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  1. Well your post says it all.

    You ask why people are worrying about the 2.8 man while the 100 men is still scoreless.

    Well as you said.Our defense don't move the puck so I guess he can't be moving it himself.Actually he tries it every game a couple of times. :noclue:

    Kovy isn't scoreless, he does have 2 assists. Also, it's not 2.8 vs 100 2.8 vs 6.66 or whatever vs 100. I understand the point, and agree that Kovy should have a bigger impact on the team, but that just goes into the Langs shouldn't be captain camp. It just tilts me when people are inacurate(like my spelling) with their arguments. Just like all the 0-3 crowd. an OT loss is still a point even if you don't agree. Getting stuff wrong just doesn't help help you point.

    I'm not a strip Langs of the C crowd either, think he sulks now how would he react. I am off the since the team need to clear some space, Langs is near the top of the list camp though

    People are worrying about the 2.8 man becasue at times it looks like he isn't trying as hard unless he is with ZZ.

    loved this quote from here suprised no one brought it up


    "The coach can do whatever he wants whenever he wants," Langenbrunner pointed out. "He just wants to make sure we get focused. We didn't have the intensity."

    I guess the 'you know, except when a coach wants to rest me for a meaningless game at the end of the season' part got cut off.

  2. Well maybe I was wrong but what we are giving as image is that we are a successful team who has problem selling tickets.

    be carefull, you may get gang attacked for saying that, didn't you notice all the gloom and doom around here? Devs be lucky to make the playoffs, until the first 3 game winning streak when the team will be instant cup favorites.


  3. 2 games is about right for the hit...but 2 games for an obscene gesture? come on, that should be a fine and nothing else.

    i'm not sure if I am thinking of the same hit, and am at work so I can't youtube it. Is it the same hit that they showed on PTI yesterday?

    I thought the even though he skated from behind he hit him basically from the side as he was reciving the puck. the point of contact wasn't the head hich is what the new rule as designed for.

    Maybe it was just me but I didn't think it deserved 2 mins let alone 2 games(possibly for interference if the puck wasn't there yet, I thought the puck was on the stick, but only saw it once.

    Am I totally off base here?


  4. I'm confused.

    Teams are alowd to have 20 man rosters as long as they are under the cap(barely).

    2 injuries and a suspension occur during a game.

    weekends require 48 hours to clear waivers.

    Even if lou wanted to make move, what could he have done? Even if he makes a trade, is there a guarentee that the players would make it to nj in time?

    I don't get why the NHLPA would investigate it. If you have the min number on the roster, and the max salary, you have the highesst average player payroll.

    And for the doomsayers, 3 games in less then 4 nights. played fairly well in the 3rd period in a game where they could have easily said, we are shorthanded and given up. I didn't see the entire game but saw the pp's were lopsided as well, 1-6 and 0-2.

    Kovy's shot goes in instead of the post in the first period of the dallas game and who knows.

    game 3 of 82. haven't missed the playoffs in 17 years, I think I can give the franchise the benifit of doubt for 10 games or so.

    If they head to the west coast with 20 players, I may change my tune a bit, but my god.

    have a feeling the Devils have pisssttt their season away with this crap.

    With out looking it up, how was Chicago after 3 games last year? how was philly?


  5. It was almost like they were waiting for someone to "mess up". Lou was sitting watching the fight PL3 had laughing saying to himself...."GOTCHA!"

    Ill miss PL3's fights too. Itll be interesting to see what happens next.

    there is a difference between messing up and doing something which comes with an automatic suspension when you know your team has cap problems and a player already got a puck to the face so you might be shorthanded already the next game. I thought Peters not tieing down his jersey was dumb, but this took it to a whole new level of stupid.

    I would stll like to know why there were no fights in the second period, when the team was loosing momentum but the game wasn't out of reach. A fight at 2-4 has a chance to spark the team. fighting at 2-6 just means you want to hit the showers early.


  6. http://blogs.northje..._still_waiting/

    So much for no recognition of individual accomplishments. The Lou I know would never let this get put up.

    I think it's more about trying to establish(emphasize) this team's tradition to the players. I know bonuses never went towards individual awards, but it's not like you want to hide the fact that the individuals were honored by the league.

    Although I may just be trying to fit that in with what I was thinking about this morning. We(me and my dad) started our season tickets after the first playoff run. Opening night in 89 had the banners going up for winning a couple playoff rounds. Fans were into it, (so was I), but I distinclty remeber that they were playing Montreal and the Habs must be laughing at the banner going up when they had twentysomeodd cups at that time.

    Now, if there is no cup, it's not a good season. Unrealistic, sure, but the mindset has to be try and be the best.

    not sure I got my point across, probably not even relevent to this topic, but something that was rolling around in my head and wanted to get out and this was as good a place as any.

    I am looking forward to this season.

    t - 5 hours, 30 mins


  7. The bizarre part is that Mac talked about how he would play Henrique

    it means at least one of a couple of things..

    Mac has to act like he is playing. What is he going to say, we made a move fully aware that we won't play the kid but want to help our cap situation when Sal goes on LTIR?

    Why open a can of worms where someone claims the move was somehow cap circumvation.

    TG said he was told Henrique was in the stands, TG didn't say he saw him.


  8. I like Volchenkov, but he is one dimensional. Stevens had a lot of offensive talent, to go along with his defensive skill----which is what makes a #1 in my book.

    Gonchar is one dimensional. He is horrible in his own zone. How is he a number 1?

    just trying to figure out your logic. If a defensman is good at defending(which, in my book, is kinda important for a defensman) but has no offensive talent, he's not a number 1. But a great offensive defenman, who happens to be a pylon in his own end is a number 1?

    This team is not going to just forget to play D. Devils have a better defensive group of defensman then they did as a Jennings winning team, but they are some how sub par this year.

    Your hatred for the Kovy signing has crept into your valuation of the rest of the team.


  9. well, according to TG henrique isn't at practice; does that make sense for a guy just called up? he'd probably hitch a ride with kevin costner and james earl jones to iowa if it meant playing in the NHL. i think mair's signed or will be by the end of the day.

    TG said it was a paper move.

    I'm sure there is a reason. Some arbitration eligibility / bonus /waiver claim reason why the move was made. No clue what it is, but there is always a method to the madness.


  10. This is my biggest concern. Martin and Greene were the ONLY D-men who could make the transition out our our zone. We have a motley collection of lower tier defense that will come back to haunt us in the long run. We have one of the weakest defensive corps in the league now, I am not used to seeing this in a Lou run team.

    Didn't exactly have a star laden defense last year and they won the Jennings.

  11. You seem to see Fraser as having no upside though. IMO he's going to be a solid no. 6 for years to come. I think Lou either agrees with that projection or sees him as trade bait...why else would he sign him to a one-way?

    You don't want a player to be a solid #6. Either they have upside to be a top 2 pairing in the near future, or they are on the way down and give you reliable minutes in the last year or 2 of they carreer. If they are a real prospect you probaly keep them in the AHL getting top pairing minutes plus pp or pk time depending on the skillset.

    For all the bitching about JL I thought he did a great job of giving Fraser shelterd minutes, putting him in situations where he could succeed. Does fraser take the next step? I certainly hope so. Maybe he can a little more aggresive this year(just a little snarl to his game).

    right now I don't see him as anything more then a #6, but that is also after him not getting much playing time. 15 - 20 games into the season I think we will have a better idea. If he is getting more ice time then last year, perhaps he is being groomed for 2nd pairing. If he is getting mostly heltered minutes agaiin, he is just a placeholder until a better option is found.


  12. I know I sound like I rag on Clarkson a bit here, but I do think he is a decent player. I do not think he is as good as others have posted and to me he is just and always will be a 3rd-line player, never more. I hear a lot about him being an X-factor to the team, but I do not quite see that in him. He has also shown more than once that he disappears when we need him most like in the playoffs, and actually hurts the team with dumb penalities at bad times. Usually an X-player is supposed to do the opposite.

    Clarkson showed flashes of talent bursts of improvement early in his career(I know, it's still early in his career) and it increased expectations(talking from a fans pov(plus, posters on this board tend to be very polar, win a game, the team is winning the cup, lose a game and they are missing the playoffs). My feeling is that Clarkson's overall game seemed to take a step back while he has been trying to become a more complete player.

    I like him on the team. The people thinking he is a second line player are expecting too much, but at times I do see flashes of second line player potential.

    Would I be devistated if he was traded? no.

    Just my take


  13. I believe there was a minor one in the VERY early Devils days. Or it may have been the very late Colorado days...

    I know Barry Beck was traded from the rockies to the rangers. Not sure if that is the move you are thinking of.


    Traded to Rangers by Colorado in exchange for Pat Hickey Lucien DeBlois, Mike McEwen, Dean Turner and future considerations (Bobby Crawford) on Nov. 2, 1979.


  14. If you want loyalty from players; Marty and others(Pando for was a solid player for years with a smallish salary) taking below market value contracts, playing Danyeko in his last game despite him sitting the few before, prospects spending a year or two more in the ahl then they would in ther franchises.

    You have to show loyalty to the players; buying out Pandos contract, Giving pando an over market contract after years of loyalty, giving good soldiers coaching/scouting jobs when their careers have finally retired.

    Neal Broten playing for Siberia(where was it again?, western canada somewhere, saskatchawan?) might tend to disagree, but the amount of ex players that have come back to the fold, (even after some messy divorces) shows that playing/working for the Devils isn't the worst thing in the world despite whatever reputation. I'm still convinced that Kovy doesn't even consider the devils no matter how much $$ they threw at him without the trade last year just becasue he saw the orginzation from the inside(although I'm sure bobby holik would tell him exactly how he felt about playing here, good and bad).

    Just my, is it 5:00 yet take on a rainy friday afternoon.


  15. There are other ways of scoring in front of the net than redirecting pucks. Having a big, strong center in front of the net is something the Devils could really use and have lacked for years. If Parise was playing with a dominant center his production would be much higher. I like Zajac, he is a terrific player but he hasn't been a terrific center.

    Your last post commented that Zajac back checks hard and is a very underrated two-way center. No one is arguing that. Zajac is a terrific player and probably should have already been a Selke candidate,

    I also didn't say anything about "standing in front of the net". The argument here was whether Zajac is a good player or an excellent player. I took a side route and said he is excellent but... I also didn't say he couldn't be an excellent center.

    I know what Zajac's face-off numbers are - everyone does. Zajac hasn't been that great at faceoffs, he's just been good enough. As a center, Zajac hasn't been dominant and hasn't taken pressure and attention from other teams off of Parise.

    First time I read through the thread I took it that you were knocking Travis for not being a presence in front of the net as well. Many of Zachs goals occur becasue he is near the net, and Zajak being in front of the net wouldn't necesarily make Parise more productive.

    My opinion is that Zajak has to shoot enough to keep the defenders honest. I much rather have Kovy or Zach shoot, but you need the make the defenders at least worry about that option. Hasn't been a problem in the past, lets see how it pans out.


  16. Just because people are pointing out White's shortcomings doesn't mean they hate him. White takes himself out of position a lot, and he cannot keep the puck in the offensive zone. Just because I say that doesn't mean I hate him. I just don't think he is the defenseman he was or the defenseman that earned that contract years ago (before the injury).

    And blaming his partner for white being out of posistion is not fair. When A-train gets out of position and Greene gets beat 2 - 1, I will blame A-train.

    Motts has such hatred towards him that defending him makes one a White hater?

    the lack of logic on this board is mind boggleing at times.(like my spelling)


  17. Ahhhh, so you're one of those "I hate Colin White for that one play he made last year I don't care about the amount of solid plays and toughness he brings to our club" people. Bye!

    1 play? if it was once I'd be fine with it. It has been happening for at least 3 years. He is not the same defensman he has been in the past(eye injury). Never said I hate Colin White.

    If White is playing too aggressive(thus putting himself out of posistion), don't blame his partner.

    you're one of those 'Colin White can do no wrong casue he brings tougness to our club' people. Bye!. (see I can be just as imature as others if that's how you want to discuss)


  18. i honestly think with a different partner than Mottau, White's play will be better. Most of the time his minuses came from plays where he was aggressive and mottau failed to compensate.

    often times, their mistakes were compounded by not being aware of what the other was doing and not adjusting accordingly.

    by aggressive do you mean go for a big hit and put yourself out of position and leave a 2 on 1 against your D partner?

    I can totally see how that Motts fault.


  19. Hanrahan! Suzanne sucks pansy! Hey Hanrahan she's a dyke!

    lines like that are the reason I refuse to watch slap shot unless it is uncut.

    it's that time of year watch it again. there are tons of HBO's nowadays, I wonder if it will be on anywhere over the next wek or two.

    back to the topic of this thread.

    My feeling is that pre-season is exactly when you do let Avery get to you. Get allt he cheap shots out of the way now, jump him, get tossed from the game. The refs know the deal.

    Avery is just like pepe and Holik. No matter how much you agitate, you will only get called for some of the penalties. You get away with alot, but not everything that happens to you wil get called. If you are going to take coincidental minors(or majors), make sure the person you are going off of the ice is more skilled then yourself(or at least, more important to their team then you are to your team). Avery won't drop the gloves with Clarckson becasue he is a better player then clarkson. He will drop the gloves in an instant to get Kovy off the ice. It has nothing to do with being scared of loosing a fight, or what kind of reputation he has with the league(with the way the Stars reacted to his sloppy seconds comment, it looks like he doesn't even care about his reputation within his own locker room.

    Kovy does have to learn to keep his emotions in check and not be goaded into stupid penatlies(and injuries)(when the games count, and when the game is still in doubt). I still think that will come with time. Stevens learned with time, and I think he wil make that adjustment. And there will be an adjustment going from a franschise where he was the team to a franchise where team comes first. Best way to stop Avery is by scoring PP goals

    On the other hand, Clarkson and PL3 need to learn when the energy is needed. It's never about if you win or lose the fight(hence, if it's time to go, and Boogard is your only option, you gotta go or else there will be someone in your roster sport next season). It's about we are down a couple of goals and the team needs some spark, or, player X is hitting our guys a bit too much, I better start hitting a few of there guys. Try not to go when the other team needs the spark, although sometimes you have to or else you wont find the dance partners when you need it.

    I don't think the Devils have had a 'energy' player that had a good feel for the game since Peluso and McKay

    Avery is still no Claude. Then again, I can't think of anyone else that is either.


  20. Second, if this year is anything like the previous year, I expect if Corrente is in the NHL this season, he will get heavily sheltered minutes, against the bottom lines of other teams, and typically starting his shift in the neutral or offensive zone. So I don't expect his d zone coverage to be immaculate, but that that will come along in time, and until then, he'll get easy matchups. Rarely do players just slide in at the NHL level.

    basically frasers minutes from last year.

    Fraser just doesn't do it for me. If there isn't big improvment from last year I don't think he lasts long in the orginization.

    I like Corrente I was just pointing out that you glossed over the defensive zone coverage too easily. It said alot to me that Lemaire was willing to play him as a defensive forward on more then one occsaion last year. I rather him getting top pairing ice time in the AHL instead of sitting 2 outta 3 games in the nhl becasue of his potential.

    I can't wait to see Urbom with my own eyes though. He has top pairing written all over him(A-train and U-bomb in 3 years?)).

    and no, I was never in favor of trading for Kaberle.

  21. What was Greene in the NHL before last season? I can remember loads of people moaning when he was announced in the lineup before the start of games in '09.. I'm happy he had a great season last year but I have no high expectations for him.. For all we know it could have been the greatest season of his career.. I think we're all too quick to assume he's going to be this good for years to come.. We shall see

    on the fantasy baseball site I use they have a mantra(for lack of a better word) 'Once a player displays a skill, he owns it'. Greene is still young enough where I would hope he hasn't had his career year.

    Will he be the most consistant defensman on the team next year(like I thought he was last year)? Probably not, mainly becasue the quality of D on this team has been majory upgraded.

    Can he up his game some more with another full year of experience/confidence? I don't see why not.

    Do I expect all star play(it is Green where people mention that he's been an all star at all levels he's played, right?)? no. I do expect him out there in important minutes, being an asset in all zones of the ice. A quality, but not flashy, 2 way defender.


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