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  1. So I've seen many people calling for Hall to be traded if he's not extended by the start of the season. How popular is that opinion? Given what Columbus just did with Bread and Bob, (which would not have happened if they traded them away), does it seem like that big a risk to take a chance with Hall til at least midseason and 1) give him a chance to convince himself to stay 2) hope for success to attract more FA's? I know it's not the same situation as CBJ is in a win now mode (had they been sellers they could have entered rebuild mode immediately) and we're looking to come out of a rebui
  2. Rangers reckoning will come... they've played 20 home games and before tonight, just 10 away games.
  3. Matteau waived by VGK https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/hockey/news/golden-knights-stefan-matteau-sent-to-waiver-wire/
  4. My blood is boiling... but channeling my energies to taking solace at the fact that Travis got off the ice NOT on a stretcher. Looked like it was going to be the case.
  5. Can't remember the last time I saw the devils breakout and pass game this crisp. Feels like years.
  6. The combination of a game 4 win to give some glimmer of hope, and 2OT loss to tear it all down.... it was orchestrated perfectly. It would not have stung as badly if they were swept, since they could rationalize it that they never had a chance.
  7. How much were tickets generally for 2012 finals, face? I remember paying $125, 3 rows from the ice in 2003
  8. Didn't happen in the bar I was at in midtown; fans my ass. Bunch of oh-wells, then straight back to drinking and their usual business. No lamenting, no period of reflection and disappointment to sink in. Volume was barely reduced.
  9. Had he followed his local team, he would have 2 cups under his belt already, at a appreciable age. His loss.
  10. There's conflicting reports if Doughty grew up an NJD or King's fan. His draft profile says NJ, probably because of Nieds. www.nhl.com/ice/draftprospectdetail.htm?dpid=3 I would give a body part to get him here.
  11. Oh I have no doubt Brown was trying to sell it.
  12. I'm pretty sure NBC is muting the crowd for the game at least broadcast in the NY area. I'm streaming a feed online and the crowd is noticeably louder (NBC still). Gonna check CBC
  13. http://deadspin.com/5912858/nbc-bans-rangers-and-devils-viewing-parties-because-tv-money-rules-all To be fair they banned for both teams during the ECF. FVCK this LA team
  14. All this local coverage is sickening considering the media never gave a damn the 5 times we were there. But I guess that's how we like it. I feel for Isles fans. It's funny... Graves had to answer a question whether there are similarities between this team and the 94 team. Oh.. they both faced adversity, you don't say? Other than being finalists and being Rangers there is nothing the same. Media hooplah. Funny how many of these awesome fans booed their team just 3 weeks ago...
  15. If only Montreal hadn't overachieved... an LA v Boston series would have been way more entertaining
  16. Last year, Chicago beat them in 2OT to eliminate them in game 5. Wonder if LA gets revenge here. EDIT: GUESS NOT!
  17. i wish torts was still coach.. kreider would be watching at home
  18. If Chicago doesn't stop the Kings, whoever emerges from the east will get steamrolled.
  19. LAK is taking the series. Just the way these playoffs have gone for us... 2-1 game NYR, 2-1 game MTL, 2-1 game LAK. Tired of watching PIT, BOS, and ANH dominate in the 3rd period with nothing to show for it these last two nights. But with the Kings... They are going to take it because they seem like they can win at will when they really want to.
  20. Why don't they tweet that dive by Brown? http://prohockeytalk.nbcsports.com/2012/05/18/ex-referee-fraser-brown-hurting-his-reputation-with-diving/ He is the only reason I HATE the Kings (other than their cup win against us). Shame because I really like Doughty.
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