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  1. They will score... ...on the golf field.
  2. Can somebody put the pre-game show on the net. I think a lot of Devils fans around the world would like to see it but don't have the chance. Please help!
  3. Great WPs! They are awesome!
  4. Hey guys! Can sy record the pre-game show and upload it on a private site what just Devils fans will know? I would like to see it, but in Hungary I won't get near any of these channels. Pls help!
  5. VITO


    30/M/Budapest, Hungary
  6. Between the two: Dano! That's no question. From the Devils? That's harder. Stevens, Dano, Marty, Elias???? The whole TEAM. They were/are unstoppable when they work together!
  7. Thanks to all! You are so kind!
  8. Yesterday was my 30th birthday and I have received this cake from my wife: It was delicious, but I didn't want to eat it. It looks sooo nice!
  9. Within the EGG line - yes he can!
  10. VITO

    Don't look now.....

    The way the Devs are playing now I have a lot of confidence in them. Now I believe that they can catch the Rags or even make the playoffs...to the second round
  11. Great pics guys! Thanks!!!!
  12. Strud and Carol and all the Nieds can join the Ducks and then we can rename them Mighty Family of Anaheim
  13. VITO

    Defensive pairings

    What about bringing up Hale and get rid of McGillis who sucks?
  14. VITO

    Malakhov meter

    McGillis sucks, Malakhov sucks. We don't have forwards because of sickness and other problems... I think the Devs should scratch some vets and bring up some young guys from Albany. Maybe they would put more effort in games.
  15. So Kozlov was sick, just like Pando. And he did play. Maybe these high paid veterans got sick because of the way they play.
  16. Although I'm very optimistic I have ticked "won't make the playoffs". Perhaps they will improve when Elias returns but the team is digging a hole and maybe they won't be able to come out of it. NE division is crazy, the Rags and Cryers are also good. The question is how hard the Devils want to be in the playoffs????
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