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  1. Devils @ Carolina Game 2 ECSF, 7:30 PM ET, OLN/TSN, WFAN

    Considering where we were right after the trading deadline this run has been great. I admit I was very down on the team when Lou didn't get any offensive help and I talked trash about Lou and staff, but I give him his credit for the turnarround. I kept my mouth shut when the team was on the 15 game winning streak cause i didn;t wanted to jynx the team. If we are to come from behind against the Canes, we can only do it with strong D and physical play....and nothing else. But that would be ebough if we lost this game 4-0 or so.... At this moment, the only recipe for success is: If Lou can erase the last 17 seconds of the regulation from the players brains, we will tie the series in the swamp.
  2. Devils @ Carolina Game 2 ECSF, 7:30 PM ET, OLN/TSN, WFAN

    I'll bet you... What is the line ?
  3. Devils MVP?

    Voted for Marty... Same reasoning as El Diablo's
  4. Curious

    Being a 6th seed scares me a lot. We were 6ht seed in 2002 and in 2004 ... our latest two early exits. And guess what ... its 2006 ... will it be third is a charm or ... Also since we didn't beat Rags in playoffs yet, playing them as a 6th seed this year scares me even more. Why they couldn't make a playoffs as a 8th seed when we were in our prime in 2001? So we could've easily get that monkey of our backs..... I would rather be 7th seed and play Senators or Huricanes then Rags. And of course playing Buffalo as a fifth seed would be even better.
  5. Game Thread: Devils vs Senators

    I thought Marty is alone on the 4th place all time. Before this win he was tied with Jacques Plante
  6. GDT: Devils vs. Boston, 3/24, 7:30 PM

    I really don't get this ?!? Klee is playing and Lukowich is a scratch ?
  7. First Malakov and McGillis

    Lets see how many goals and points Kozzy has when playing with Elias.... I guess playing half of the season with scoring powers Jansen and Rassmussen do wonders with your stats
  8. Devils look for more offense (EGG Breaks!)

    Wow Lou made this decision ?!? It was about time that he admits his mistakes (playing 3 checking lines). These lines could work but I think in order to produce more, he will have to break up the Madden Line (add Brylin to it) and put Langs on the first or second line. The midgets might get pushed around, so addition of Langs could give them some strenght.(Although Gio never fails to amaze me with his hits) Maybe Gomer Langs Gio and Elias Kozlov Parise will do some damage. The danger of midgets get pushed around is especially high tonight when we play the bullies
  9. If Lou wasn't the coach

    There is no point to fire the coach now. Lou should've fired himself during the Olympic break in order to fully concentrate on the trading deadline. Looking at his performance ... too bad he didn't do it.... Now it is too late... Maybe Jacques Lemiere could pull better performance with team like ours, but he is not available, so ...... Lets just finish this season and make some serious changes during the summer.
  10. Ken Daneyko Night 3/24

    Hopefully our skaters will be inspired and we'll beat Boston. Maybe we will even score on PP
  11. OGT: Senators @ DEVILS

    So true... so ture... I was yelling and arguing and yelling again on this board before the trade deadline, but Lou couldn't hear me... Now it is too late my friend..
  12. What can be done to fix the second line?

    Yep ... Lets put together an all American team. We are only about 7-8 players short.... who needs foreigners We don't need ovs, czechs, and god forbid Fins or Swedes. Who cares that they are Olympic champs, who cares Fins are runners up..... since they don't drink they are no fit to Lou's team... Can we at least keep few Canadiens please ? I'm just afraid that this "American Born" Devils team might end up at the playoffs, as our American team did on the olympics.... first round exit..
  13. OGT: Penguins @ DEVILS 3/16/06

    Well, W is a W but..... Good thing is that after awfull 1st we came back and played better. Pens have nothing to lose so they played relaxed and we overcame the mini-slump... Lukowich found his place, while Klee still looked clueless. I don't see how Parise played well ? 13 minutes on ice, no shot on goal and his line had total of one shot (Marshall). This line, except for the several good hits, was pretty much invisible ... Zero offense.. Kozlov scratch was suprise... let see how that works on Sunday against Otawa... We were lucky this didn't go to Shootouts since Kozzy was out, Patty didn't look good on both breakaways he had and probably only Gio would score... And Marty rebounded nicely and saved the day.. That chance about two minutes to go could easily tie the game.... To summarize... it doesn't look good when you score only 2 goals against Pens D (I don't know if such a thing as Pens D even exists). PP was empty ....AGAIN.... and overall the team is still in bad shape ... On the other side our D rebounded from the "After Trade deadline" slump and Marty finally reached his milestone... I missed Chicco yesterday
  14. OGT: Penguins @ DEVILS 3/16/06

    will be there.. Hopefully Marty stays on the net for full 60 minutes
  15. OGT:Islanders @ Devils 3/14/06

    Just for the record. Lukowich -5, Klee -2 so far for the Devils. reminder for Lou: HALE + 4