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  1. Hischier to miss start of camp due to leg injury
  2. Toronto in Buffalo.... basically a home game for the Maple Leafs. Toronto in many buildings is sickeningly full of their fans.
  3. I would have taken a shot with Lapierre.
  4. Shakir was ranked 28 by Sportsnet a few days ago. While picking him 20th seems like a stretch, it certainly isn’t a mid-round pick stretch.
  5. Hall keeps it going! Team at 4 in a row!
  6. United’s performance is the same as the Devils last night.... sitting in Columbus airport with Andrew Gross and Chris Ryan... working on a 4.5 hour delay.
  7. Boarding plane in 5 minutes for Columbus! Looking forward to the game - Go Devils!!!!
  8. " Hynes's bad defensive zone system " This drives me nuts... was hoping they would have made one assistant coach change at the end of last season in order to do something different (better) with the D zone system. Even with the better team this year, the coverage issues in our zone will continue to be exposed against the better teams in the NHL. Happy New Year everyone! Looking forward to a great second half to the season (pretty much impossible to be worse than last year's second half!)
  9. Shots after 1 are 14 to 5 Pens. They have been positionally better than us through 1. Top line spit up a bit... For the Stephen Gionta lovers out there, Cangialosi is all over the ice using his speed. Pops almost had one, one of maybe three good chances Devs had to score. Santini looks solid and confident. Speers is fast! (Guess we already knew that)
  10. Sissons with the own goal (couldn't handle deflection) 3-0 Pens
  11. Poor coverage.... Damn. 2-0 Pens
  12. Bad play in front - goal Pens
  13. Lineup: Quenneville - McLeod - Speers Studenic - Speers - Bratt Gignac - Cangelosi - Popugaev Baddock - Mandat - Guay McDonald - Butcher Sissons - Santini Chainey - Dyblenko Appleby Cormier
  14. At Harborcenter for the game... Nico scratched today.
  15. Making room for Kovalchuk?
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