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  1. There is no way you trade this pick for any goalie that is likely going to be available. That would be the worst outcome.
  2. Quite a few draft lists have Cooley at second. Seems like a player who's profile is similar to what we already have on the roster. On the small side, good skater and play maker with a good shot. Given he is a center as well it would seem like we don't have much of a need. But do you just take BPA.
  3. Yeah Fitz said there is a language barrier to contend with. One of the reason they wanted him over ASAP was to start working on that before the start of next season.
  4. Fitz said in the end of season interview that initially he would just be watching and depending on how the comets got on might see a game. I read that as "if they get through to a best of 7 we might see him in a game or two". This series is not one to chuck him into.
  5. A lot of people aren't sure he is the best player in the draft now. The consensus seems to be he is the safest pick.
  6. Holtz and Zetts having some fun. Zetterlund looks like Patrik Laine if you ordered him from wish.
  7. This can happen but only if the resulting player drafted is absolutely terrible. Which shouldn't be a problem with the flyers recent record.
  8. That was a fun read. Still don't get why everyone seemingly bent over backwards to facilitate the Canucks drafting the Sedin Twins.
  9. Draft lottery is tonight!! Lets see what the balls hold for the Devil's. In terms of prospects there are so good players to watch at the world's.
  10. Geating some practice in for when he retires.
  11. Ah Lou. Some things never change.
  12. Really!!! If I am Fitz I am making that call.
  13. My only concern on Fiala would be if he could produce at the current level not playing with Kaprizov. But as others have pointed out his pace the season before Kaprizov joined the was similar. I have become more skeptical about trading this pick over the last couple of Months. Bearing in mind a lot of the scouting for this draft will have been done peak COVID now things are getting back to normal it seems scouts have had a chance of a better look and certainly the top of this draft may actually be pretty decent. Still think you have to listen to all offers.
  14. Noticed that one of the Refs in the playoffs was called Francois St Lauren. I imagine it's a common name , but worth a shot? Could be a relative?
  15. Comets got a bye in the first round so haven't played a minute of playoff hockey yet. They will now face the Rochester Americans in the second round. Rochester won't be an easy team to beat. They have Peterka, Jack Quinn and Ruotsalainen. There are a couple of former Devils involved including Mark Jankowski and Aaron "can't even be bothered to remove my hoody for my headshot" Dell. Tom Fitzgerald's son is also back down with Rochester, he has had 1 goal and 2 assists so far in 2 playoff games. Going to be a tough series.
  16. Yeah I really enjoyed it. There is a lot to see and do. They have some crazy restaurants and bars. We went to one place where all the food was brought to you on the back of model trains and a cocktail bar where you sit on beds and get table service. Literally forgot how to stand up after a couple of hours in there. There is also plenty of culture and open spaces. I would 100% go again.
  17. I think what really happened was that package was delivered to you in perfect condition. You thought it was a new puck. And when you realised it was a return the package suffered the consequences.
  18. I wish he would talk to the press more often. Think this interview was really telling in terms of what we can expect this summer. He seems incredibly low on Zacha, just his tone when he was speaking about him says to me there is little chance he is back with us. Also get the feeling Fitz sees Bernier's career as done. If they are not sure he is making October now that will be nearly a year out of the game. He is 34 in the summer, I just can't see a way back at all. Which is really sad for him. Also cool that Mukhamadullin is coming over now and may get game time for the Comets this season.
  19. Haha yeah apparently not. It seems it's everyone's fault except the guy in charge.
  20. I plan on going back and reading my own posts, bore myself to sleep.
  21. Ouch, yeah that is embarrassing. Working in central London I have seen plenty of celebs on the day to day. I have never approached any of them because I am worried it will play out like it did above. Also when the NHL came to Prague I went across with my friends. We are walking down the street and I saw this giant man walking towards us. It took a few seconds to click that it was Chara, he looked at me I looked at him, he was expecting me to ask for something and sort of awkwardly paused in his stride and I just stared back and then kept walking with my friends who had no idea who he was (me being the only person who was there for the hockey). Later on in the trip we stumbled across the Bruins hotel and my friend dragged me over to the area some of the players were standing to say hi. The end result was I got a guidebook to Prague signed by NHL legend Dennis Seidenberg , rather than Zedeno Chara.
  22. I mean it could have gone worse, he could have palmed two halves of the sub either side of your face, called you a twat sandwich and told you to fvck off. I would take it as a win.
  23. Haha, It's true though. How does that play against the Leafs where he just stopped skating and left a man completely open get counted? It will still go down as one shot on goal. Something needs to factor in catastrophic errors.
  24. No I hear that , my job has become a lot more data heavy over the last three years and I feel the same. And like Homer Simpson said statistics The thing I find amusing is the fact that people are so anti analytics for no real reason. But that is just society these days I guess. You can just be neutral towards anything.
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