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  1. Exelbys hits were amazing and brutal, and I think as teams work out a better system and get more accustomed to the new rules we will see more hitting, Which can only be a good thing
  2. Dam it gotta leave, but before i go: )))).:.:.GO DEVS.:.:.(((( )))).:.:.GO ZACH.:.:.((((
  3. after the games against the rags and the canes i am quite content to see the devils 2-0 up in the first even if there's not much going on, much better than 3 goals down after 5 minutes
  5. Im glad the team finally realised that the play at the moment isnt good enough, shame it took being trashed by the rag$ and the canes for them to finnaly see it. But to be honnest im glad this is happening now at the start of the season rather than half way through it when the damage would be to late to repair. As for trading Brodeur, YOU GOTTA BE CRAZY !!!!! why make an already bad situation worse
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