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  1. Really? Did you guys read the full story? Because if so that seems like a very harsh take on something that was a genuin mistake which he went to great lengths to prove.
  2. He has been on two absolutely god awful teams this season. There were rumours he was supposed to be traded to a contender in a three way deal, but the whole thing got messed up and he ended up staying with the Pats. I haven't watched a full game of his this season, but he has shown some real glimpses of talent, and as you say his work ethic is incredible. Not willing to write him off this early. He just seems to have had a really stop start , unsettled year, he had two injuries that kept him out, then the trade which slowed him down, then the suspension for the hit.
  3. That's the list of D-men filtered by points and their current contracts. The further down the list it certainly becomes obvious the Damon is good value in the context of that list.
  4. At this stage I do not get how the NHL can persist with Arizona. Is someone laundering money through that team or something? The FBI need to check the ownership documents to make sure the teams not owned by Skyler White.
  5. Watched Damon Seversons post game yesterday, he was talking about career highs and how it didn't really mean anything as the team was not competitive again. I haven't been tracking his numbers at all but was actually surprised to see how well he had done , at least at one end of the ice. Points wise he is close to being inside the top 20 in the league. He has outscored players like Heiskanen. Got me questioning if he is a player we should be looking to retain long term and keep as part of the core.
  6. Another season in the KHL wouldn't do him any harm , he had very limited minutes this season. Would prefer a 1 year contract.
  7. Don't forget "Young NHL player scoring his first NHL goal". Knew Beniers was going to pot one against us. Just 7 more games.
  8. This is Devils related hockey in 2022. Nothing about this can be fun.
  9. Eventually he is going to end up doing someone some serious damage.
  10. The Flyers record drafting players over the last 10 years has been pretty awful. 2015 was the last time you would say they had a successful draft (Obviously not passing judgment on the most recent draft). We have posters who are unsatisfied we drafted Nico, imagine being the flyers with Patrick (I regularly give thanks that they didn't draft Makar second). They had two first round selections in 2018 and 2017 and then one First and three second round picks in 2016. And they had 27 picks across those three drafts as well. They seemed to commit to a rebuild and then all of a sudden pull out of it. Looking at their cup checklist they don't have anyone on their team at any position that is playing at or projects to be at an elite level. The Devil's have nearly all of their key players at that top end.
  11. Had a very good showing in goal for the USA at the recent Olympics. He is a bit of an oddball apparently, but he is a goaltender so that goes with the territory. Again generously listed as 6ft tall. So probably why he hasn't found a home in North America.
  12. That's strategic, he is resting his wrists for the post season.
  13. Through the course of his career Phil Kessel has saved himself an absolute fvcking fortune there.
  14. The most relevant parts of the article. Lebrun is just throwing names out as seeing if anything sticks to be honest. The Devil's actually have a dilemma in the fact that we have a lot of Goalies in the system. It's just that the majority of them are such an uncertainty you wouldn't want to bet on any of them being a solution long term. I think both Schmid and Daws deserve another season in Utica. So if you go for Mckay where does he fit in? I only see is being able to do something if Bernier is done or Blackwood is ok the move.
  15. Every time I look at that McLeod pick I think "that was not a good selection" and then I think, "well we took Jeper Bratt in the 6th round, And if you swap those two around that's not a bad draft return." But after a while I think "yeah but we could have selected Charlie MacAvoy or Jakob Chychurn AND still had Bratt." ALL in all the first round in 2016 was a mess.
  16. Yeah that's a fair point. Not sure on his usage but he is getting a lot of time on the power play, on average 4 minutes a game this season. Nico is at 2 minutes 45 seconds a game.
  17. He is a centre, he had 12 points on 42 games this season. Looks like a depth AHL signing at best.
  18. One thing to note when you are looking at Nico compared to others taken in 2017 is that he has done the majority of his scoring 5v5. 76% of Nico's points have come at even strength. Only Robert Thomas can best that from the 2017 class with a rather crazy 80%. 58% of Makars points have been at ES. Pettersson is at 62% and Heiskanen around 70%. We all know how terrible the Devil's power play has been since Nico came in to the league (24th in the league combined sine 2017), and this will have affected his overall numbers.
  19. Utica have officially clinched a spot in the playoffs after Belleville lost last night.
  20. I see someone is becoming a little piechart curious! Careful, once you've put your bar chart in stack you can never go back. These chart puns doing anything for ya? Anyhoooo, Kakko has just come back after missing 31 games. So that probably isn't a fair comparison, but I am all for him being terrible and for rangers fans to be made to look foolish.
  21. Players had to be sent down by a certain date in march and be on the AHL roster to be eligible for the AHL playoffs. As far as I am aware the Devil's didn't do that.
  22. Another tough loss for Utica tonight, falling 5-3 to the Rockets. They took an early 3-1 lead, before finishing the 1st tied at 3-3. Nate Schnarr, who was the player we dealt to acquire part time human statue part time NHL goaltender Andrew Hammond, got 2 assists to see off his old team. The positives? Holtz had a two point night. Goal and an assist. Again it's probably not related but his Mrs is now in California.... Anyway, the call ups are really hurting Utica. Such a shame.
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