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  1. It's 11.50 one way, not 14. You could try driving to Lyndhurst(parking's free)which is $5 each way, or try Secaucus, which is $10 parking but $4 each way and no transfer. But they should have the flash pass for STH's so traveling from Mahwah shouldn't be a problem since you'd save some money with it.

    From Lyndhurst you have to take the train to secacus, then newark, which is why it's a pain in the ass for bergen county residents to take mass transit to the game.

    my advice.

    Park at the harrison path station(new parking garage, over $5 but less then $10) and take the path to newark penn, and walk. Path is like a 90 second ride.

  2. Again, i'm not debating any of that, but you still communicate with those players and you still court them come July 1st. This Russian Roulette way of LL's is ancient. You take your top priorities, which is a top pairing D-man and a 40 goal scorer, and you sign or lose those players before you place a call to Rod fvcking Pelley who is going nowhere.

    So you know is busy trying to sign pelley. So he should be calling Kovy and Martin, who he has had a chance to sign the last few months. you don't happen to think maybe he is calling other free agents that he wasn't able to talk to the last few months? Just becasue you aren't getting blurbs how the devils are making offers, dopesn't mean Lou is just sitting on his ass eating a pannani.


  3. Players like Pelley are not top priorities when you have the type of FA's the Devils do. What's that show Martin when he doesn't get a call, but Pelley does?

    I like Pelley, but he wasn't going anywhere to make him a 1st signing of the day.

    Say you are Martin or Kovy's agent. You've talked to lou the last month or so, you test what offers you have. They have many options, and I'm sure have been on the phone with different teams the last 2 hours(again, less then 2 hours in).

    How many GM's are calling Pelly? not many, get the deal done, x off one roster spot while waiting for Martin and Kovy to see exactly the offers out there while LL counter offers. You can't counter off before other teams make the offer. Lou is not going to wow a free agent and overspend enough to make anyone not at the very leaset do the due diligence and see what other teams will offer.

    Depending on what Pelly signed for, LL waited for after July 1 to sign him. Between qualifying offers, arbitration rights and the general CBA I wouldn't be suprised if this deal was done a week ago and just not made official until Free agency began. Even reading TG's blog there was confusion as to wether or not he was made a qualifying offer.

    <edited some, not all of my typos>

  4. I think Martin's range is $5 - $5.5 max. Any team offering more than 5.5 is crazy. Gonchar is 36, but he also has better stats and a proven importance to any team he is on, as witnessed by Pitt's record without him.

    You have to be carefull with signing guys over 35 to long term contracts. As witnessed with Rolston. If his play deteriorates, there isn't much you can do to get him off your cap. he's been injured a bit lately as it is and was never great in his own end imo.

    My guess is Martin gets 25ish for 4 years. Don't think I'd pay tht much for him, but i think someone will

    <edited to get rid of the doubletalk>

  5. cuteness -- even if hockey should never be played in June - lockout/strike or not!

    The Devils are undefeated in summer.

    Peluso crying.

    Only time I've seen a certain friend touch alcohol (had connections, snuck a bottle of champagne that was heading to the lockeroom)

    Parking lot till 6am

    tried to rollerblade for the first (and only) time and didn't fall (although needed to use a parked car to stop)

    reading the paper (the record with the SWEEP headline) at the wick (might have been meadowlands) while getting breakfast.

    all in all, not a bad night/morning

  6. Since my last post ground this thread to a screaching halt I figure why not one more time.

    For those complainging abuot the too many men on the ice before the goal, There were at least two times in the first period that too many men on the ice that I thought could have been called, one for both teams. Part of the game, I would have been shocked if that one was called actually. Refs pretty much called it liek I thought they would. Philly does so much they don't call everything, Devils get a few PP's ina row so anything close gets called agasint them. Sees to be the way of the NHL. if you don't make them pay on the PP Philly will continue if not rachet it up.

    ice must have sucked, lots of falling players, pucks jumping over sticks, unfortunatly the devs didn't adjust and make shorter crisper passes. I don't mind when kovie tried to make those end to end rushes. It's a risk reward thing. Seems like he tries them at the end of the shift when his linemates are going for a change. Rather he attempt to create a scoring chance(and if he did score on that one it probably would have been the nicest individual effort goals I've ever seen live, A-line had some amazing passing to set up goals, maybe a scott niedermayer end to end) then dump the puck in. As everyone already know that game was decided by special teams, not sure if there was enough movement on the PP. There were a few chances where the open player got the puck, but the pass was in the feet and that extra second cost them a good(or any) shot(as opposed to the goal they scored which was a one timer). I thoght Ilya passed a couple times too many so hopefully that sets up his shots for tonight. Series are all about adjustments.

    I don't see major changes for tonight. Booch left tons of rebounds, Devs just have to fight to get to them. I expect a more desperate team tonight, but I thought they controlled play pretty much. I don't think I noticed PL3 so if corrente gets an oportunity, maybe he will hit everything. Not even saying the 3rd/4th lines played badly, they created oportunities. Think one or two slid wide of the net. Had the devs scored on one of the many oportunites int he first, that game plays totally different. Flyers played a decent road game. Survives the opening onslaught, chip in an ugly goal, hold on for dear life. If the Devils get an early goal it could open the floodgates. Hold Philly to under 20 shots again and good things shuold happen.

    I still think they can win, although in 5 sounds a bit tough now.


  7. I was going to start a new thread with a bunch of rambling (and lots of tangent going this and that way, I'm sure pk will keep up with me but I'm sorry to everyone else who like to think in more of a lineral fashion) about more then just this game/series, but I'm too lazy and don't want to clutter up the board. Looking foward to this post season, matter of fact thinking about getting season tix again for next year but that is getting to ahead of myself. I'm thinking devs in 5. Refs will play a big role in style of the games. You get one of the most penalized teams vs one of the least with an NHL mindset of PP chances usually ending up pretty even at the end of the game and you have lots to play with. Does the PP score in the first couple games so Philly has to be more diciplined? It's looked better the last couple weeks, but an 0 - 2 in a close game 1 and grips get tighter, fans start booing(still drives me nuts) and it becomes a close game. Don't see it happening, but the possibility is always there.

    I feel the lines will start as zzpops, elias- ilya - zubrus, clarkson-pelly-pl3(he earned a shot in game one form his play the last couple weeks, any other series I think Pando plays) who does that leave? nieds-rolston-mcamond. Thats how I would start the game. If Pronger is on the ice every time Zach is, swap langs and Zubrus. JL tells the 4th line(cp3) don't take any penalties, hit everything in orange, don't give up any goals, if you are in the offensive zone, shoot the puck and crash the net.

    If Langs isn't meshing with Elias and Ilya, rolston should be the first to get the oportunity. I just thought clarckson didn't look in step with them enough. Looked good for a few sh!ts(which as one or two more shifts better then Zharkey did) but overall I didn't think he did enough. Rolstons the vet with a much higher upside potential and would deserve a few shifts.

    Looking for a nice 2 goal(3 with en) game win tonight. I don't like blowouts wins in the first game because it's too easy to say that the loosing team just didn't have it for the night, throw the game away and sneak a win in the next game.

    I'm hoping for lots of mock boooosh chants when he stops the puck behind the net or such.

    I don't see any Clarckson - Carcillo follow over. sure they will both be in scrums, but if they want to drop them(which I think was the original intent of the cross check, nothing dirty) there is always a pre season game next year.

    (now I think I'm just going to ramble casue I don't like posting in tons of different threads as you can tell by my horrid post count for a person thats been here for longer then the board. Now that I think about it, can I get a title other then lowel devil? spelling and punctuation killer, old fogie, kool aid drinker, vile bastard, anything else)

    I'm still under the belief that Lou has about a 25% - 33% chance of signing ilya. don't want to get my hopes up too high but would love to see him with a full training camp, family in the area settled in. since he's been here he's always says the right thing, and seems like a team guy. Hopefully he likes it here and wants to try and make it work out. If it comes own to pure $$ he won't stay, but I'd make that trade again in a second even if he splits. Lou will try and i'm sure a call from Fetisov(as long as he doesn't pitch the khl), Brylin, Nemchinov and about 3 or 4 more might help.

    I could easily see a different captain to start the season. I think it's 50 - 50 Langs is back next season.

    I'm off to see the game. sorry if you read the whole thing

    <not edited for spelling, punctuation or logical content whatsoever>

  8. IIRC, Messier was Best Man at Dano's wedding. I also thought they were related, although distantly.

    Also, if I remeber correctly Mess was the one who convinced Kenny to go to rehab. I'm sure he wasn't the only one, but I do remeber Danyeko mentioning him as being very influential, along with LL and Dr. McMullen


  9. Yes it is, for hockey. IN LA it's Lakers and nothing much else, in NY it'a Yankee$ and nothing much else.

    sorry, didn't quote Brickwall's whole post

    point 1, nyr won't get kovy because it's big market

    point 2, was La is a small market team.

    can't have it both ways.

  10. I think far more likely is that he ends up either in LA which is quickly becoming a serious threat (sort of Pittsburgh'esque) to win a cup with all their high picks coming up, AND they can offer him big bucks AND they are a low profile market in a beautiful location.

    LA is a low profile market?

    not pointed at brickwall30 specifically but

    I love how everyone knows what Kovy is looking for when he really hasn't said much. And going by what players have said in the past is a 50/50 shot at best. Didn't Holik say he will only sign with a team he consideres a cup contender. Love him or hate him, Holik was one of the more brutaly (and I want to emphasise brutal) honest quotes out there. I agreed with him 99% of the time.


  11. I don't have much else to add because most people have already mentioned my thoughts on Zharkov. The sad part is Lemaire won't give him a fair shot. He came in and played 4 games, where he had a couple of hard-working points and also drew a penalty. Yet, he's back out of the lineup, and Jay Pandolfo is in tonight instead.

    It really is mind blowing.

    yeah. Putting Zharkov on a line with Kovalchuk and Elias for a couple games, and putting that line out there with an empty net to try to get him his first goal isn't a fair shot.

    Zharkov had a couple good shifts with them early but was pretty invisible for most of those games. Clarckson had more of an impact with that duo imo and even he didn't do enough to stick.

    He has potential, he has been given oportunites. It's not just that he hasn't finished, his all around game isn't there yet. You know what you will get from Pando. He's been there before. Depending on match up I expect Pando to be in game 1. Lineups usually don't change with wins, but if Jaques feels like a player isn't playing well enough, he will be replaced. a loss in the playoff usually means tweaking as well.

    As for the JL doesn't like rookies in the playoffs. I seem to remeber marty getting plenty of playoff games his first year. You produce(and that isn't just g-a, it depends on your role) you play.


  12. When Langs is a top 5 all time anything he can get the comparison with Marty. Not that I think Marty demands to play every game.

    He wants to play, I undersand that. He doesn't want to say anything stupid to the press wile angry, I understand that. Say some bull duhram just want to help the team cliche out there, not no comment. Act like a captain. JL resting him was rest and a little, watch the game and think how you could be playing better then you have the last couple weeks, and also a litttle fooling around with the tops lines to see if anything else clicks that he could go to in case the lines he has(and i'm convinced if you asked JL off the record if he knows the lineup he is going to go with for the playoffs he has it already)

    This team really doesn't need a captain with all the leaders in the room. He should have been calling the players only meetings, not JL starting it then leaving halfway though a couple weeks ago. I wasn't a fan of the decision to make him captain at first, but I thought it was the right choice the last couple of years. I didn't like him yelling at the refs, becasue it just lead to more bad calls against the team, but that cooled off.

    I may be messing up a couple facts here, ut for anyone with a better memory then me. Did Rafalski get all pissy when Ftorek(I think) sat him in Detroit when he had 30 or so family and friends coming to the game? I think it was the Ftorek bench throwing game as well so maybe it was a lesser story. I rember Rafalski saying he was dissapointed becasue of all the tickets he got but dind't make waves.

    I also think in this day an age where we get info instantly off the blogs, simple no comments get made into mountains by some fans that thhink teams will win the cup with a win or miss the playoffs with a loss in the first week of the season.

    Just my rambling thoughts

  13. Former NHL head coach Pat Burns has been hospitalized with pneumonia, according to several reports.

    According to Montreal-based sports website ruefrontenac.com and Montreal radio station CKAC, Burns was hospitalized outside Tampa, Fla., last Sunday - his 58th birthday.


    I can't add anything that hasn't been said more eloquently by many other people on here and many other sites.


  14. If he doesn't like the booing, I hope that he doesn't read any of the forums.

    If I remeber correctly(which is always 50 - 50), over the last couple games, Zach, Elias, martin, Kovy, Zajak and probbably Rolston have all had excellent chances on the PP(maybe not all on the pp) that they just didn't bury. Had these games (and pp chances) occured durring a winning streak you could just say it was one of those games, bad puck luck or whatever. Since they've been struggling, it's just magnified. Fan favorites can do no wrong so they get the pass(Zach, clarckson(I like clarkson, hope he's with the team till he retires see him as a Randy McKay with a lil more upside, I don't see him as a top 6 guy as i've seen others state), zharkov, (I like him, don't see why some seem facinated with him though), the whipping boys can do no right, (rolston, Zubs, Kovy is falling into that catagory cause he isn't getting a goal per game).

    If this PP gets scoring at a decent pace, this team could do damage in the playoffs. That might be where some of the frustration comes from.

    for the record, I'm not a booer. I don't quite understand it either, but complaining about it in the press won't help much. Just going to get louder if you don't score. He feels that way no problem. Why bring it tot he press?


  15. As a conference call at work was winding down we were talking about weird sports happenings (a goal being scored in soccer off a beach ball or something along those lines, snowballs at players trying to kick fieldgoals). I seem to remember a Rangers game 15 - 20 years ago where a fan threw a puck into the net at about the same time as a player took a shot. I'm pretty sure the goalie stopped the shot but the fans puck went in. At work so can't check youtube.

    ring a bell for anyone?

    thanks in advance


  16. Yea, the Pelley call was legit, but Letang only getting a roughing minor from what ensued after the hit was possibly the most beyond absurd non call I've seen in an NHL game, minus Pandolfo getting drilled from behind in Detroit.

    Letang literally skated all the way across the ice, dropped his gloves and jumped Pelley. Granted, Pelley made him pay for it, but instigating a fight in the third period and only getting a roughing minor?? Give me a break. This is the exact reason I have no respect for NHL officials.

    If I remember correctly, you don't get an instigator if you start a fight with someone who just committed a major penalty. Maybe it is you don't get an extra 10. being that is was throw back night, I may be remembering a rule that is almost 20 years old as well.

    I do agree with your point about the refs. I have always felt that the officiating is the reason why hockey will always be the least popular of the major sports.


  17. I'd just rather do nothing than getting Skoula, because of the history with him and Lemaire. he was the worst defenseman (other than Sean Hill, who even steroids couldn't help) on the last Wild team to make the playoffs, but it never stopped Lemaire from playing him.

    So you don't like a player because he played on a team that doesn't normally make the playoffs, that made the playoffs when JL was giving him too much ice time?

    We have depth at D, We have depth on the 3rd and 4'th lines. Players have to be playing well or they won't get the ice time.

    We have an good to above average D. We have an above Average to elite offense(assuming Iyla clicks).

    Why such a panic from everyone?


  18. My favorite Lou moment.

    I think it was the second Niedermayer holdout, a couple games into the season. Team didn't look so great. Between periods I would hang out right outside of vending 119. Lou would go down to his office between periods by that same hallway. A fan held up a $1 and yelled to Lou that the single was to help sign Nieds. Lou turned around went up to the fan, took the bill, turned around and din't say a word. The look of shock on the fans face was priceless. It was one of the funniest thing I ever saw.


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