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  1. taken directly from the nhl.com cba faq. ok? What will be the range of Club payrolls? The payroll range in Year One (2005-06) of the CBA will be $21.5 million (U.S.) at the lower limit and $39 million (U.S.) at the upper limit. A Club's payroll will include all salaries, signing bonuses and performance bonuses paid to players. Except in the case of bona fide long-term injury (injuries that sideline a player for a minimum of 24 days and 10 games) to one or more of a club's players, Club payrolls will never be permitted to be below the minimum or in excess of the maximum. Clubs at or near the upper limit that have players who incur a bona fide long-term injury will be entitled to replace up to the full value of the injured player's NHL salary (even if such salary would result in the club's team salary exceeding the upper limit). The "replacement salary" will not count against the club's upper limit but will count against the League-wide players' share. Upon return of the injured player, the team must come into immediate compliance with the requirements of the payroll range. Joe edited to fix quote thingy
  2. everything I've read says hat a team can't be over the cap at any point, not even in a transistion move on the same day. Actually, I'm sure it's been stated in Bettmans press conference at some point. Joe
  3. I just want to point out that Holik took the better offer with the Rangers. Got the huge signing bonus, is still getting 2/3'ds of his salary and doesn't have to skate a shift. I know most fans don't want him back, but I'd take him back in a heartbeat. Teams need players that other teams hate. Madden isn't at the level of Holik in that regards, Holik is close to Caude status in hatred. Hell, half of his own teams fans hate him, as well as some teamates I'm sure. Oliwa and Holik at the first pratice, fun stuff. Joe
  4. having not payed for parking in ages. I don't know if it's discounted our not. Pre season games are free, you also get an extra free ticket in preseason for each seat
  5. what I like is that there aren't a ton of back to back road games. I only looked quick but Ithink 3 sets. one was Isles and Rangs, close enough to sleep in their own bed, Pit and Philly close enough, and one other that wasn't horrible. Joe
  6. Anuyone writing Lou? I have an idea. If you've had seson tickets since befrore a certain year(94?) you should have the option of getting a christmas Jersey. #24 Brown anyone? Joe
  7. if the devils didn't give the rebate, the devils would still make the 10% interest, they would just keep the prinicple also. For the person calling getting tickets, they include the parking in the price, keep that in mind. Joe
  8. If I remember correctly. It was right before an expansion year so we were going to lose either Souray or another young defensman(White?) if we didn't trade one. I know ton of people didn't like Malakov in the playoffs, I thought he was fine for what we needed, we got a up, no complaints from me. releasing hijak of thread Joe
  9. The one thing that stands out in my mind abuot Tom Kurvers was how when he played hte point on the PP, he couldn't keep the puck uin the zone to save his life. How does Neids go? He makes the max, means less for the rest of the team which in general would mean not as good a team, in general. Marty is number one priotity, Nieds number 2. Can a team aford to keep 2 name players now? Max is about 7 mil a year right? Assuming some team will offer him max, can the devs offer him close but an extra year. If he wants to stay, which could go either way imo, how close to max do the devs have to go, how close can they go? shuold be a fun few weeks. Joe
  10. my one qustion is at what point will the reductoin is equipment be an increase int he chance of goalie injury? I really have no idea at what that point would be and would like to know if some sort of study has ben done on the subject. Also, I remeber either reading, or an interview with a goalie(hell may have been in a beezers corner a long time ago in a galaxy far far away) that lighter pads created bigger rebounds. I'm all for the reductions, I just don't want to hear anything after sone goalie gets hurt in the first week of training camp.
  11. generalization. One of the main problems with htis board in general(hence I said generaization) is the fact that people don't recognize humor. Am I the only one who thought that is is mostly a joke? now if this was said after the new rules came out, and he was a little more specific, then I MIGHT have a HINT of doubt in the back of my mind. Do you think he's gonna apply to harvard to get his law degree also?
  12. few things. Generalization that I'll get yelled at, but I'll say it anyway. Most of the poople bitching about he ticeket prices, are only going to a handfulkl of games a year. The ones who should bitch are the season ticket holders. Prices haven't risen in a few years(if I remebr correctly). We get a decent discount off of face value, regular and post season. Lower bowl is $90, but if you look around, thats cheap compared to a lot arenas. I know a certain person who will be pissed at me, but if they added a level or 2 to the lower bowl. First couple rows jack up the price, and drop the uppers a bit, I'm all for that as well. Season ticket holders do get a coupel perks, got my picture with the cup a few times. Did go to an autograph thing years ago. Crash line, days. More perks would be nice though, help with getting tikets to away game maybe, a package of all the extra givaways at the end of the year. Someone mention economics, beena few years but the supply demand thing is right, but there is also elasticity(prolly not even close, like a rubber band). Sometimes, you lower prices, get more fans, but still lose money, sometimes, you lower prices, get more fans, gain more money. I am one of those people, (actually, me and my dad) that go to basically every game and don't spend a thing on parking food etc. Free sodas yup. parking no. lots more I want to say, but I don't see how they can lower prices, when my guess is prices will jump when(please be an if, xanadu is al you wanted, why move now, totally off subject, and would starts tons of crap,sorry I wrote it) goignn to newark. Lets drop proices now, then the jump in price for a new building will look worse? Joe
  13. All speculation, casue I'm not suse if the league knows what direction they are going in, but here are my $.02. I don't see the thrill of the shootout, but I will asssume its on the way. Big key is if the ot loss is a point or not. I think a few people fail to relaize that half the reason the 4-4 ot was end to end action soemtimes was exactly becasue the point was got, and the extra was gravy. I don't thin kburns did it, but I'm pretty sure Larry had 3 fowards and nieds, or 3 fowars and Rafalski in games agsain the other conference, and 2 fowards with 2 defensman with division and some conference games. Its a different mindset. If you aren't guarenteed a point, why shuold 3 on 3 be more wide open if a team decided to have a player not cross the blue line? especially if there is no red line, you may have a guy playing his own blue line. Great goalie, slow the play down 4 on 4, 3 on 3. Great fowards, you can take some risks 3 on 3, but why not just wait until the shootout starts. No extra innings, lets have home run contests, basketball? slam dunk contests, fans love them right? Shootout, radical idea, go for the gusto, win 3 pts, ot/shootout win 2, ot/shootout loss 1, reg time loss 0. can't compare eras point wise, can't do it anyway csue shouotouts are of this era. I like the tag up offsides rule, with discression. Keep the intentional offside and actually call it more often. I'm wishy washy on no touch iceing, but wouldn't be that upset if it reduces injuries. 2 line passes will be gone, but be back withen 5 years as teams just set up defenses farthur back. hmm get rid of the no seam plexy glass. go back to one ref and actually call the rules on the book. If it's a penalty in the first period of a pre sesaon game. It's a penalty in ot of game 7 of the finals.(other than agame way out of hand thats about to get real ugly, and refs should know when this is. and even then, just start throwing out 10 min to people). Be consistant. no make up calls. refs are still one of the most frustrating parts of the game(and thats saying tons after the crap of the last year) reduce the decibles of music betwen stops in play. hmm poker tables on the concurse, a lil $5-$ between periods? fluffers? Joe
  14. I'm confused, is he talking about Bettmen or Goodnow here? just trying to get my post count above 25 a year Joe
  15. actually, it's been a year. oh, since I posted, yeah, been awhile. TY for the well wishes. I'm still disgusted with the whole thing. We lose a season, players get a worse deal, couple devs get hurt, NHL killed whatever advertising it had, newark still makes no sense to me. Loou looked good on WFAN yesterday although my TV lost it's picture half way through. I almost came back when JR made those assinine comments. I don't know what I was more upset at though, the comments or the lack of any columnists going after him and ripping him a new one for what he said. Thats what the NHL has become. Most stations waitng for fights to break out, or what stupid thing has been done to get someone suspended half the year, not giving a rats ass. For anyone who cares, it looks like a parking garage is being built in the Arena parking lot. Going up pretty fast. Joe
  16. Just wanted to say merry x-mas to anyone I forgot to pm. I haven't posted here much in the past year, ok 2yeas, but there are a few people I'm sure I am forgetting so I am doing a general merry x-mas. Or throw in whatever is the politically correct thing to say casue I aint doin it. Trying not to think about hockey, but trying to think about some of the people I've bickered with, talked to and met here. hopefully this wont' be deleted for non hockey content, I know I'd be pissed if I didn't know me. Joe
  17. Joe B

    devils draftees

    any articels or at least blurbs on the rest of the devs draft? not looking ofr favotire colors, but a bit more then posistion, height and weight would be nice.
  18. Joe B

    IT'S 3:00 PM!!!

    I can afford the 2 cents nowadays. Have to watch out for the vig though. You know if they don't win tonight I'm not posting till July. Joe
  19. Joe B

    IT'S 3:00 PM!!!

    If I remeber last year correctly, which may be tough cause I barely remember this morning correctly, many people didn't have confidence after the trading deadline last year. So it should be about hte same amount of confidence. I think I remember a post or so saying we won't make the playoffs after not trading gomez(remember Burns sat him the trade deadline game?). Key to this year will be how the D rooks hadle the playoffs. They won't get a ton o ice time, but that is when we will se what they are made out of. I'm fairly happy with them so far, tons better then early in the year. Bigger key will be stevens, not only if we get him back, but will he be 'da man' when he does come back. I think this year more ten ever he need a HUGE bone rattling open ice, CLEAN check in the first couple games. If not, White has to connect to send a message to the other team that they stil cannot skate whith their heads down against this tea. just my two cents
  20. I honestly doubt either will get the trophy. Some 'ahem' defensman with a -30 or so will get 75 points or so with 50 on the PP will get the Norris. Nieds would have won a couple already, but a few coaches taught him how to play D, what a shame Joe
  21. Joe B

    A Jersey Idea

    I forget who brought it up, but the best idea against the dark colors at home to me was that if you always see the road white, you don't get any variations game to game fror your team. Kinda spices things up seeing different colors at home all the time. Just made sense to me. I do like the both teams wear the dark colors as long as there isn't a clash.
  22. Some thoghts I was suprised it was Martin and Albeline, I was expecting Brown. Late int he game, the pairs got switched up to Nieds nad Rafalski, and Stevens, Martin. Much like the PP pairs. Martin still seems tenative. My feel is that he's adjusted tot he speed of the game more then Hale, but they still lack the confidence, which they only get through playing. I've seen Martin make mistakes, but the more I do see of him, the more I am willing to let him learn up here casue I htink he has the skills. PP looked good at times, they still have three on the blueline at times, which means that someone has to go to the front of the net. Shots need deflections, or at the least screens at this level. I thoght the Madden Lang Pando line was the best all night. The first period was as good or better then any period last year. They were simply dominant. Only 20 mins, and it did come back to bite them as rock said for the lack of scoreing. Some of the passing in the first was simply pretty, just no other word for it. agasint the grain, leading people by three strides, just picture perfect. OT the leafs at one time had all 4 guys withen the dots and we were peppering Belfour, how we didn't score is beyond me. When this team is on, it could really do damage. All this Nieds for Norris talk, may have some competition from Rafaslki, I think he has 4 assists already. I was impressed with the turnout. I know people left early, seemed like some left after the first. I was expecting lots less casue of the Yanks. Speaking of the yanks, I would like to thank them for waiting till I was able to get home from after the game before making the comeack. Was a pretty damn good sports day.
  23. Did you notice the arena during the playoffs witht he 7:00 starts? Half the people don't show up till halfway thru the first. There is a ton more traffic in the area at 6:30 then there is at 10:00. I always seem to be in a rush with the earlier start. Not like 10:00 is real late. Not like Baseball with an unmanagable game being over past 11:30 or so Joe
  24. I was fne until that point Joe
  25. Since we have a proffesor. We have a Martin, he can be Dean. (Dean Martin, Rat Pack) Have hale be Wormer, as in dean wormer from Animal house. They are on double secret probation at the begning of the year. run with it Anyone?
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