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  1. 2 hours ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    You can always try eBay…I’ve bought some of my GWs from there.

    How much are you looking for?

    Not really sure as I am having a tough time tracking down any Blake Coleman game-worns aside from his Tampa Cup jerseys which are going for a lot. Cursory search of Devils jerseys out there shows a bunch of obscure players on eBay like the Pelley's, Warsofsky's, etc. going for like $200-300 whereas I obviously read how much some of our warmup jerseys were going for on auction on here for the more popular stalwarts. 

    I guess it's something where I could just put it on eBay and set a minimum, see what happens? Dunno!

    It's not something I need to move with any urgency so just kind of exploring what I could get for it. 

  2. Hi guys,

    Haven't posted here (NJDevs) in a hot second... Apologies for cluelessness of this post but I was working on doing my own research when I remembered there was a pretty active game worn collectors group on this forum. I was curious as to where the best place to sell a game worn jersey is -- or even if anyone here would be interested in this. I was fortunate enough to get the "jerseys off our back" jersey from Blake Coleman from the last time we were happy as Devils fans, draft lotteries aside: fan appreciation night when they beat the Leafs to clinch a playoff spot. Should be pretty easy to photo match the authenticity of it since I have a selfie on the ice with himself and me... lol. 

    My question is what is the best way to go about determining a solid value on this item and where is the best place to sell it? I have just had it hanging up in my closet ever since basically untouched since obtaining it. Always planned on maybe framing it or something but then we traded him and... yeah, I dunno. I like Coleman but I don't think I care enough to frame and hang it. 

    Thanks in advance for any feedback everyone.

  3. Just now, Jimmy Leeds said:

    Yes, MFITZ, I'm well known for doing that, SMH.  And I never called you an a$$hole SM, just asked why that attack douchey response. I know someone with an inside to the Caps organization. I've mentioned it before and that's what I was told. I don't give a crap what either of you think.   If I don't like or believe a post, I'm sure not trying to make them look like a fool. 

    Oh well sorry I don't have an encyclopedic knowledge of your NHL contacts. I wasn't trying to make you look like a fool. If you would have initially replied with "I've been told by sources I know within the Caps org. that he never wanted to be here / liked it here" then I probably wouldn't have replied with what I did. You responded to me just by saying "He never wanted to be here. He never would have signed here." So am I just supposed to respond "Oh okay, disregard all my prior statements on the trade. fvck mojo." Like come on man.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Jimmy Leeds said:

    I was told by someone tight with the Caps. But I'm not here to impress you, I couldn't give a sh*t

    I'm not asking you to impress me, but maybe get less upset when people challenge statements that are made without proof or sources. This is the internet, people aren't going to take sh!t at face value.

    I'm not "trying to show my vastly superior self." I've been on the board since 2005 and average like less than a post per week. Nobody here knows who I am, the fvck would I have to gain by trying to prove I'm smart or something? Just trying to talk about the trade dude.

    but someone tight with the Caps told you he didn't want to be here... got it. good riddance then. sure.

  5. 1 minute ago, mfitz804 said:

    People do that on this board all the time and it drives me nuts. they just say things like they are facts and if enough people repeat it, it becomes the truth. 

    To your point, we don't know what conversations Ray may have had with his agent about re-signing. It could have been zero, or it could have been significant. But you're right, there's no way to know. 

    but I'm the a$$hole and trying to "show my vastly superior self" by challenging a statement that is made with zero proof or sources. oh well.

  6. Just now, Jimmy Leeds said:

    Lol, I do know for a fact he didn't want/prefer to be here. I do not know 100% if he would have re-signed, but either way, stop trying to show your vast self imagined superiority

    Whatever, yes, I am trying to show my superiority over a message board. Very intelligent thing to write.

    Guess I'll just take your anonymous word for it with no sources or proof that he obviously didn't want to be here.

  7. Just now, Jimmy Leeds said:

    Why the Douchey rebuttal?

    Because it was a 'douchey' response. You have no idea if he would have re-signed here or not, so why are you presenting it as fact? Should we just dump all players that aren't acquired via free agency because that's the only concrete way of knowing they 'wanted to be here' ?

    Contract talks were never explored by Ray. We have no idea if he would have wanted to stay or not.

  8. 1 minute ago, jagknife said:

    Fair point... glad we got something but m... yeah...

    Yeah, I'm honestly not going to feel good about this trade until Ray packages it for something before the draft. I'm sure he has something up his sleeve. He's accumulated two 2nd's, two 3rd's, and a 4th here this month so you know those aren't all going to be used to select someone.

  9. Just now, jagknife said:

    there it is...

    I mean I know cap space means nothing to us for the rest of the year but i feel like keeping parts of his salary should have turned that 4th into a 3rd....


    oh well

    thing is they know it's completely meaningless to us as we are the world's #1 leader in Cap Space and it's only like 20 games. so there's really no leverage there.

  10. We got a 2nd round pick in 2019 and a 4th round pick in 2020, as per TSN's TradeCentre.

    Really don't like this deal but I guess if we "had to get something" then it is what it is. fvcking sucks seeing one of your favorite players go to the team that was directly responsible for ruining his entire first year with the team. He's now on the same team that could be directly responsible for why he didn't have a decent year last year and possibly have already extended here. A team I can't possibly root for, because fvck Boston.

    So what's the best we can hope for here? Trading said 2nd rounder and a 3rd for another Palmieri / MoJo? Certainly trust Ray's overall process but this will be a massive hole in our top six if we plan on competing next year, though there was no guarantee to begin with that he would have re-signed.

  11. It's probably a fvcking 2nd round pick or something that at best we can hope is it will become Mojo in 2024 while also killing any chance that he comes back here in the summer because we traded him to Boston.

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  12. 1 minute ago, Devils01 said:



    Johansson to Bruins. It's on Twitter. McDonald has it now too.

    Haven't seen the return.

    Not happy about this. Send him off to play with the fvcking piece of sh!t that obliterated his first year with NJ. Whatever.

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  13. 15 minutes ago, DJ Eco said:

    Agree on B, but he actually chose his words carefully. "all of you guys who criticize these guys so virulently" (he implicitly includes Schneider in this) is a pretty accurate way of being clear in addressing some of the worst, most backwards, and toxic commenters on FB/Twitter. I didn't read that and think he's talking about me or most fans, but the very worst (and many of us know some of who he's talking about).

    Very true.

    Overall, he has a good point, and I certainly understand that after 5 years of probably reading this sh!t and not taking a shot... I guess it's worth taking a shot on the way out. It is not going to lead to anything positive but it probably feels cathartic for him, lol.

  14. 2 minutes ago, DJ Eco said:

    Is there anything Keith's uncle said that's wrong? Bunch of Devils fans whining about Keith being too sensitive, and yet are being unbearably sensitive over some real straightforward objective not-too-personal stuff from his uncle. 

    We look like a bunch of petulant jackasses, his uncle's right.

    He's right on his general point, but a few things:

    a) he's reading comments from the bottom of the barrel, sh!ttiest place on the internet. never going to find anything positive there.

    b ) it is objectively silly to act like fans shouldn't be able to criticize goaltenders. they will criticize everything.

    His overall point though? Absolutely. They've played behind some sh!t tier defense and horrific offense.

    Hope he doesn't anticipate reading anything different on the Blue Jackets facebook page the first time Keith has a bad game. All sports fans are the same.

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  15. 2 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

    On the flip side, they'll have a real easy time at the draft the next few years, since they have no picks left until 2023. 

    that's what I'm saying... even if they by some miracle won the cup this year, which they won't... they are setting themselves up for a hell of a bad fvcking time in the not so distant future. pretty much everyone thinks that duchene will not re-sign and bob / panarin have explicitly told them they have no interest. while going "all in" takes "balls," when you look at the competition OUTSIDE of the division... i.e. Tampa Bay which looks like one of the best teams of the last decade, seems like a bad time to go all in. but I guess that's what happens when your team has never won a playoff round. trying to get some momentum in any way possible.

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  16. 22 minutes ago, Neb00rs said:



    What does it say? That NJviDs clown blocked me because I quote tweeted an overtime goal that Keith allowed in like... late October with the following: "See you soon, Cory"

    That guy is extremely strange, always blocking people that say anything remotely negative about the team... and he's not even a Devils fan. He's like some Habs fan that is borderline stalking Amanda Stein and wants internet credit for GIF'ing our games, as if there aren't thousands of other sources that provide clips of the Devils.

  17. 9 minutes ago, NJDevils1214 said:

    No one is saying it is a big deal. We just don't agree it's necessary. Having a discussion doesn't necessary mean people are up in arms ready to set the arena on fire over it.

    never said anyone was "up in arms" over it. having a discussion means entertaining both sides of the coin. i'm just offering up reasons why he is pretty certain to get a video tribute, whether we like it or not.

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  18. 2 minutes ago, Satans Hockey said:

    Gionta actually helped us get to the Stanley Cup finals. Hell he had 7 points during the playoffs that year. I'm not even a fan of the guys later years with us but he did way more than Keith for the team. 

    so what should a team like Columbus do when their tenured players return after being dealt? pretend they didn't exist?

    I have said here often that I can't stand the guy and just laid out a page ago why I don't like him. at the end of the day though he was here for a while, was a fan favorite among some of the fans and well liked in the locker room. he's going to get a video tribute whether we think he should or not, i'm just trying to say it really isn't a big deal. it's a 60 second clip during a TV timeout that is generally reserved for a race between a Mrs. Field's cookie, a Rita's italian ice, and an Auntie Anne's pretzel.

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