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  1. I think Crosby will eventually grow a pair, or at least be able to succesfully fake it. When Mario was playing he didn't whine a single time, and Gretzky was twice the cry baby Crosby is now back in the day. Crosby will toughen up in the future, I'm certain of that.

    I tend to remember it just the opposite. I appreciated Gretzky even more because Mario complained about each and every thing. Especially in the playoffs when he was mugging Johnny Mac and got away with it while if any devil sneezed his way they would get called.

    Just my biased opinion though.


  2. Are you talking about the terrible Ric Flair WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the Bruins do after the PA Announcer officially announces the scoring decisions on the goal?

    If so... just... no.

    Not sure if they still do it but the carolina huricanes have rick flair doing his strut on the scoreboard saying WOOO to the techno/danceish song after scoring goals. Don't think it is all of their goals but I saw it once or twice. Rick Flair is from Charolette(or maybe just the area) which is only a two hour drive away.

    Side note, they have pretzles with jalepno cheese inside which I only mention casue I'm hungry and they were pretty good.

  3. So if there's let's say a nuclear arms race going on between the U.S. and Russia then you'd tune in to the hockey game?

    You wouldn't?

    If we beat Finland (you know, to like clinch the gold) instead of the USSR in 1980, the 'Miracle on Ice' isn't the same. Iran beat the US in soccer a few years ago. It adds to the game. Rivalries, friendly or a tad more serious tend to add heat to the competition. Which is the reason all star game in general fail for me. Even if we are talking about the pure skill of the game and players, I want to see those players at their best when the pressure is on.

    KHL isn't on the NHL level, it's AHL+. Maybe that why I'm apathetic toward the idea as well.

  4. It's not about becoming a fan. It's about A. Having more fun in the arena and B. Having more fun post-goal. It's about the total hockey fan experience.

    And then again on a side note TLOA did just say that "Ole" got his non-hockey fan friends to have fun at a Devils game.

    And I'm calling BS, sorry.

    How do you have a side note of what I quoted (and bolded)? Am I missing something? I know it's not difficult, but I'm confused.

    I just pointed out that someone said they were converted to becoming a hockey fan because of the bouncing souls. Then the backtracking where she changed teams because of the song, not became a fan of the NHL. Which was my whole point of my post(maybe to much subtlety or sarcasm).

    As for changing R&R pt2. Give it a couple years and Gary Glitter will be caught with child porn again ans it will change. Hopefully not to whoomp there it is.


  5. Really?

    Yeah. This isn't 1972 with a cold war backdrop. If you are talking about 1 game in the middle of the season, where one team(and team is the wrong term, collection of good players, no team chemistry, probably no role players etc) is going half way around the world, with nothing on the line. Probably not.

    It's not even the late 80's where Moscow Dynamo(or was it the red army team) went around playing other teams. The reason the olympics works is because you get a couple games to build a team and get some chemistry. Some of the early games were downright ugly.

    You mention some sort of all star type squad going over there(or coming here) on some sort of tour I may be piqued.(kinda like what baseball does(did?) by going to Japan)

    Just me, and I fully understand most people don't think like I do.


  6. I might be in the minority in this, but I prefer to see the All-Stars having fun during the weekend (and even the game) rather than fighting it out. Baseball's All-Star game has lost something for me since it went to the home-field-advantage rule... I miss the days of Larry Walker turning his helmet around backwards because of Randy Johnson's pitches. (that was them, right?) The All-Star game is a nod to the players for all they've accomplished so far; I don't think it needs to go any further than that.

    John Kruk,

    I like the all star game, every 4 years when they call it the olympics.

    Why bother with the AS game? I watch the skills comp sometimes, barely watch the game. Just like the other sports. I do like the future stars game or whatever it is called though(maybe i_g can tell me since I helped out wth Kruk).

    I don't think I would tune in for NHL vs KHL game either.

  7. I doubt Rock & Roll Pt. II is going anywhere, but maybe they'll be embarrassed enough by the Hey! You Suck! chant to change it up.

    I still contend Ole! by Bouncing Souls was our best non-Rock and Roll Part II goal song, and part of the reason why I was able to convert friends to hockey. But I also know I was in the minority in that opinion.

    The song that (presumably) sparked this thread, Unstoppable by Foxy Shazam, is just begging to be used by a major sports team, and I think whoever jumps on it first will have a great theme song a la Chelsea Dagger in Chicago. Mark my words: Someone will be using that song either as a goal song or a general team theme song this year.

    I have neaver heard anyone say, you know, I like the fast pace, the hitting, and the emotion of the game, but that song they play after a goal doesn't do it for me. I'm gonna become a Pacers fan becasue the sounds of the Indy Cars racing up and down the court puts me in the mood for sports.

  8. I would quote Belushi in Animal House but I don't like mispelling curse words.

    Any other word I have no problem mispelling.

    Not sure who seaid it a couple pages ago. As for it depends on who gets unloaded to make this work(as to weather this is a good signing or not). Thats jjust for this year. I'm assumeing 7 - $60(I know about assuming) so whether or not this deal is good depends on how the team looks 3 years from now, not just this year.

    I also love how The devils have basically been in a rebuilding mode the last few years yet have still won division titles.

  9. Id be pissed, He is fun to watch but so is the circus,,in a twisted kind of way :rolleyes:

    after all the great posts here I have realized what a non team plater type he is, yes he will put people in seats but I would much rather have cups.. IMO

    on what pages did he post? I must have missed it.

    I don't get how someone can change their opinion of a player on 2 weeks of rumors. It's like how some fans feel a team will miss the playoffs after a loss or win the cup after a win, in november.

    Oh no, Red team won today, we need Kaberle and trade Corrente, Tedenby and Josefson to get him. They're soft cause they missed the last prospects scrimmage.

    This early Stienbrenneresque(I totally understood hockily) mentality is the reason I give up on most fan message boards after short stints.

    Not directed at any one particular person.

    Directed at one person, Pk, Think?

    I simply know I'm crazy, no thinking needed.

  10. deff. corey schwab.. best backup jewish goalie ever. plus he was a fighter

    I never called John Madden Maddog because Scwhab. Was a fun moment while he was skating down the ice also.

    Also, that is all star goalie Craig Billington.

    Best back up goalie was probably Chris Terreri, Probably the most snake bitten with this org as well. Backed up Burke when he probably should have been starting more because Sean was playing horrible and didn't seem to take a seat well. Burke gone, Terreri's job right? Billington has an all star year. Biller's gone, then some kid named Martin Brodeur splits time with him, you may have heard of him.

    Unless of course the game is being played in the Boston garden, then of course he is starting.


  11. i have a feeling he is going to exceed expectations

    Question for those who have watched more then just youtube vids of a-train. Does he know when to make the big hit or does he get out of position trying to make a big hit(which is my pet peeve with white)? I's like fights, there are some points ina game where your team needs that fight to wake the bench up. We haven't had that since Peluso. I'm not saying we haven't had better fighters then Peluso, I'm just saying we haven't had guys that had a feel for the game. Could be part coaching. I thought Ftorek was fired for not letting Oliwa get off the bench while some Panther(Peter Worell) was elbowing everyone(might be the game when Nieds slashed said person in the head) in sight. (man that sentance doesn't make sense to me and I just wrote it, all I hear in my head is, remeber that sentance and I will explain everything that is wrong with it when we get home peter)

    tl;dr: does A-train no when to and more importantly, when not to hit?

    <edited to add Peter Worell's name, happend in 2000, removed mention of crowder>


  12. I would not trade Parise for 4 20+ first round picks. Even if half them make it to the NHL and two as 2nd liners, they aren't franchise types like Parise and it destroys the team short term.

    not saying I would let Zach walk, but he was a 17'th overall, so why can't you find franchise players deep in the draft?? Who's to say that the picks would be 20+. and finally. Lou wouldn't be able to package the 2 first rounders for a top 5 pick if there was some franchise player that he wanted?

    all I'm saying is that 4 first rounders is a lot to work with.


  13. Hockey is one of the most intense, athletic, skilled, well rounded sport in the world. It's fast paced and highly entertaining. I can't understand why people don't find it as exciting as I do. It boggles my mind that baseball and soccer are more popular.

    Soccer and baseball just kill me. Baseball is too long and boring and soccer... soccer is skilled no question but it's too many 1-0 games and the utter lack of anything exciting that really get to me. In hockey you can make a comeback 3-0 with 3 minutes left. It's difficult and rare but doable. Soccer... 2-0 with 5 minutes left is a loss for the losing team.

    Anyway, back to Kovy... Sign with the dang Kings already and end this drama. Please.


    Sounds like every ranger fan talking about the devils from 95 - present

    Not saying I agree or disagree, just waiting for you to knock soccer's attendence now.

    ESPN caters way to much to players, not the sport itself. Although I must admit I watch PTI almost every day. Kornhieser, while terrible in MNF(or was it SNF?) is outstanding on that show, Wilbon I disagree with more then agree, and is too NBA centric.

    Although Bevis and Butthead are coming back, I can't tell you the last time I put on MTV. * VH1 classic is in my rotation of channels I check though. Wish they would show repeats of remote control, I'd probaby tune in for that.

    * Yes, I admit I'm an old fart

    I may be in the minority, but I still feel the longer this goes on, the better for the devils. Once he realizes that the Kings can't afford him, he will take the Devils offer. I don't see a problem with it either, some say he will sulk, why not inernalize it and motivate him?

    I'm still tyring to not get my hopes up, but the silence from Grossman is better then the negotiating through tweets imo. Casue he knows(or at least should know) that Lou doesn't play games like that.

    yeah, I'm bored, I admit it.

  14. Anybody who calls themselves "money" is automatically a d-bag, so that part was redundant.

    I doubt local radio show clowns know any more about the situation than you or I.

    You're so money and you don't even know it!

    hmm, I was just going for a swingers reference, but it just looks like I'm calling you a 'd-bag'

  15. Would a player fly to LA for a bargaining chip. An offer can come is via phone or fax. Plus the Kings were already interested when the Devs made an offer, no?

    Not that I think he is using LA just as a baganing chip, but what message would that send if he didn't go? Yeah Lou, I really want to go to LA but I'm not willing to go there for a trip to see if I like the city. You better up your offer.

    As for the crowd that doesn't want him at all, you are all nuts. You don't want him at too high of a price(what that price is totally fair game to disect), ok, but to say he won't make this team better is just plain wrong. Can he be selfish? sure. didn't 3/4 of his 1 on four rushes happen when the rest of his line was going for a change? I rather have Kovy try to work some magic 1 on 4 then dump the puck. Just gives the other team something to gameplan against. The one impression I got form the short stint Kovy has been here is that he looks like he's never been properly coached. Maybe he has and just ignored it, but the thought of him with this team with a full training camp does get me excited (not cutting diamonds excited, but that feeling you get when you are a couple days away from vacation).

    As for the Kovy or Parise argument. I don't see why both can't be here. Forgot who said it but I rather have Kovy and still try to sign Parise, than not sign Kovy and have Parise bolt anyway(or some freak injury) and then you don't have either.

    Can someone explain why so many people want Lou to pull his offer off the table? what good does that do? Even if as a team Lou moves on, why make it easier for him to sign to LA? If they are going to take a cap hit, might as well make it as big as possible so when they are in cap hell downt he road, swoop in if you can.

    Still trying to not get my hopes up until any deal is signed. I still don't think we would be in the running had we not rented him and he got a feeling for the org and area.

    just my ramblings

  16. Well, In Cali they have the "doctors" right in or next to the "Marijuana marts" ready to write you a perscription. Def the most convienient place to buy. I'm not sure that the ability to buy pot factors in to Kovy's decision though. I would guess he doesn't smoke.

    Maybe the delay with the signing is that Kovy keeps saying 'Dave's not here man' every time Lombardi tries to call him.


  17. From Philadelphia Story? Hmm, that's one of my all-time favorites but I can't recall that reference. I usually think more of this one, from Duck Soup:

    "Why a four year old child could understand this! ...Run out and get me a four year old child, I can't make heads or tails out of it."

    not Philadelphia story. Philadelphia. big difference

    Denzel Washington kept saying 'Now, explain it to me like I'm a four-year-old.'

  18. I don't think it is so ambiguous.

    If one day your looking to trade, cut, or buy out players because you over budget and the next day your looking to potentially acquire players....

    If that is your logic, makes more sense, and much better explination then it's simple math. I just don't see where Lou wasn't ever looking to sign anyone else. How many times have you seen a If we can make the team better, we make the team better type quote from Lou. By saying Kovalchuk 'absolutly' doesn't hold him back from making other moves today, doesn't mean that yesterday, July 1, or any other day since we traded for Kovalchuk that Lou would have said the exact same thing.

    The only other quote of worth the last few days was the "There’s enough there. Don’t worry about my cap.” Does that sound like he was trying to 'trade, cut, or buy out players because you over budget'

    It's Lou speak. Lou hardly ever tips his hand.

    I stll think you are stretching.

  19. I must admit I thought that some sort of handshake deal was done while Lou looked to make cap space becasue Grossman had been so quiet. Him going to the Kings with a counterpropasal does scare me.

    I don't see LL clearing the cap space without a done deal because if he doesn't sign afterwards it is weakening your team(and if there isn't anyone available worth giving up assets to clear the space despite what the peanut gallery says here). Does Lou have deals in place to dump salary?

    Watching kovy play the last few months here gave me the impression that he has really never been coached and that he just gets by on raw talent. He's worth the wait, he's worth all the agrivation, not worth 10 mil a year casue you can't have any depth. around $8 mil you still can.

    As much as an offensive defensman is a need. I still maintain the PP killed us in the playoffs.

    Just debating if following the worthless drivil in this post is better then following the worthless drivil on TG's blog.

    The ninja stuff is anoying. The poster getting upset that his sarcasm was misunderstood while replying to a sarcastic post was funny, I must admit. I'm always in the mood to talk food.

    decisions decisions


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