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    Hockey Songs

    they play lots of songs from movies at the CAA. Minny the moocher was from Blues Brothers. They play twist and shout by the beatles from ferris buellers day off. Shout by Otis Day and hte Nigths from Animal house. that shrek song. They play a few different wrestling themes, Time to play the game, HHH's theme, I think the Hardy Boys theme. I think I've heard 2 different ramones songs, Sedated and Blitzkreig Bop(hey ho, lets go). In the punk vein, Rock the Casbar by the Clash. 3 or 4 Metallica at least, mostly to the clips of hard hits and goals and such. Matter of fact at the pre sesaon game they played the new song (not frantic) from St Anger with the hits during a tv timeout. As for Hockey songs, the two the play all the time are I want to drive the Zamboni, and the hockey game(don't know the title) the song that ends 'the puck goes in, the home team wins, at the good alle hockeeey game'. Then they have the 'wedding' songs like YMCA, Macarena(that the haven't played in a while) and the chicken dance. Gotta listen to the organ player also, throws in some twists, like playing the ramones or offsprig blink 182 kinda song that I'm conviced is sedated, but was probably a ripoff. I fought the law and the law won, when a penalty is called at times. best I can do off the top of my head
  2. One thing I noticed witht he powerplay, don't know if it is intentional or just happening but they seem to be going into an umbrella PP. Having a defensman with the puck in the middle of the blue line, gives himt he option of going right or left with the oposite side dropping back to cover the point, and the player that the center D is going towards dropping down and setting screens and passing options. Worked especially well when rupp was in front of the net causing havok. Actrually, I thinkt he best the PP looked last year was when one of our top 3 O d-men was int he box during a 4 on 4, came out and we had all three D on the ice, slipped into an umbrella, moved the puck quick and sharp, created a ton of chances. Was hoping we'd go into it in the playoffs but we never did. As for sharp passing. Is it me or do the devs seem ahead of sched for tape to tape passes, and just look sharp. Years past I remeber it takeing 10 or so games to think we were in sesaon form. The two games I've sen have only had a shift or two where they look sloppy. Maybe more so in the third period of the isles game, but this game I nly remember 1 bad shift or so.
  3. AAs was said a couple posts back Kurvers was traded for the #1 pick. The mistake Lou made(or at least what I thought we should have done) was trade Sean Burke, who at that time, came off a great playoffs, but was having problems with the team, was a headcase, despite playing poorly, still wanted number 1 goalie duty, bad mouthed the fans, and terrerrie looked awsome, well, trrade him to the nordiques, for a first rounder if possible, but at least for somethign to makes the nords a better team, that way the leafs would have finished behind the nords and make our pick number 1. Turned out for the better, I don't know how this team would have been with Lindros instead of Nieds, or if we traded lindros, or whatever. Thing I remember about kurvers was that he couldn't keep the puck in the zone fromt he point on the PP. Drove me nuts for the half a year or so that I saw him. Joe
  4. Joe B

    Zach Parise

    I think that quote is what many people have been saying here when talking about not putting prospects in the bigs too early.
  5. I don't know how many people remeber the music show night flight. I think it was on USA friday, and or sat night 11 pm or so. They used to show the live voltron clips overdubbed by music, Twisted sister and such, so I'm thinking mid 80's since stay hungry came out in 84. Basically a pre-curser to power rangers.
  6. Don't forget about the locker room. If the team doesn't believe in a player, and he is onyour top line, it's just not a good lockerroom. Doesn't matter how injured Sykora really was in the playofs vs the canes, the room felt he should suck it up and play. So Friesen doesn';t have to be a 30 goal scorer. Matter of fact, it's not the regular season stats that count, it's the playoffs. he contributes in the playoffs(which I think we can all agree he did) then the deal paid off. All speculation about the lockeroom, I'm not there, it's my take though. Just like people bitching about the Arnott trade how we got older, Langenbrunner was a major cog in the deal. While we lost Niewy, we still have a very important player while loosing McKay who was on the decline and getting hit by injury big, and a nother player who was loosing respect int he room. Would I rather have an Arnott at 100% or Langs at 100%, the answer is Arnie. Would I rather have Langs at 100% every night or Arnie at 50% one night, 75 the next, maybe a two week period on his game. I'll take the consistancy You can't judge trades by regualr season stats alone. You should be able to judge trades by cups though
  7. Rather him stay in college then play Junior, Would proabbly rather him play for the Rats then college. Especially since we have lots of ex college players, seems we are stocking up the prospects again. Say what you want about Hale and Martin as a pairing at the moment. But it will be a pairing we will see the next 5 or so years. Maybe get some chemistry with a few younger players, learn what it means to be in the Devils org, learn what it takes to play at an elite level. Plus earn a paycheck. Just don't get an pain in the ass agentand things should be good. Joe
  8. I was told that we got our tickets for the picture. I think it's oct 10'th, 7 am to 7 pm Joe
  9. Joe B

    Home Colors

    I was always under the impression that in Football it's the home teams choice, not that it was home is dark, raod is white. Most teasm just choose the dark home jerseys. Could be wrong, it's happned before, it will happen again(hell just look at my typing)
  10. so lets cut everyone and sign 24, 12 year olds for the league min. As for the mean and unethical to stay alive, I'll save that for another post The plyaers you mentioned that left (other then Muller) were on the decline of their career. Most of the players you mentioned are going are in the peak of their career. You don't get rid of players(other then personal problems, danton, guerin) just to get rid of players. If you have to make room for some stud, he has to be clearly better then what you are getting rid of. Just because they are better, doesn't make them a stud. as for Praise(jumping threads I know) I admit I haven't seen him, but I'm not basing my judgement of him on 4 games agasint non NHL caliber talent either. To say he is the second best anything on the devs is a stretch since you haven't even seen him in our camp to really compare him face to face with the devils. I prefer to base my judgment of players on a 1/4 season or so in the bigs. I'll use rupp as an example, Hes impressed me, actually scored a goal when I saw him in Albany. He's looked good in the games I've seen him here. Am I gonna say he is the next Bobby Holik or whomever? No, casue I haven't seen him day in day out of an 80 game season. I haven't seen how he handles slumps. If he takes dumb penalties, if he runs everyone over with his size. I don't get how we can have a discussion about a player makeing the team next year when we don't even know who made the team this year, if there will be a next year, what injuries occur, what holdouts, what trades. How can you pencil in our number 2 center next year, when you don't know who our number 2 center will be at the end of this year? I just don't get it. I'm also not one of these people who say stay in college for the sake of staying in college either. My opinion, you go to college to prepare you for your career. If you happen to be an pro athlete and can make the jump, no reason to stay in college. I mean that for every sport. Now if you aren't good enough to make the pros, stay and do something so you have a life after college. Totall tangent I know, but I see the Praise should stay in college to better himself argument and I didn't agree
  11. 2 things. Didn't holik talk about how elias and Sykora were always talking chzeck in the lockeroom and tht they should speak in english? Also, the thing that worries me, each off season for the last 6 years or so, the Rangers looked like they would make the playoffs and such, this year they look totally in dissaray. Are they gonna make the playoffs? Joe
  12. suglobov looked ok last night at times, but didn't wow me or anything. Again one game, made some nifty moves to keep the puckl and center it at one point thta did stand out, but Marshall really clicked with gomez and Elias last year. Elias and Gomez really didnt' click much last year until marshall gave them space. The pair seems to need size to help them out. Maybe I'll key in on Suglobov to get a better handle next game, last year still has a bigger impact then a few pre-season games imo. Unless a player totally blows someone away during camp, the prior seson has a bigger impact. Like Rupp, he looked good at times in the NHL (cup winning goal doesn't hurt), I'm sure he'll stick. Joe
  13. Joe B

    Devs Vs Isles

    I wasn't in my usual seat so some things mauy have stood out more, or I may have missed somethings becasue of it. I sat closer, Amazing how the game changes depending on where you sit. Up high you see more flow, and development. Down low it's all reaction, and the speed. Press box is really an ideal seat imo (not that I sat there, I was in the corner). I have;t seen any training camp so this was my first look at a few players. Everyone I saw looked capable. In general, posisitoning there, passes good, took the body or gave the body. Hale and Martin looked ok at times, but did make some mistakes. Don't rember either getting pushed off the puck, but don't remember them giving much either. Rupp looked good imo. Progressing. Lots of potential with that size. The PP goal against looked like the box got out of posistion. Was ont he other side and only saw the one replay, but it looked like the right defensman went to far, got caught above the dot(not sure who it was, not sure if the foward just blew an asignment so the D had to go up) so White moved towards the front of the net and pando was moving covering Whites spot where the eventual shot was taken. The box became a diamond. My overall thoguths, don't think Peca is gonna last the season. He had a few nice hits in a pre-season game. Don't know how his body will handle thje full year like that. If he stays healthy, he will have a good year. Devils looked ok, nothing spectacular, not bad. Play got real sloppy in third. Marty looked real sharp. Made 2 or 3 outstanding saves. I'll have a better feel after saturday, but it was a typical pre-season game.
  14. Joe B


    I may be wrong, but I thought there was only an extra penalty if you instigate a fight and have a visor. Otherwise, why wouldn't players goad visor wearing players into fights allt he time to get hte man advantage. Could be wrong Joe
  15. Was a pretty good show today except for the audio cutting out on 2 or three interviews. They know the team fairly well, ask not so typical questions at times. Who is the nastiest player you've played against. Hell, I think Lou laughed at one point. If that isn't interesting radio, I don't know what is. Joe
  16. So does this mean that since I toss and turn all night that I have multiple personalities?
  17. yeah, 60 million just doesn't get you much nowadays
  18. If I remeber correctly, I think you get as many pics as you have seats. We have 2 seats. Got a pic with me my mom and the cp, and then with just me with the cup. Don't think we could get the third with just my mom and the cup. Couldn't raise the cup, but could put arm around it and touch it. Years past they also had autograph session with the players. Basically all the players wer at different stairway entrances on the concorse at CAA. You waited in line and they signed stuff and posed for pictures. The deal there is, do you want to wait on line for Marty or some star, or go around and get 6 or 7 players. When I went got the crash line, Zelepukin, Guerin, and Bobby Carpenter to sign my jersey and the bach of season tickets that they didn't use casue they shortend the season. Joe
  19. Would this ruin his 4'th all time on games played on only one team standings? Joe
  20. is there a league name/password or any such info? Joe
  21. If they offered 2 for 1 night lets say, 6 times a year. Would you wait for the 6, 2 for 1 nights or get the 12 game season package again?
  22. but a move to newark will get my butt rhere from 40 times a year to about 4 Joe
  23. my understanding is that to tell the difference between the real and replica cup is pretty simple. Look for the Islanders second or third win. Island is spelled without the S (Ilanders) on the real cup. The replica has it spelled correctly. Devils win is right above the mispelled panel if I remeber correctly. When I was in the HOF during the playoffs, they were all spelled correctly, so I believe the replic is there when the real one is making the rounds. Joe
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