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  1. Two Devils prospects in one play. Smooth.
  2. Thanks, seems the website is blocked in the UK.
  3. So there are actually none left, and there aren't going to be anymore? At all?
  4. He is 33, 13 points in 35 games and a $5 million cap hit (Although his contract is up in the summer). Don't think he addresses out immediate needs. Also Not good reading.
  5. Honestly how the fvck have we ended up with two players involed in this on our team!!?
  6. That to me reads that they have the second charge to cover bases because he could have been the one who was involved in a consensual act to begin with, but then facilitated or observed SA by others.
  7. I understand, I also haven't given up hope, there is so much parity in the NHL these days that it's an effort to be out of the race to the playoffs. An asset is an asset though. If you can move pieces for assets you could lose/don't intend to keep then you have to do it. Even if it's picks. With the contract thst are going to be needed for Hughes and Nemec in the future we need as many picks as we can get that could turn into low value, team controlled players.
  8. Big, turn around for the second half of the season. Nice to have some positive news related to the organisation.
  9. This team has been so unlucky with injuries this year that I don't think you can level that much blame at Fitz. It was always going to be a shaky season just with the volume of changes in our own end. At the end of the day you have to respond to the situation you are in, and if you are in a position where you can get assets and make the team better you have to do it. I would be more upset if Fitz just did nothing rather than respond to the circumstances.
  10. Our ECHL affiliate Adirondack are doing a Devils night. The logo is amazing. Cool looking jerseys.
  11. Don't think even Jack has pulled of this in a game. Skills.
  12. The Islanders ones looks like they just ran out of ideas. At least the Rangers one there was an attempt to include something from the teams current setup in a new way. They tried a subtle version of youthful urban marketing for last years release. But yeah they have committed to it this year. Given the move for the All Star game branding it seems like a coordinated effort.
  13. Nah, I just really think Sam Woo is full of sh!t and wanted to make that clear. LOL WTF happened there?!?
  14. Mr Woo once again proving that he is all for the clicks and mostly full of sh!t.
  15. Ours are the best , then the Flyers and then a great big gap back to the Rags and then a similar size gap to the Isles. The NHL has to be one of the most poorly marketed leagues in the world. Its like they are literally adverse to making money or gaining exposure.
  16. Watch the stadium series jerseys get released tomorrow to act as another distraction.
  17. I read it and thought the same. The "TomFather" doesn't even work, sounds stupid.
  18. Good reading of the play and then a nice bit of sauce from Gritsyuk.
  19. Palat is looking to be an issue in the not too distance future. That's not going to be easy to move if the team needs to. Such high hopes for him.
  20. We don't have many parts we could/would want to move at the deadline , but one of the few players we could let go it Toffoli. Now obviously if we are well within the mix for a playoff spot I don't see us making a move, but if we are looking to be out of the race its something I feel we should look at. He has had a very up and down year so far, but could be a good addition to a team looking for depth. Given he is UFA teams don't need to make a long term commit and his salary is not horrible. If we don't trade him, based on his performances this season do you Tey and keep him on the summer? I would imagine he would want a raise and probably decent term, so do we want to commit to that going forward? So what would you do?
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