick needs to be as close to being a second round d pick as possible. If Calgary have retained salary then even better. Given our recent history with this position I am in no way going to get excited about this acquisition.
  4. Novo days Bahl. I guess with what's in the pipeline he is expendable.
  5. If Fitz has somehow managed to hang onto a first this year that would be great.
  6. Given the short turn around it makes sense to go with something non descript before actually settling on a long term name. Would have been cool to go with the blue as the primary colour rather than the black. Hopefully they can do something more interesting with that in the long term. It's a placeholder at the end of the day.
  7. Anyone else feel like this is the longest post season ever?
  8. The Panthers need to get this done , because I don't trust either team in the West to take out the Rags.
  9. The leafs playoff failures make me a bit sceptical , but they have been dominant in the regular season.
  10. This tournament means waaaaay more to the European players from smaller nations than it does to those from NA. See the celebrations after a loss to Canada by the Austrian fans. These guys want to play.
  11. I think that as a fanbase there is still a legacy of us being used to your goaltender being able to play 70+ games in the regular season. Anything less is seen as a failure. Especially since the guy that used to do it mostly ate pizza.
  12. The fact that two NHL GM's saw our coaching performance over the course of this year and said " oooo yeah, we want to get in on that" is staggering.
  13. What do people like. My top 4 1) Mammoth 2) Blizzard 3) Outlaws 4)Yetis
  14. Always got to look for the positives.
  15. I very much hope Jack is ready for the first game of the season as I will be paying the best part of £2000 to see the game.
  16. Doubled his points total from last season. 6ft 1 , 195lbs so he has got the frame. Maybe a similar sort of project to Halonen? Maybe he makes the bottom 6 one day, worth a shot.
  17. We have managed to gather together some of the NHL's most gifted attacking players and all of a sudden there is a drive for defense and toughness? Every coach will argue they bring accountability and will implement it in their own way. What this team needs is a proper system and to be coached properly.
  18. All that fighting did us the world of good.
  19. The thing that makes this worse is that the teams around them have been wildly inconsistent as well. The opportunity to grab the season by the scruff of the neck and put a run together was there, and the team just haven't looked interested.
  20. This team does not deserve to make the playoffs.
  21. Hmm not really, you are familiar with our goaltending before the deadline right? 🤣
  22. No looser points in site for the Islanders today!! Keeping ourselves alive , just barely. This makes losing to the Sens even more bloody annoying though.
  23. Almost 15%!!!! Let's get it to 16% baby! Wooooo.
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