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  1. I am so glad that all crime has been eliminated, we have no bugdget problem, unemployment is a thing of the past and all of the corruption in the great state of New Jersey is taken care of so that the lawmakers have enough time to worry about what the uniforms look like on our professional sports team.

    I hate politicians. I hate lawyers.


  2. i was at the six shot game. my buddy and i didn't even realize it until the game was nearly over that the devils were that dominant.

    i want to say that the devils held them to 4 shots until late in the game, but i'm not sure about that.

    If I remember correctly, shots on goal by period went 3, 2, 1. And leaf fans will say that there was a little home town advantage by the official scorer by not counting 6 shots. So they really had 12, which even if you believed them, which I don't, is still nothing to brag about getting 12 shots in a game while trailing.

  3. Not that I think DM would, but I wouldn't be in favor of asking the Devils to donate as has been mentioned a couple times. Why put yourself into a situation where the team wants you to delete a negative post or ban a user that just badmouths the team.

    Not saying they would, just saying it could happen.


  4. YES!!!

    Opening Night - October 3rd against Flyers at THE ROCK!!

    THEN - October 5th vs RANGERS!! What a way to start the year!! Oh baby!!

    Open with 2 divisional rivals. Must win games or else we'll be last in the division and miss the playoffs.

  5. Didnt say we should tank but more so have a bigger freshman class as the upper class men are graduating.

    my point was that you mentioned 3 teams that have lots of youth that made a splash(a tad more than a splash with pit) last year.

    Pit, 2001 - 2005 missed playoffs, highest pt total 69

    Was 2001 - 2007 made playoffs once, pts, 85, 92, 59, 70, 70

    Chi 97 - 08, made palyoffs once.

    How many young players does Detroit have? That is the type team to compare the devils to.

    Bring in the new players, but don't expect more than a couple each year.

  6. I agree this year may suck but with the economy the way it is expected to affect the cap this is the year to get younger and hopefully the devils start the transition into more exciting teams with alot of young kids like Chicago - Washington and Pittsburgh

    so we should tank the next 5 or 6 seasons to get high draft choices for a few years in a row to get a nice young team for the 2015 season? You don't get the can't miss superstars when you are consistantly drafting in the mid 20's each year.

    We were a division winner last year. 1:20 away from advancing against a team that went to round 3.

    We don't rebuild by having a ton of rookies most years. We sprinkle them in here and there. Lou's philosphy comes from when he was a AD at providence. You have your seniors(vets, Marty, Elias, Langs etc,) teaching your sophmores (been around but not quite team leaders, Zach, Martin, White) who teach the freshman (first and second year players, Clarkson, Zajak, Greene). you try and keep an even mix and let the cycle continue as players get older. I for one rather have it that way then cleaning house every few years and not have a clue as to what the season will bring, but thats just me

  7. lou probably wants 1.5, the arbitrator will say 2, we will end up paying him but lou won't be all that happy.

    I think a few people here are confused with the processs which is why there is so much negativity. The whole process is part of the CBA. filing for arbitration assures two things. No other team will make an offer to Travis, and he won't hold out. Basically means he wants to stay on the team but can't agree on $$ so it isn't the end of the world here.

    If Lou loses he won't get mad or be spitefully, it's only business. some players can handle it, others can't. I don't rmeber nieds going to arbitration, but I do remeber him holding out. He eventually signed, played like it didn't bother him. Guerin on the other hand signed a deal after holding out and didn't look like he was giving 100% which is why he was traded and won't ever be a devil again. Holdouts are a bit different from arbitration, but that is why the process is here now.

    It is a tougher for the team for arbitration becasue you do want to get the best deal, but you can't bad mouth them so much that they sulk. Lou has said that he's learned from the past. I trust Lou on this point.

    I also don't see how Lou would walk away from a arbitrion ruling. Why get no value from a signed player that at the very least you could get a bag of pucks.

    As for all the players that have left after holdouts/arbitration, by it's very nature you know they had a higher value of themselves then the team did. Why should that change a year or two after the process. Do you think a player would think he was worth less the next year? which worries me on some level for Travis in the future.


    Travis will be in a devils uni next season

  8. AHHH early July every other team is a Stanley Cup contender and the Devils have been relegated to the ECHL.

    Just like every year I'll wait and see what transpires. It may be good it may be bad, but I'll be following the team!

    Exactly why I only read the board twice a year, trade deadline being the other.

    We loose Clemmer who had a nice run, but the team D really clamped down once they realized marty wasn't back there. Nice back up, but our number 2 goalie isn't a prority.

    Gio has been gone in every trade rumor the last 3 years.

    coincedence that Madden had an off year when Pando didn't play in big chuncks? At the time I thought Madden deserved the C over Langs, but loosing a 3/rd line center wont kill us

    I like rupp but cmon.

    We were Colin white trying to be Stevens but forgetting that Scotty rarely got himself out of position on his big hits away from advanceing at least one more round. the team at times was unstoppable durring stretches. Marty didn't look good game 7 either, and you can't blame the to tired excuse this year.

    i'm sure someone from lowel will be able to replace Madden as the checking center(not saying he'll be as good, just not a huge dropoff). I'm assumeing Shanny will be back. Hopefully with a full camp, the team as a whole learning with a new coach, Shanny can make more of an impact. I REALLY like Clarckson and think he may get second line ice time.

    We need to sign a couple players, but they don't have to be superstars with loaded contract$ when the cap will probably go down next year, I was suprised it didn't go down this year tbh.

    Would love to bolster the second PP unit, and get another two way defensman.

    Would love to have a fourth line that can go out, wear down the other team, drop em if they have too, but not be a defensive liability while giving the top 2 lines a bit of a breather. When we have that as a team, the team just roles.

    Would I mind a sniper? hell no, just don't stand around, expect him to do everything for the team like when Gilmore was on the club(ok, long time ago, but still a fear of mine)


  9. Am I the only one who felt hosed in that deal giving up a third?

    Devils get No. 20 for the 23rd AND 84th? Meanwhile, Anaheim drops down from 21 to 26 and picks up the 37th...

    Josephson seems alright... but I would rather pick a little later with that 2nd rounder coming my way.

    I'm confused. How did we overpay when we give up a late 3rd to move up 3 spots when another team gave up an early 2nd to move up 5 spots?


  10. In our history, we've had THREE european draft picks that have not been completely worthless.

    Sarge, Elias and Zelepukin.

    Not happy.

    so Fetisov, Starikov and Kasatonov were worthless? I understand it was a while ago, and not at their prime, but kinda changed the face of the NHL.

    only thing that bothers me with the pick was the injury mention. Lou doesn't move up in the draft much so they must have seen something.

    As with most drafts. Won't know one way or the other for 3 or 4 years at the earliest.

  11. Exactly. That's how you lose. Not that I have a lot of confidence about this series anyway. Should the Devils manage to win this series, I would not care what happened for the rest of the playoffs. That's how I was in 2006. Beating the Rangers in the playoffs is the next best thing to winning the Cup.
  12. So half (maybe more) of you might not have a clue who I am, but I was asked to post this for the ones who not onlyt know me but have actually been to my house for a playoff game or two. I am moving to NC, concord(outside of charolette, bout 2 hours from the cane's building) in two weeks. Who knows, after I move maybe I'll even read the board and post more. Might drive me nuts again, but we shall see. Went to three games this year, so I didn't see some of the regulars at all. Was fun while it lasted and I will (and have) missed the few I saw on a regular basis.

    I know what you're thinking, I know you didn't like the Newark arena Joe but moving away because of it, thats a tad extreme. What can I say. When I take a stand, I take a stand.

    And for those who just never get me (and I have one name in mind that I just can't point out cause I don't want to start any fights) yes, that was a joke.


  13. They way he handled this season... it would have been much better to rebuild the team and start new cycle, instead to damage the team this bad

    You'll see this summer when we resign GIO and Elias.. just how mcuh more money will be left to do anything else

    Rebuild going into a year where you have no clue how the 'new nhl' is going to be, how the salary cap will affect, your team, trades, draft pick values, every players value. At the start of the season we didn't have 1 contract that went beyond 2 years. We sign marty less than cap max, long term. We will have cap room to do what every Lou pleases. Does the 'new nhl' keep a tight wistle, ok, lets build our team around quick scorers. do the whistles go into thepockt come polayoff time, ok, lets get a bigger team. Our top foward missd a month or so, year layoff, horrible start, we are winning, comfy for a playoff birth. Yeah, horrible job, lets fire everyone.

    Why rebuild when you have Marty and Elias, gomez and I'll even throw in Rafalski. none of them are over the hill, it's a nice solid core, all of them good enough for their respective Olimpic teams. Solid defensive corp, solid system, good role playes. I'm amazed we win any games at all.

  14. Sorry for the sarcasm Tri... I'm angry with Lou..

    FIRE LOU LAMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thats a joke, right?

    Won't even talk about the 3 cups.

    Won't even talk about him getting considereation for coach of the year.

    Won't even talk about the fact that the Devs are a modle organization that a few teams(ottawa, to name one) have copied.

    This team is winning, This team each and every night can come away with 2 points. Lou doesn't shake up a winning team and you want him fired. In general, Lou tweaks, he doens't go for big name moves. They don't work for him(gilmour, Housley, debatable if you want to classify Molgilny and Malakov as big moves, people didn't like them, but I wouldn't consider them monsters at the time of the moves). Tweak the tram and make it better. You don't judge these moves day of, you judge therse moves by how they fit in the sytem, and if the team improves or not. We go far in the playoffs, good moves, get bounced round 1, bad moves.

    Lou is the NJ devs. Has been for 15 years, I don't know how you can be a fan of this franchise and want him fired.

    back on topic, am I happy with the moves. They seem fine, nothing earth shattering but nothing to jump off a bridge about. Tweaks

    Off topic again, team is winning, why shake up our 2 top lines.? injuries, fine, but to break up our one consistant line to HOPE to get 2 decent lines doesn't make sense to me.

    Tweak our 2'nd PP unit and it will win us more games than upgrading our second line.

  15. This move is silly. When have these deadline deal trades for veteran dmen ever worked for lou?

    Chambers comes to mind. Helped us in during the cup run, gave up what, semak? Didn't seem like a move to puut us over the top, but Along with broten, fit in well with the team and contributed. The devils always go by the philosphy of get quality players, and if you have enough, someone will step up at the right time.

    The Klee trade is a 20 game + playoffs audition to see if we want him next year, while trying to help the team a bit this year. Every defensman was horrible early in the year(I thought too much was blamed on Malakov and McGilllis). Each defensman has been solid lately. AS for our second line, Elias getting healthy helps our second line. Actually, us having a solid fourth line should help us. Lou has brought back a hitting fourth line. Give the team a little spark, don't take penalties. Elias comes back, Marshall to 4'th line, Parise, Kozlov, Brylin. as the second line. Solid 4 lines. Key to the 'new nhl' is the powerplay.

    If Klee fits in on the second pp unit and it produces, this trade is a steal. He ends up a healthy scratch every other game, then we havea problem. Probably end up somewhere in the middle.

  16. Ah, there's the robots I have missed so greatly.


    ohh, the fox bots.

    I only saw them a shift, but watching this remnds me of how much iu miss the crash line.

    Side note, as faras the new NHL, there was a ton of interference and hooking both sides not called.

    they need to cut out some of the comercals, thows off my rythym wathcing the game.


  17. Maybe so, but you shouldn't "have to know where to look".  They should just BE there within plain sight.  Also, once you're in the car going home, chances are you'll keep going rather than stopping someplace 5-10 minutes out, celebrating, and then hopping back in the car to go home.


    most places that are right next to arenas are a tad overpriced and just not that good. At least thats been my experience of a couple places.

    I've gone out after games, I've gone straight home after games.

    depends on your mood.


  18. ouple thigns.

    As for players going out to communities. The tem does a lot of stuff with schools int he area. Players go to hospitals and such that they don't put in the paper. I never liked when teams make a big deal about that stuff. Look at me, aint I great. Just like the food drives, toys for tots, coat drives. My mom runs a health fair for Wallington twice a year or so. The devls mascot has been there a few times(free of charge, nets mascot was gonna charge one year) and the team has donated bobble head dolls once or twice. You always see high school groups in attendence. THe team does stuff for the communities. They just don't brag.

    As for the no place to eat around the areana. you just have to know where to look. May not be next door. But there are a ton of good resturants / bars withen 5 - 10 minute drive.

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