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  1. Someone needa to Photoshop Miles and Amanda's faces onto that picture.
  2. I get that if all three of them said exactly the same thing it wouldn't be much of an article. But at the same time some of those picks are ridiculous. Amanda picking Miles Wood as the most underrated player? He's not going to sleep with you Amanda.
  3. She has been grating on me more this year as the season has gone on. But my tolerance for anything associated with the organisation has greatly decreased. I guess she spends a lot of time around the team so she will be close to them all. But it's a bit cringe at times.
  4. If anyone would like to see some stupid answers from the people the Devil's pay to know about hockey then check this link out. Mind boggling.
  5. My prediction is that they hire Dineen and Brylin as assistans to Lindy. Lindy gets 20 games through next season and if results aren't what they should be Ruff gets the can and Dineen takes over.
  6. I guess some of Lou's old mantra remains "If you have time , you use it".
  7. How about if he could put up a 0.932 save percentage?
  8. At this stage I would give him a shot
  9. I don't think we can. We will have too many players who are going to need a raise soon and you just don't want that money committed to someone who as you say has been on a downward trend. Formed Devil Eric Comrie is UFA from Winnipeg. He had a 0.921 save percentage across 19 games this season. He is only 26 and his current salary is $750k. If Fitz wants to see how Blackwood and Berneir are then that is the sort of move you can make and let all three of them battle it out for the starters job through pre season. Give Daws and Schmid a whole season.
  10. I am a fan of this move on paper, this is a big step up in terms of level of competition, just hope he gets as much playing time. His numbers this year were solid.
  11. They might not have a choice , they already have $6 million AAV committed to Binnington for the next 6 years. That is going to be an incredibly difficult contract to move, and they can't have two goaltenders taking up $12 million a year. It's going to take a team like Arizona doing them a favour taking on that contract.
  12. Agreed, but you don't want those guys eating up significant minutes in games. Zetterlund could be a guy who can play both ends and play physical going forward, also Gritsyuk is a guy who doesn't shy away from a puck battle. Need some of those Coleman types to play hard minutes but chip in at both ends. The Athletic had an interesting peice on "Heavy Hockey" and the playoffs and how size and they style of playoff hockey currently means that smaller players production suffers in the post season. They pointed at Gaudreau and Marner as players who have struggled after regular season hockey had finished. So will be interesting to see how they get on this year.
  13. Fun start to the playoffs for sure. For me this does raise the question that if we made the playoffs with the team constructed as we are, how does our team handle these physical battles? Because Jack and Bratt are the sort of players not really built for playoff hockey.
  14. Would it be crazy of Ruff stayed on as an assistant coach or development coach or something under another head coach? Could that happen?
  15. The coaching staff are getting good reviews. But it's all from the young guys. Have to wonder if they just like what they know and are being kind, or are a bit naive to the game.
  16. Most likely 6th overall. Still not a fan of the fact you are actually more likely to finish one place worse off that where you finish.
  17. Yeah went with the same. The stretch Jack was in the team was the time I actually enjoyed watching. But Bratt after his initial slow start dragged this sorry team through the year with Nico joining him to keep things competitive some nights. My 1st, 2nd , 3rd is Bratt, Jack and Nico.
  18. The Devil's also return a quarter of Utica's regular season roster.
  19. Looks like Chase is going Pro. Surprising after an underwhelming year, but he has got a shot so let's see wh as t he can do.
  20. Apparently you can edit the poll.
  21. Yzerman not fvcking around. I thought Detroit overachieved if anything this year.
  22. Probably should have included Siegenthaler in the pleasant surprise category as well. And Maybe Bastian.
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