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  1. So I did this at what I thought was the halfway point, but it was actually a quarter of the way through the season. You can see the previous results here:
  2. Give Holtz a full pre season and some time with Jack or Nico and we can see what he can do.
  3. Craig Button said that his comparable in the NHL is Patrice Bergeron. I really don't know what to make of that. I mean if someone said you could draft a player who could reach prime Bergeron levels you would take it. But considering Nico is offer compared to Bergeron makes it an odd choice. I have been watching the U18 WJC really like what I have seen from Logan Cooley and Frank Nazar. Those two and Slafkovsky are really intriguing.
  4. Foote hasnt looked this good for Utica. So it's a bit of a surprise.
  5. Daws for the first 4 , Schmid for the following 3. It's now 7-0.
  6. Need to get most of this team back down to Utica. They are getting lit up 6-0 after 22 minutes .
  7. Rough night for the Comets. Getting taken apart 5-0 and the second period has only just started. Make that 6.
  8. Zetterlund is giving management something to think about for next year in his stint.
  9. I feel like these were bits that were considered or developed in the Jersey Jersey design that didn't make the cut.
  10. What pisses me off is that I can't wait for this season to end , and the second it does I will miss it and be desperate for any news or action, in the hope that we are on the up. It's been like this every fvcking year for a decade. But it feels like
  11. Depends what moves we make this summer. But it doesn't feel like it. I have more confidence we will be in the Bedard Michkov sweeps that looking at a playoff spot.
  12. Points per game Holtz is better than Petreka and Pelletier. Quinn was ridiculous when he was down there so that seems fair.
  13. There is a really good rivalry brewing between the Sharks and the Knights.
  14. Holtz somehow misses out on the AHL rookie team of the year. Grade A Bullsh!t!!!!
  15. Means he will miss Utica's last two I would imagine. But why the hell not. Give him some confidence going back to Utica for the playoffs.
  16. Posted this in the regular season thread as well. Found it. Meh, doesn't say anything really. Speculation. But if it is 50/50 I really don't kno what you would have to do.
  17. 50/50? Was hoping it was basically in the balance if they would all make it to Friday.
  18. Looks like the doping issue had no bearing in the end.
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