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  1. Im kinda Glad we took a beating like this at this point of the season. We were lucky with a few of the wins we picked up this season. Now they realise what they are doing isnt good enough. Time for a change in attitude. (Still wish we had enough cap room to bring in an experienced D man)
  2. WOW What happend???? I wasnt expecting this at all! Martin at -4
  3. Go bergfors!!! Is there any tv or radio coverage online for AHL games??
  4. Well gomer and gio got goals but still nothing from patty!!! Not even in the shoot out
  5. GIOOOOOOO!!!!! Hell yeah 6-50 Still need patty to score !!
  6. GOMER !!!!! Come on patty, (or anybody else) One big play!!
  7. Now now lets not get gready. We need to win this game to make it 2 in a row!!!!
  8. Oh great a short handed goal!!! What is going on tonight!!!
  9. Arnott was always going to score Oh well Gionta 5-50 I said we needed some goals from him tonight.
  10. GO DEVS Im hoping for Elias to step up tonight with a few quality goals along with Gomer and Gio.
  11. Well i want someone to keep so i will take Dan LaCouture Also does anyone have a claim for nick bergfors??? if not can i have him 2
  12. GOAL LANGS !!! 2-1 Great definsive play by Zach P just before the goal.
  13. I dont have a rewind button!!! Just from the first angle it looks like a cheep goal. Now someone needs to take malakin out with a big check and show him the NHL isnt going to be easy!!
  14. Nice job pando!!!! I tried shutting it down , just not working. Norton sucks !!!!
  15. I did something with my virus protection and now TVU wont work!!! so i cant see the game!!!! How was the first period?
  16. Hope Elias gets on the sheet tonight!! GO DEVS (i need sleep)
  17. Hell yeah !!! 3-2 I hate the Flyers!!!
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