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  1. I actually believe the real cup is kept locked up at all times and both are replicas.


    my understanding is that to tell the difference between the real and replica cup is pretty simple. Look for the Islanders second or third win. Island is spelled without the S (Ilanders) on the real cup. The replica has it spelled correctly. Devils win is right above the mispelled panel if I remeber correctly.

    When I was in the HOF during the playoffs, they were all spelled correctly, so I believe the replic is there when the real one is making the rounds.


  2. It couldn't be that he's just making things uncomfortable for YankeesNets for the pure joy of it. Why would he want to do that...


    nothing is as limiting as being a limited partner of George Stienbrenner.

    paraphrasing McMullen from a few years ago.

    I feel this is a Mario move. You owe me money, if you doin't pay me you will go bankrupt. Give Me X % ownership of the team and we will call it even.


  3. It's the Harborside Plaza atrium in Exchange Place, Jersey City.

    the damn bastards at lewco had to be bougth out a couple yuears ago so I don't work in the building anymore.

    Thats ok, the cup was at Hoboken train station a few years ago, walked by like I normaly do and didn't know it. Found out the next day.

  4. How much were the playoff tickets? Just curious.

    In Anaheim, my lower level end (first few rows) were, by round: $60, $70, $90, $130. Seemed pretty reasonable to me, all things considered... but it does add up quick!

    after looking through my jacket pocket. I wam giving you face values for some tickets. All basically same seats, sectoin 215, first 2 years row 8, rest row 3.

    reg season 98-99, $44,

    reg season 99-00, $44

    reg season 00-01, $48

    reg season 01-02, $52

    reg season 02-03, $52

    playoffs 01-02

    rnd 1 $60

    playoffs 02-03

    rnd 1, $60

    rnd 2, $60

    rnd 3, $85

    rnd 4, $100


  5. I don't post in what, 10 months or so, make 1 lil post with a reply and the whole eastern seaboard go without electricity. Is thata sign or what?

    As for the bruins fan, as long as you weren't the one that threw a beer at me during the playoffs last year, I have no problems. Sad thing is that they wasted so much beer, and hit mostly bruin fans when they tossed the two cups o suds.


  6. You know the old saying: Great minds think alike.

    I always thought it was dirty minds think alike.

    (to everyone, not just rock) thanx for the warm welcome back.

    AS for tat, the logo for the board has potential. Kinda reminds me of a van halen logo

    as for the lurker, I know of only one lurker. Not sure where the bruins fan comes in though.


  7. Hi everybody<said in bad Dr. Nick impersination>

    I guess I am over my self imposed ban. Wasn't really a ban then say superstion. I stopped reading this board around december, the devils went on some sort of 10 - 15 game non lossing streak so I decided not to post. I think they did ok, so I'm not complaining. Matter of fact, I think I've done better by not reading some of the rambnling that I once contributed to. Haven't read much so I have my work cut out for me. What did I miss?

    Ok, one other question, I also mentioned to a couple people that I planned on getting a tatto if the devs won. Well, they did so now I need some sort of design. Any of you artistically gifted have any suggestion? I want something a bit out of the ordinary, but disticly devils oriented. Gonna be on my outer <probably> right calf. Thinking of using the 1995, 2000, and 2003, with the 0's as mini cups. Maybe have a mini cup underneath the main design with the years in whcih would leave room to build down with more years if neccesary.

    I've run into a few of you at games and such so I won't ask for everyone, but what regulars from the last so many years are left?

    Wonder if my pic is still here. I'll ind out in a min or 2.

    Last but not least, the archive go back far enuogh so I can find the couple posts that people said we weren't gonna make the playoffs?


  8. I don't think we'll ever see what Lou envisioned for those three, just as we never saw it when the Devils had Malakhov, Rafalski, and Niedermayer back in 2000..

    correct me if I'm wrong. Didn't we win a cup in 2000?

  9. Joe B why do you bother?

    Why do I bother what? This is a board for discussions. I tend to post when I disagree with something. I tend to dissagree with lots of what you say, alnog with a few others (usually derek, 7, and ky). I also hate when people contradict themselves.

    I was answering another post. If you can't understand, I won't help you.

    the whole pouint of expressing your ideas and opinoins are helping people understand what you are talking about. If you really want people to agree with you, or at least try and see your opinoin, why not help them out.

    3rd period goals doesn't speak to entire game when there are 3 periods.

    yes, so to say the defense is bad for third period goals, and ignoring the first 2 periods of games is misleading. The defense has been pretty good so far. You said it it doesn't speak well for the defense. Which is it? Is the defense not well casue of the third period golas against, or is it ok casue of the 11 goals in 7 games?

    As for tainted you just can't or won't understand what tainted is about. thus is a waste of my time, forget it.

    just like the tainted cup we won in 95 casue it was half a season like I've heard a thousands of times.

    A win is a win is a win. If I don't understand, you can bet dollars to doughnuts that others don't understand.


  10. Be more concerned with the fact that the other team has been scoring in the 3rd period against the Devils and it's been 3 or 4 shutout killed due to 3rd period goal as a spoiller. Doesn't speak that well about the "Defense."

    Giving up a few late goals means we are bad defensivly, what about only giving up 11 goals in 7 games?

    I don't get the logic.

    Good to have another win, should build confidence for the Devils even though it tainted with scoring against a rookie goalie who hasn't played in 2 years.

    the horror, we beat the team we played. They didn't start their number 1 goalie, maybe we shuodl give them our backup casue he is better then their backup. Make it more fair. What is the team supposed to do, not beat teams casue it's their backup. The other wins are tainted casue our pp doesn't score. 1 win is tainted casue it's ot. We are 6-1. Isn't the goal of the game to win? I must be missing something here. I know it wasn't this post but the people who said they rather lose 6-5 then win 2-1 games are off their rocker. The object is winning. If not tell me what it is. As for not winning this way, tell that to the 95 team.

    Marty would tell us that it's about wins and he is happy they are 6-1 however he really gets pissed about having these shutouts taken from his personal record.

    How do you know? Have you ever seen him say anything close to that? You are tryoing to read minds again. Was he the one that broke his stick after the game? Did he not have his smile on his face?

    Who would imagined that Madden would be the leading scorer to date? It's scary that he is.

    Madden is one of the few guys playing with a couple people he played with last year. He got that little jump back in his step that he lost last year. Speed is key to this year, hje has it. He has taken advantage of it.

    Also, it's a small sample. Take a look at 20 game stretches or so and the elite usually rise to the top.

    Good win however. they came away with 3-0 for last 3 games when I said 0-3 or 1-2. That should give them confidence.

    confidence casue you said they would lose or casue they won? Maybe it should give you confidence that this team as a bit of skill.

    I know, cheap shot.

    Stevens made a great pass to Madden for goal. He was beaten a lot tonight on his side, however.

    when I said cheap hot, I was talking baout my comment towards you, not this cheap shot towards stevens.

  11. I can see that logic BUT we couldn't play Guolla at wing for a game? I mean we were considering switching the position of our best forward permanently for crying out loud :lol: And I'm not an expert but it seems to me as if it would be harder to go from wing to center than center to wing, correct me if I'm wrong anyone?

    By playing guolla at wing, you are not only asking him to play after not playing for a week or so, but also asking him to play out of posistion. Why even have him play at all then? Comparing moveing a player back to his original posistion permanantly to having a center play wing for a game when I'm pretty sure that he hasn't practiced much is apples and oranges.

    I forgot to go off on the danton has done everythign like aaskign jimbo quesitons remarks. I forget who said it, but how the hell do you know thta other players haven't asked other vetrans questions. Just casue you don't read it in the paper doesn't mean that Guolla or Bergland or whoever wheren't asking quesitons lal the time. Danton made the team yes, he even probably worked his ass off, but that doesn't mean that 10 other guys didn't 21 other players didn't worjk their ass off to get where they got. The friesnes, turners pandos of the team have worked their asses off for years. Guallo worked his ass off too or else he woudn't have made the team. What makes him less impoirtant then a 3 ame rookie who's looked ok not great.

    The idea is to get everyone some playing time early in the season. I'm sure it's also to see how Danton handles some of this. I rather have him go nuts now, so it can be straightened out, then halfway thru the season when acouple injuries occur and we have to rely on him in case he ends up on our bus in third period becasue the refs are picking on him. (not exactly fair to compare him to Theo, but the distractions can be the same if not nipped in the bud)


  12. What many peole here who are defending danton saying danton deserves a spot ver turner, mckenzie or even friesen are failing to remeber her is that Guolla is a center. THey want to give him a game or 2 at center. Who are you going to sit out of these 4. Gomez, Niewendyke, Madden or Danton?


    As for what the hell has friesen done tht Danton hasn't? or whatever such statemnet was made. I don't know, 609 more games played, 167 more goals scored? Maybe it's me, but a 1 goal rookie shuoldn't be blabbing his mouth off a year after going to hollywood for austin powers auditions, instead of going to the minors where your team asigned you. You want a second opionion, I'm sure there is a doctor worthy enough to take a look at a MRI in NYC.

    Has he played ok? yeah, has he been one of our best players? no.

  13. I actually thought the dancing vendor was kinda funny. Then again, I worked with most of the vendors at giants stadium and the arena so that may have had somethign to do with it. Mites on ice is about ever other game, that seems to keep the crowd interested. Music selection is kinda stale. Same songs year after year, but as someone mentioned, they go for hte family atmosphere, soi when you get a metallica song every now and then youa re supposed to feel lucky I guess. Every now and then they throw in a song from WWF(e), jehrico's most notably, and they came out to time to play the game(HHH)(or was that albany?)

    And people tend to watch score-o(I only watch when people I know are doing it)

    Puck in the helmet is kinda funny, I'm still waiting for them to switch it on someone. Real easy to follow it around, but it os computerized so they can put it under any helmet they want. Reminds me of the subway cars at yankee stadium.

    A couple trivia questions, second period 10 min mark(I know cause thats when I usually get my free drink) They have guess who I am now.

    Replays are ok, but too few. They replayed the fght last game, not sure if it was a fluke or not, but much apreciated.

    They don't show rat scores unless they are winning or tied, like they didn't show the yanks score when they lost in the playoffs, but do have a few clips when they win.

    no bad seats, just plain great sight lines.

    they are throwing shirts out at times, and throwing them out when play is going on, not liking that.

    (edited casue I still use <'s instead of )'s)


  14. It's nice to see Danton prove the naysayers wrong.

    can't judge the rangers by 2 games, but Danton can prove the naysayers wrong with one goal in game 2?

    difference is......?


  15. For the first time in six years, the Devils don't have a new banner to hoist to the Meadowlands rafters.

    I keep forgetting why most of our fans are so spoiled and complain about our 8'th defensman and 4'th liners.

    saying the pices are meshing before a single game is kinda stupid imo.

    I usually wait abuot 10 games before really disecting a team, this year may need 15 or so.


  16. I haven't posted much, haven't read a whole lot of the board either. This will probably be long. for the person who asked in heaven, or off topic or whatever, I do plan on posting a bt more since the season will start. And hopefully a lot of the garbage posts will die down.

    I have liked what I've seen from Zuzyin in the pre season. He has skill, he's looked good. T-vo has been on the ice for a few of the goals agasint, not woried yet, but somethign I am keeping in the back of my mind. I think we can have a nice pairing of 2 ofensive defensman. I'm thinking Nieds and T-vo. While Nieds isn't physical enough, he does play D well enough that this pair could work, both would be able to pinch and get back in plenty of time becasue of their speed. I htink nieds and Rafalski may be better, but the chemistry between Brian and Stevens is there, why try to create chemistry on 2 lines if only 1 would be needed?

    I'm not worried about elias and niewy, they've looked good at times, creating chances, and Langs is a nice fit. I know others dont' see langs as a first liner, but he shuold be able to get the job done. Gomez has got to shoot more. I'm not saying think shot first, I'm saying, if the pass isn't there, think shoot and not make a bad pass. Unless he just makes magic and gets some passes across that he shouldn't shoot a tad more.

    Some of the bangers should bang a bit more. Stevenson-McKen-danton line during the isels game had some pressure, and kept the puck deep, but didn't hit much. I don't think they have as much skill as the old crash line, but I wouldn't mind seeing the same concept of, hit everything, don't give up a goal, and any scoring would be gravy. Key is hitting though. I can't tell you how many times the crash line cause turnovers not from being hit, but fromt he other team knowing they were gonna get hit. It was like they had their heads on swizzle sticks lookign around to avoid contact. Was a special line at the time.

    I expect 95-100 points from the devs. Call me niave, but I expect more points from teams we should beat with burns in control. We add 10 points form teams we should beat, that could make up for some of hte games that we may not win agasint solid compitition.

    We can still take the conference and division. No other team scares me, and most of our team knows what needs to be done.

    I expect a big drop in the canes. Teasm that overachieve tend to take nosedives the next year.

    I am still not convinced the Rangers make the playoffs. D is still very suspect . Richter has had knee surgeries and while he has bounced back, have they taken a toll? My main concern if I was a nyr fan is that the team is built around a guy who got a concussion from hitting someon else. How can you count on a player that can't play his physical game, let alone keep an eye out for the other team to level him. Team ell apart last year when Lindros hurt himself. Holik is a nice addition. One player will not change a team philosphy no matter how vocal he is.

    Netting isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

    Fraiser was letting interference go in the pre-season game so I guess my prediction of no more calls by christmas is a bit off.

    Will watch some tonight.

    Will post more, but I really hope that most of the crap that gets posted on this board will die down casue it's just a pain int he ass to wade thru all the garbage to get to some hockey talk.

    And no, I'm not even talking about Kydax.

    Devils Magic number for presidents trophy, 165

    Devils magic number for conference, 165

    Devils magic number for division, 165

    I'd post the number for the playoff spot, but it's probably less and I really don't want to figure it out.


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