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  1. i'm not sure what corrente you guys were watching - yeah, his d zone coverage wasn't great (being paired with fraser rarely helps), but he lit a guy up and skated some pucks up the ice. hell, he even got a breakaway. as i saw it, if he keeps this level of play up he will make the team.

    I did not see the game so I can't comment on specifics, but isn't D zone coverage pretty damn important for a defensman? And not to just pick out this post, I've seen it elsewhere on this board glossing over a defensman's defensive skill while talking about how well they played on the point(might have been in the retire nieds number thread pointing to better defenders during his day in which many of the ones mentinoned were horrid in their own zone, unlike Scotty Niedermayer) Sure, 2 way defensman are great, but you have to be reliable in your own zone.

    Maybe it's just bad flashbacks of phil housley

    And getting back off topic. Larmer scored a penalty shot goal agasint the Blackhawks as a ranger(at work, but there were links to it on youtube). that much i got right, now I have to find out where he did it in the past casue I remeber him doing it before that incedent. I'm guessing it was a an all star skills competition.

    yes, slow day at work

  2. It would be nice if Jonn should have grew a pair and replaced Capitan Crybaby. Oh well hopefully only 1 more year with Jamie (& no cup).

    Larry better watch out he's next on the temper tantrum list.

    Langenbrunner did something different on his shootout attempt tonight, trying a slap shot from the high slot that rookie goalie Sergei Bobrovsky stopped pretty easily.

    “That was a Larry Robinson special,” Langenbrunner explained. “He said I should try that one. That one will not be used ever again.”


    If Langs is on the team, he is going to wear the C. Look at how he handled being rested for a game, you think he would handle having the C stripped well?

    not the reason I posted though.

    for the old timers(yes watching sports has made me feel old) out there. Was it Steve Larmer that while taking a couple penalty shots and would take a half slap shot from about the hash marks(an i'm prety sure he scored). I remeber him doing it twice(which was rare considering no shootout). Pretty sure he was a blackhawk the first time, and a ranger he second time. Why I remeber I can't tell you, but would like confirm it if anyone else can.

    About that time of year to watch slap shot as well.


  3. Am I the only one who thought Langs wasn't playing well well before getting benched for that game? IMO he actually deserved to be given less ice time or sat a game way before the last week. I actually thought he was hiding some sort of injury for a while. If it was personal problems, leave it off the ice and out of the room. Easier said then done, but you are a pro, it's what you have to do.

    That being said, if he is on this team, he is going to be the captain. If the team had to include him in part of a package to clear space. I have no problem with it.

  4. Parise is one of the best players in the NHL, and he produces more so then Kovie does. It would have made more sense to let Kovie go and sign Parise long term. If Zajac goes, Parise's game will decrease. They have great chemistry.

    Kovie better produce to the level everyone, including himself, expect him to. Last season, it was just depressing watching him esp. in the playoffs.

    yeah becasue Zach really lit it up in this years playoffs.

    It's been said before, if you let Kovy go to concentrate on Zach, and he still walks, you have neither(and at most, one of the two).

    if you sign Kovy and Zach walks you still have Kovy with the possibility of both.

    Why is it that if you want Kovalchuk on the team people think you are anti keeping zach.

    <edited to be consistand with my bad spelling

  5. And if this isn't settled by next Tuesday, I will be in Kent, OH and still quite livid.

    angry and in kent, not a good combination, keep an eye out for the national guard.

    but it's the drama and inner hatred most of us have for each other that keeps us coming back :P

    Although some of us (ok me) take years off at a time.

    I've seen the ninjas, simspons references, and bitching about grammar (ok, capitalization, close enough). I'm shocked there wasn't a nazi/hitler reference.

    and of course to try an make this Kovy releated. What are the odds Lou signs him again and the NHL rejects deal #2? I just don't see this ending with another signing. Even the WWE hasn't come up with a storyline with this much drama in a long time.

  6. Happy420.gif

    For page 420

    Just trying to soften the blow around here... :cheers:

    420 is not a blow reference.

    must admit better than random ninja references though.

    Deep down I thought the contract would be rejected(although I disagree because of precedent) cause this just can't end easily. I fully expect a 16 year deal, and another rejection again, then point to Hossa's contract ending when he is 43.

    over under on getting this done is rookies reporting for camp.


  7. You can't be serious. You put this much thought and time out of your day to post about how you judge someone by their use of real name and not a forum name while in a discussion on a forum.

    This is just silly uneccessary ball busting for the sake of it and it's not surprising it comes from someone she knows.

    I busted someone balls for saying they are meeting after school to fight for lunch money. Why are you suprised?

    When I see something that doesn't make sense to me, I call people out on it.

    I made a joke, you commented on it, I'm telling you how I see things. If I'm wrong, tell me where I'm wrong.

    I just said how you came across to me. In my mind if thats how something comes across to me, I'm suspect it's how it comes across to others.

    So now replying to you is spending too much thought and time of my day? fine.


  8. Parise in a slump would mean he couldn't get past the best defenders. Kovy in a slump would mean he's not putting it in the net. He could still get past the best defenders on his worst day. Skill seperates the two.

    and before Manta says it. Pariese in a slump would still play resposibly in his defensive end. We Kovy give up on D agasint us in Atlanta earlier this year. How he goes with this team is an unknown.

    As for the looks like he hasn't been coached. How many times did Stevens or Kenny say that they learned more from JL and Larry in that first training camp then they had up to that point in their career. it's never too late to learn(again, if you are willing to) As much as people bitched about JL last year he teaches. Signs are pointing in the right direction for Johnny Mac(we'll see how it translates), but the coaches and 'special consultants' for this franchise have been top notch since JL's first stint(pass on sutter?). Hopefully JM and Oats can continue.


  9. Good for you, Dick.

    If you want to go looking for an issue, look elsewhere. I don't see how calling someone by a first name makes anyone look "important" or why people like you make it an issue. Would you rather me use unflattering names? I'll call people i know personally "douche" if it makes your sensitive little feelings better.

    Besides, you're probably among that crowd that calls people here by their forum names even in person.

    I don't know you from a whole in the ground. You calling certain posters by their real name does make you come off looking like you are trying to prove that you have inside info that other posters here don't have. You don't believe me fine, thats how you came across to me. I'm sure to others as well. My perspective is that if a poster following a 400 page thread don't happen to know that PK's name is Jane or whoever else you are calling by their real first name may not have a clue as to what you are trying to say. Maybe important wasn't the right choice of words. Elitst might be closer to the mark. You can call people by whatever you like, just don't be suprised with how you are viewed(and I have this sneaking suspicion that you just don't care, your choice as well)

    I was just making a joke since if you haven't noticed, my handle and my name happen to be the same. I also thought that signign off with Bob was funny as well. I laughed as I typed it. If you don't get my humor, cest la vie(sp), you won't be the first, you won't be the last.

    And if you must know, if I was talking to someone in real life outside of this forum, about a different member of the forum, I might use their handle (I might not) because I don't assume people know everyone's real name. You don't have different names for people depending on which crowd of people you are talking to? Never had a college of HS nickname?

    You don't have to worry about my 'sensitive little feelings', I'm sure I've been called much worse by family.


  10. Huh did I read that correctly?

    That i'm nuts? no, you read it right I am nuts.

    what I meant.

    as of today. Game ends in regulation, 2 for win, 0 for tie. 2 + 0 = 2 point game. Game ends in ot, 2 for win 1 for ot loss. 2 + 1 = 3 point game.

    If my team is 9th overall and the 7 and 8 are playing. Why shhould a game that gets to OT make it tougher for me to catch up instead of a game that ends in regulation. All games should be the same. 3 w, 2 otw, 1 otl and 0 l. Regulation or ot games = 3 points.

    If I wasn't clear, sorry.

    (I wasn't clear, let me add)

    as for the 'not up for discussion' I didn't mean that it was the most important change needed(although I think it might be) I meant it's not up for discussion as in its not on the agenda given in the first post


  11. Don't feel so flattered, it would only be amusing if you we're named Richard.

    I'm not the one acting like a dick here.

    And for the record, I have met a few of the people that post here (including PK) and don't try to make myself look more impotant to others by using their real first names.


  12. Oh yeah that open net goal was pivotal. Your getting lost in useless statistics and fantasy hockey.

    Kovalchuk had I believe 6 points in two games and wasn't even one of the stars of the game in either.

    Zajac, Parise, Langenbrunner went scoreless on the scoresheet probably because the never were able to touch the puck with Kovy trying to beat three guys at a time and losing the puck.

    Want to talk about a double standard, Langs played like crap the last month or so and shoulnd't have been given as much ice time as he was given and held his line back. Maybe there was a nagging injury or some personal issues, but after how he reacted when he was rested for a game(like others on the team were rested) how was JL supposed to give him less minutes without expected him to bitch and moan(which is not exactly what I would expect from the captain of a team)

    Most of the times Kovy went in 1 on 5 was at the end of a shift when the choice was either dump it in a change, or go for it while the rest of his line changed. I was impressed at well (and often) he did pass becasue I had alway heard he was a selfish player. Other than how he looked on the point on the pp, he seemd to backcheck and try to be defensivly sound.

    My impression of Kovy was that he looks like he's never been coached and just gets by on pure talent(even during the playoffs when I didn't think we had more then a 1/4 chance of signing him, I was dreaming of how he would fit on this team with a full training camp). After the initial give him the puck and everyone else watch phase ended(which I don't think ended for everyone) he devloped a bit of chemistry with Elias and to a lesser extent (I know I will get blasted for even mentioning his name) Rolston. He said all the right things. He has the talent, and he has the size (and again, I'm sure I will get the whole board angry at me for this one) unlike ZP who has some games where if he gets hit a few times early just doesn't have good games.

    I'm sure if Lou didn't see some sort of desire to be a team player, or learn D from Kovy, he wouldn't have offered him this long term contract no matter what ownership said.

    Kovy has said all the right things, if he actually meant half of what he has said and that wasn't just some sort of let me say the right things so I get a contract and then I can be the self centerd prick that I actually am talk, I don't see how having a top 20(again 10, 5, 30?) talent at a 6m cap hit can be bad for a team.

    They way some people reacted when a Zharkov or Burgfors have a good shift or two and got penciled in as top line material was an overeation. Just like you are downplaying the impact Kovy can have on this team for the next few years becasue he coughs up the puck at the point during the pp.


  13. They are going to meet after school to duke it out for the lunch money!!!

    I know this is from a few pages ago, but why drop the gloves for lunch money after school? Woulnd't said lunch money be gone by that time?

    I'm just looking to cause problems so others will start insulting me by using my first name.


  14. I would love that, but I am not sure if he stays here when he reaches UFA status.

    If you aren't sure he will stay once he becomes an UFA isn't that more of a reason to sign Kovy?

    If you are't sure if we can have both, why is it better to let Kovy go and concentrate on Parise instead of locking up Kovy and trying to get both? What happens if he leaves anyway and the Devs end up with niether?

    And once both are signed long term, why wouldn't the devils be able to sign top tier talent at less then market value like Detroit does. Wouldn't 2 top 10(20 for arguments sake) talent with a solid defensive team be attractive to UFA's looking to do damage in the playoffs?


  15. 5 on 5 overtime was absolutely horrid, unless you like watching dump and don't chase hockey. the NHL should never go back to that unless they go to 3 points for a win and 1 point for a tie, which they won't do. it's a bad way to end a hockey game with two teams playing a game of 'let's not give up a scoring chance if it can at all be avoided'.

    The main rule change needed is the point system and it isn't even up for discussion? If you are going to screw up the game with the shootout, at least do it right. Why are some games worth a total of 3 points and some only 2. And don't go with you can't compare teams in deifferent era's cause you can't do it the way it is now either.

    Drives me nuts.


  16. So a clearly inferior venue is jacking up the prices. That still doesn't explain why there is any reason to keep Izod open.

    There are a ton of kids shows that go on all year round. Muppets on ice / circus types shows that have day and night showtimes and run for a week or 2.. Lots of schools / camps take field trips to the shows which means lots of busses and such. Not sure if there is enough close parking for all the busses during the day. Probably is and this is just totally guessing on my part. Plus you can have concerts on nights that the Devs and Nets aren't playing. Hell if you get the state of NJ out of it they might even make money.

    Although with them not competing over acts, the ticekt prices will go up. Not like concert prices aren't insane as it is though.

    As for the beer prices, simple economics. You drop the price, you sell more. Like if the Devils wanted a higher attendence, they shuold drop the price of tickets. I'm not saying the Devils would make more $$ if they did, just saying it would increase attendence.


  17. Brylin!!!!

    So much is different in this game from what we're used to seeing nowadays. So many things that are automatic penalties now, are just a part of the game. Defensemen are allowed to put the puck over the boards in their own zone. (Brodeur is actually allowed to play his game.)

    Maybe it's just the kool aid covered glasses, but I thought Detroit was doing way more interference along with the clutching and grabbing. The high stick on Stevens before the first goal, then Peluso doing his best Bobby Orr impersination later and no calls. I think the 'have another donught' incident was still in effect. Then again, I think the majority of nhl games are poorly officiated.

    Maybe it's just that for years you still heard how the trap was built on interference. That team simply had talent, and knew where to be positionally. Most of the clutching and grabbing came when all the copy cat teams, with less talent(tampa comes to mind) tried the system and just couldn't pull it off without the C&G.

    I was upset there was no tsn feed, casue I had blanked those robots out of my head for a reason(and I'm sure I watched the replay and want a different perspective).

    At least there was no glow puck

  18. But because everyone else does it I am forced to be grouped in with them. And then there is the bad karma we give to our team. Its not fair to the devils to cheer you suck after they score

    It's not fair to the devils? gotta let me in on the thinking of that one.

    We are giving the team bad karma and it's not fair to the team?

  19. I agree it is pretty tame. But that doesn't mean it shouldn't bother me and many other fans. You say it isn't hurting anybody but you're wrong. It hurts our fanbase by making us look bad...if I hadn't been a Devils fan already and I went to and game a people were cheering "You Suck" after a goal I personally would be really turned off by the experience. It also allows opposing teams fans to leave our stadium thinking that we are a$$holes...I don't want that stigma.

    I like being conisdered a die hard Devils fan who is welcoming to other fans in our stadium. If I meet a Ranger fan in our stadium, I don't insult his team unless he's an a-hole. If it's just a regular guy I usually have a convo about hockey with him and treat his team with respect. I don't want to stand up and cheer "You Suck" after every goal, right in front of him. That way he'll leave the stadium with a high opinion of Devil fans. He'll tell other people how respectful Devils fans are and that Ranger fans can learn from them. Just sayin...

    What does this have to do with other fan bases?

    again, what does this have to do with what other fan bases do? Why is it a comparison? We can't judge ourselves and hold ourselves to our own standard?

    You guys are arguing that if other fan bases do the chants then we are not a$$holes for doing it. Pointing to another wrong to justify a wrong...classic.

    My main point was that you brought up the other teams fan base, then a few posts later ask what does the other teams fan base have to do with it. You can not have it both ways. You care what other teams fan bases think about us, or what do other teams fans have to do with it?

    It's not pointing to a wrong to justify a wrong. It's pointing to the fact that you keep changing your points.

    I just don't see how a 'you suck' chant makes a fan base look like a$$holes. I usually don't think tame and a$$hole in the same sentence, but maybe that's just me.


  20. What does this have to do with other fan bases?

    Your first point as to why you don't like the chant is that we look bad to other fans. If other fans are doing offensive chants, how do we look bad to them without them being hypocrites?

  21. Lou?!? Dr. McMullen?!?!?!

    How many minutes were they on the ice?

    <_< JoeBjoeBjoeB... you deflated the merit in your Marty choice right there. You're justification cooked up for Marty took none of Stevens leadership into account. You can't just blow off his role as captain. Huge saves are on a par with huge hits... and no one has named a specific game changing save of Marty's yet. :unsure: wanna name a few hit? :uni:

    first one that comes immediately to mind is the save he made moments before McKay cored the goal and jumped to the glass. Marty makes big save, crowd goes nuts, stays into it thru a commercial break(I think) McKay scores about a minute after the faceoff from that that save.

    Pk, you've never asked yourself 'how the hell did Marty make that save?' Never?

    Exactly how much hockey would be played in jersey with out Dr. McMullen? I was a youngin then but I don't exactly remeber a bucnh of people thinking Jersey would be a great place for a hockey team. Lets pay 3 different teams a yearly penalty to bring a team into their territory.

    Goalies, pitchers and qb's are just more important to a team. It's the nature of the position.


  22. I agree it is pretty tame. But that doesn't mean it shouldn't bother me and many other fans. You say it isn't hurting anybody but you're wrong. It hurts our fanbase by making us look bad...if I hadn't been a Devils fan already and I went to and game a people were cheering "You Suck" after a goal I personally would be really turned off by the experience. It also allows opposing teams fans to leave our stadium thinking that we are a$$holes...I don't want that stigma.

    I like being conisdered a die hard Devils fan who is welcoming to other fans in our stadium. If I meet a Ranger fan in our stadium, I don't insult his team unless he's an a-hole. If it's just a regular guy I usually have a convo about hockey with him and treat his team with respect. I don't want to stand up and cheer "You Suck" after every goal, right in front of him. That way he'll leave the stadium with a high opinion of Devil fans. He'll tell other people how respectful Devils fans are and that Ranger fans can learn from them. Just sayin...

    chanting you suck makes the entire fan base look like a$$holes? Bit of hyperbable imo. There was an article about the blue seats in SI many moons ago. That had examples of fans being jerks. Rangers fans wearing a Philly jersey with Pelle Lindberg's number and the name Dead on the back is makeing a teams fanbse look like a$$holes.

    Do I wish there were more chants that don't involve the word 'suck' in it, sure.

    I'm sure most college games of all sport have worse cheers in it.

    are you afraid it hurts other teams fan's feelings?

    how you intereact with another teams fan, and a chant after a goal song are apples and oranges. When the cab driver yelled at me in toronto becasue I wore a devils jersey the first thought running though my head wasn't all Leafs fans are a$$holes.(even though they have that same arrogence as Rangers fans for god know what reason)

    I personally think yolu are WAY too hung up on caring what other people, let alone other teams fans think. Maybe it's just me becasue I care about what maybe a handfull of people think about me. I'll take what others say into consideration, but when it comes down to it, if I can look into the mirror an sleep well at night, thats all that matters.

    If you don't like the chant, don't chant along. If enough people don't chat, it will die a slow death.

    and for the record, I've never chanted along with it.

  23. While I was a Stevens fan, you can't compare a defensman to a goalie. It may be the most important minutes, but a defensman is only on the ice just over a 1/3 of the time. Goalies can steal games(and Marty did steal games), I'm sorry but a defensman can't. I'll grant that Stevens set the tone with devestating hits and put fear into opponents(but so did the crash line). Stevens is among the best captains in my lifetime.

    Especially a goalie who has had rules made to counter his skill. Part of the reason the Devils system works was the inability for a team to dump the puck in unless it was done correctly. Marty makes the D better which in turn makes Marty better. Setting all time records while only playing for one franchise will have a bigger impact historically as well.

    I still think the answer to the question is.

    1 Dr. McMullen, without him there are no NJ Devils.

    2. LL

    3. Lemaire / Larry. that whole Montreal connection. What was the line. In the 70's the habs didn't call it the trap, they just called it defense.

    4. Marty

    5. Stevens

    6. Johnny Mac, he seemed to score every big goal in franchise history.

    7. Scott Nieds, one of the best all around defensman I've ever seen. I feel lucky that I was able to watch him play. The reason I feel old is becasue of the fact that I remeber the entire span of his career including the Kurvers trade that got the high draft pick(was the first or second year of out season tickets)

    probably Elias then Dano next. Maybe Sean Burke to round out the top 10, one hell of a run but too short of a career with the franchise.

    not enough early devils I agree, and I should probably have put 'role player' in the list, there have been so many good soldiers in the franchise that make this team gel. dougie brown, cohnacher, boshman, pando, brylin, on and on and on.

    I'm just babbeling at this point(I know, at this point? try since 2002(why 2002, no idea, just sounds funny to me)) so I will stop. 5pm yet?


    just my opinion.

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