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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9wNWOTtJKA


    It does piss me off greatly they didn't do test runs during the preseason.


    didn't they do it in pre season?  I went to the first game and thought I heard that crap song.  


    And for someone who said earlier in the thread why so much emotion over a simple song, you sure have posted a bunch in this thread, I'm truly trying to figure out if you are just trolling at this point, especially since you seem to be all over the place with your arguments, keep saying things that were shown not to be true in earlier posts.  I'm not even sure if you know your exact point at this moment cause you are all over the place.

  2. Was it the NBC Sports theme or something? It does sound like it be overplayed, but I can't remember from what exactly. Don't think I'd ever heard the whole song before. 


    I don't think there is a fanbase that as ever cared more about a goal song than Devils fans. Not saying that is a bad thing at all, but just a fact.


    You're lucky cause the actual song is just boring and repetitive imo.  First time I heard it on the radio I changed the station and can't get away from that song since.  Nice hook, but just nails on a chalkboard anoying.


    First time the song was changed cause of the child porn charges or allegations with Garry Glitter.  If you can bring a song back from an artist acused of being a pedophile, heaing a crowd chat you suck isn't nearly as bad.


    My biggest gripe with the song is that it sounds way to close to the rangers song.  That was my first though when I heard it the other day, was the first comment from my friend sitting next to me.  If you are going to change it, it better be good.  I personally think Fandango's entrance from wwe would be a great choice.  I have never seen a wrestlers entrance be more popular then the actual wrestler.  



    any anyone with half a brain knows they were booing the song and not the goal,  2nd goal you heard the cheers until the song came on.   If you think its embarrassing fro this fanbase, you don't know this fanbase.  Where's the clip of gary thorne coming out of commercial on our first cup run hearing the sucks chant on the starting lineup(and what happend to swallows for the goalie? That stuck in the caa still?)


    If it's one thing this fanbase is known for, it's booing.


    You  can take almost any song and add a you suck or rangers suck to it.  Usually a game we play while getting bombarded with non stop noise and distractions while the game isn't playing. 


    And how long before the hells bell gong goes off after announcing a goal will start a chant? 3 more games?


    Last also,  if you don't let the fans chant you suck during a goal, don't be suprised if the next chant they come up with is actually more obscene



  3. No Bobby Carpenter love?


    I thought he did a few things as the first us born players.  Completely changed his game at the end to become a shut down player.  Maybe he forgot his overall career


    Major oversite if you ask me.

  4. I think a few have buried Marty too early.


    His job to lose going into the season.  50 - 30 ish.  Marty gets hurt or starts slumping He sits a few.  He did that with Moose a couple years ago coming off an injury.


    Near the end of the season, if the team is comfortable in a playoffs spot,  Marty gets a few games if he is slumping.  If they are fighting or just out, quicker hook.


    Marty played well early last year, did go to the finals 2 years ago.  He is not his former self, He is not horrible.  The lack of scoring killed this team at times.  Not Marty's goaltender


    His problems recently have been injuries and he's streaky.  Any injuries and you are in capable hands. You give him time to heal up. 


    I think it's the least the team can do for a player that has given so much to this franchise.  Lou will treat him, with respect,  He will respect the team when he knows he can't hack it anymore.  He studies his game,  He has worked on his game such as his glove hand not as fast, he doesn't temp the shooters with it like he used too.



    Not sure if Lou could convince him to have a farewell tour this year.  NHL is insane if the Devs aren't in Montreal the second to last Saturday of the year.


    Next year, If Marty is cleary done,

    Marty, you want your kid to even have a shot of an nhl rink?  Take over as special assignments coach for a year, watch your kids,  when you are ready you have the assistant GM job or goalie coach or chico's job if you want to go that rout, it's yours.


    Or if Marty want to play, 1 year deals if he knows the exact role going in.  Backing up if he builds a report with Cory and it doesn't  have him looking over the shoulder.




    edited this question on.  How does Cory handle the puck?  There is going to be a transitional period going from Marty being  like a third D.

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  5. Yeah. That's like your wife saying she made a nice dinner and you coming home to a bowl of corn flakes.


    why cause Lou never signs ufa's?  Stop proving time and time again you don't know what you are talking about.  The best ever talent to get to UFA is wearing a devils jersey.  Lou has gotten the top free agent a few times.  Does he get them all, no.  Do some get away, sure.  Name one GM that is perfect and gets every fa.  How many GM's wanted Schneider?


    The Lou bashing on this site always amazes me.  The Marty bashing from now on will be intolerable. Of course GR is happy cause he's been waiting 15 years for it,

  6. I also tell him I think his Marty talk is utter bs, but no one here whines about how we shouldn't tell him he's completely off base about his constant Marty bashing.

    I don't understand your point. I didn't tell him I don't think he should post on the board. I spoke my feelings, others agreed. Now you, way late to the party, want to complain to me. I don't care. Every comment you make reeks of 'I'm so much better than you in every way' bs aura. You're insufferable.


    Kinda like basically calling someone an animal cause they can't spell and or type.


    Pot, Mr. Kettle,  Kettle, Mr. Pot.



    Will be nice to see Loki next year with a full camp and some time to develop chemistry with the team.



    I admit it,  I just wanted a post on 4-20 with pot somehow thrown in.

  7. You'd best prepare yourself. This is another one Lou is probably going to drop the ball on.

    Lou has done more for this organization than anyone, but this is one of the stupidest mentalities I think a GM can take. Why would you waste all this time and lose that negotiating power.


    what negotiating power?  the player has all the power becasue he can go ufa.  Do you really think that if Patty said Lou, 'I know it's during the season but lets get this contact done right now' that it wouldn't be done in an hour or 2.  Lou isn't going to overpay, which is why he lets the players see what they are worth on the market.  Lou won't overpay but he will pay market value,  not lowball  Look at Zachs last rfa contract. 


    JVB was the prime force behind the Kovy signing. Lou would have never done that.


    Casue Lou has never gone after top tier talented players like Gilmore or Molginy or those types of players.   It's not like the team ever signed the best available free agent like Rolston.  How else after decades of non top draft picks is the franchise gonna get top tier talent.  When Lou wants someone, he goes after him.  Doesn't always get him, but he trys. 



    I'm always shocked that devils fans don't get Lou.  He isn't going to say anything to the media.  Just becasue nothing is leaking to the press about contracts or trades or anything,  doens't mean things aren't  happening behind the scenes. 


    I'm always shocked when devils fans aren't fans of Lou.  The team is a reflection of his philosophies. 



    My thoughts are Clarckson is signing somewhere else for too much.  I don't blame him, and I won't blame Lou depending on the $$.


    I see Patty doing what Marty did.  Go to free agency and then re-sign.  i think other teams will offer him that 3rd year and Lou will match it. 3 yr just under 15?

  8. I haven't paid that much attention lately so sorry if someone else brought this up. I was happy that they added November to the calendar casue you would go a month or so depending on the giveaway date the next year. Would it be too much to ask that they start the month on the correct day?

    Even the November inset on the month of October has the wrong dates. My guess is last years but I didn't check.


  9. Again, why do you care about what people say about a guy who's no longer a Devil seven hours after he leaves us? It's basically troll behavior to be snarky with emotions running high.

    I mean really if you guys don't like anti-Zach comments then it's best you not be around here for a couple days. People are going to vent. These kind of posts only make it worse.

    there's venting and then there is over the top idiocy. It does take away from reading this board (which is tough enough most of the time). goes on all the time but it doesn't mean you can't point it out when it occurs. kinda like posting the Nordique pictures was the other day. The telling people you think are trolling is just as bad as the trolling. Just as much as my telling the trolling trolls they are trolling is as well.

  10. If Zach had this planned all along I'm sure they both would have signed in min day one. My gut says he wanted minny but only if he thought they would be a good team and zach felt suter makes them a good team(along with the butt buddy speculation cause this wouldn't be njdevs.com if there wasn't total over-reaction, non-stop negativity and idiotic(although admittedly funny at times) memes that take a life of their own). I'm sure it was more Zach convincing the wild to sign suter then having to convince suter to sign with the wild. The first time Zach misses the playoffs as the face of the franchise(2 years ago doesn't count because of the wonky knee) he will regret it. When he's divorced and owes 500k in alimony until 2040 he will regret it. My guess is that he signs back here instead of signing with suter for less in detroit.

    The only thing that puts a doubt in my mind about what I just said is tg's speculation. I have thought tg has more insider info with zach then he reports. The tweet today about signing zach instead of making Kovy a priority 2 years ago leaves a bad taste in my mouth(like zach will leave in suter's mouth over the next 13 years). 2 years ago Kovy should have been the priority, cause that's how the contract years played out. If he was upset at Lou trying to get an top free agent or that he was no longer 'the man' on the team something is wrong. Someone looses a little face in my book casue either TG is trolling or zach misses the big picture.

    here's tg's tweet

    Devils made Kovalchuk their priority 2 summers ago when they should have taken care of Parise. Now, it's clearly Kovalchuk's team.

    again, not happy, but not hope he blows out a knee, falls off a cliff and gets traded to the Siberian Sasquatch upset. I think he made a bad choice although his kids and their kids are set for life if he doesn't go all mc hammer.

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  11. at that contract we don't sign Zach even if we don't have kovy. Glad Lou went the extra mile for him cause it's better to have one then none. Feels like Nieds where it wasn't just about money, although nieds took less.

    Not sure how Zach signs here without people caling for Lou's head for giving the worst contract in nhl history.

    not happy but at least sh!t will be blown up today to relieve some stress


    ps just an educated guess. people will predict we miss the playoffs. This team makes it as a 5 - 7 seed then anything can happen once the dance begins, won't be a favorite but wont shock if you win a few rounds. Like most of the teams Lou has put together over the last 20 years.

  12. You're not really understanding what I am saying. Let's say that there's no circumvention penalty. The Devils have their #29th overall pick. If you somehow knew that a team would finish 20th in 2 years, would you exchange 1st round picks with them? No, you wouldn't, because a draft pick now is worth more than a draft pick later. It's not about how low you finish - picks 20-30 aren't that far different from one another. The key is getting that low in the draft again, and it might be difficult to do with poor goaltending.

    Nd5: goaltending has changed a lot since Brodeur started his career - a .913 was a great save percentage back then, now it is merely average. And again, some of that has to do with undercounting shots - if Brodeur played in Chicago or Florida, his career save percentage would probably be .006 higher.

    I've always wondered. How many of our under-counted shots are actually the devils giving up less shots casue marty plays the puck so much and helps the D clear the puck better?

    A couple gaffs as well this year(this was the most noticeable the trapezoid rule affected him in a few years) but, when he is playing well, you know he wont get rattled in a big spot.

    Not thrilled with the second year, but if any nameless goalie took a team to the finals it'd be tough to not give a second year. I thought he made more highlight reel saves this year then he has in a long time.

    He still reminds me of the fastball pitcher that lost his velocity and still wins with junk. Doesn't come back from injury well, but evaluates his game and evolves.

  13. I'm talking forward prospects. Sorry, I'm a Devils fan for life, but we're in a fvcked situation right now. When Parise sticks his fist up the butthole bandwagon that is Sidney Crosby and the Pens tomorrow, pardon me if I don't jump for joy exclaiming, "Well at least Zach will win a couple of cups! Best of luck to you!"

    yeah, you are discounting our defensive prospect even though most of our best prospects are on the back line.

    This team losses free agents all the time. This team also missed the playoffs once in 15 years or so and if my memory is correct made the finals a couple weeks ago.

    Zach will either sign here or sign a contract that is an overpayment. Lou signed him for 6 mil last year which was over market value for an rfa coming off a year with a knee injury. If zach just wants the money he will be somewhere else and there is nothing Lou can do about it. I don't see Lou giving him more than 7 or years. Some team will. Does he take it. Only Zach knows for sure and all the idiotic speculation on this board.

    I understand that you just like to troll but are the nordique pictures really necessary? its realy tiresome reading most your posts.

    I swear we must have the most negative fan base for a fairly successful franchise.


  14. Even without Briere and Drury the Sabres still had a really good team with Miller, Roy, Stafford etc. I'm not saying our team isn't good, but guys like Elias and Zubrus aren't getting any younger. The Sabres still have some decent up and comers in Myers, Gerber etc. Besides Josefson and Henrique we don't really have anyone in the pipeline that can come up and fill a spot. Also, Buffalo has way better attendance than us. So while Buffalo lost Briere and Drury, they could also afford to sign talent and trade. We have nothing, no money, no prospects. We could trade guys like Merrill and Urbom then what have we got on defense? Volchenkov's style of play doesn't lend itself to longevity and Tallinder isn't getting any younger. We really are in a rock and hard place.

    so the number 4 overall pick doesn't make your lists of prospects?

    you are getting to get real levels of negative posting. it's very tiresome cause you aren't even consistent with your arguments.

    I don't understand why so many people are always so negative about this team. Why be a fan if all you do is bitch and moan?

  15. I'm reasonably sure they're hitting areas where they're getting a lot of requests from. I don't think it's a STH/non-STH thing.

    probably depends on how close you live to a general that handed out the signs.

  16. He normally only did it once a game. The crazies and now the diablos are far worse than him.

    He used to do the chant at the stoppage after every goal. I do remember discussions on this board that he should be doing the chant more often like when the crowd was dead and needed a lift instead of after the goals. Sat near him when we first got our seats in 89 or so. Seemed nice enough to me, I have a much more annoying person sitting directly behind me now so it's tough to bad mouth him.

    His give me an iiiiii's are still the best though.

  17. ..and there lies the fans frustration. You can't reasonably have Stanley Cup aspirations with a 40 year old starting goaltender. It doesn't work that way in any sport.

    The fact that he's come out and said he intends on coming back next season, makes fans angrier. Because unlike other organizations (ie; Posada\Yankees.. Favre\Packers) the Devils will never move away from Brodeur. Ever! As long as Lou is the GM, I can't ever see it. Brodeur can continue to play till he's 100, it doesn't matter. They'll never show him the door.

    Mo is still closing games for the Yanks, he would be a better comparison then posada.

    Why is everyone clammering for Moose to start when the one goal he did let in went thru him without a screen? Marty tried to play the puck to a-train and it didn't connect. Second goal goes through a player trying to block a shot. I' not a goalie, but I don't think Marty could see the stick hitting the puck on the shot so I'm not if he just got surprised by it or didn't think it was going thru zach. He admitted he didn't see the third goal though the screen. Not a great game by any stretch of the imagination, but it's not like he let a goal in like fluery's where he missed covering the puck and it went in.

    He played well down the stretch, and has a bad game and there are those here who want him taken out back and shot. Some of the same people that weren't fans of his while he was winning cup want him sat when he's on the way out. I'm shocked I tell ya.

    There are 3 or 4 threads about marty but not one about staying out of the fvcking box? really, is it that hard to tell that fla has no offense unelss they are on the pp? Patty took an absolutely horrible penalty cause it had nothing to do with the play and the other team had no life. Why give the refs a chance to put you in the box? I saw someone bitch about kovy not doing more after the play in game one but the goal shoudld be take the hit and trn the other cheek. The more 5 on 5 the better.

    I'd like Larsson to get some playoff experience but he isn't going in for a-train, just not the same role. He would be replacing Harold who has been getting second pp time so I don't think Adam will get in unless an injury happens.

    As for the switch Henrique and Zajak, I think Pete wants the best faceoff guy on the line so they get more puck possesion. If there is any desperation, put elias between zach and kovy.

    I guess it's the whole fan base casue at the game the bitching began after the first goal. Why is it the loudest people know the least. I loved the 'follow the game plan' helpful hints yelled right in my ear

    Just had to get my thoughts in somewhere and these marty = old yeller threads are getting the most play so I figure I'd put it here.

  18. Not true. It does all the time. It's just that it's not predictable, at all. Like Kovalchuk smacked Brayden Schenn in the face, that must've fired up the Devils, right? Except they gave up 2 goals and got outshot like 15-1 after that fight. Fights have two participants - either team could get 'fired up' by a fight, regardless of the outcome.

    Loosing salvador and a-train during that scrum probably had more to do with giving up those goals then any energy from the fights. I'm phi I take getting kovy off the ice for 5+mins for an ass kicking every day of the week and twice on sunday. I have always felt that it really doesn't matter who won the fight(unless you are playing blades of steel) but it more the timing off the fight. I don't think we've had an enforcer that knew when to fight since Peluso. If a guy(who's hockey skill 9 times out of 10 could be replaced by anyone off the street(there is a reason that most cement heads are good locker room guys and hard workers, they need that extra qualities to stand out) compared to a skill player that just has that rare athletic ability) is willing to put is face on the line, you should be willing to go that extra bit in whatever your role is.

    Do I want the days of weekly bench clearing brawls, no. But I do admit when the rangers and devs had one in the playoffs, it got my emotion up and I was only in the stands. There is a balance and I think the league is about right where it should be. I understand why people don't want it. I also understand that some people may just only watch it for the fights like some watch nascar just for the crashes.

    I know this is a devils board so it's devils centric thinking, but I still think people have it backwards, it was torts that wanted that 3 way dance off the face off to pump a little emotion into a slumping ranger team. Didn't a few players say he was fired up in the locker room about the starting lineup? I'll ask again, has anyone ever seen a defenseman take the opening draw of a game?

    since I'm off on a fighing tangent. I think Lou does a better developing enforcers then trading for them. It's probably due to all the intangibles that go with the job that you just can't scout without being int he locker room.

    Talking about fights in the playoffs, I think there is an obvious reason why they don't happen as much. Nobody wants to give the opposition a chance to get a jump going.

    Think back to Philly-Pit a couple years ago. The Flyers were wrecking the Pens looking like they were going to win the series. Talbot gets into a fight, gets beat pretty bad, maybe it sunk in and sparked the Pens seeing someones face bashed in. From that point on they were on a tear.

    My feeling is that it more along the lines of, all penalties are so huge in the playoffs. One bad penalty can turn into a PP goal that leads to one loss that leads could lead to your being out of the dance. You drop the gloves and he doesn't could be the difference. You can always get your payback next preseason.

    That was a trait of the Devils that I liked in the 90's. Don't take the stupid retalitory penalties and don't bitch to the ref all the time. In general holik and claud were good at that because they both knew that they probably got away with 4 times as many things as they should have been called. I think the inconsistant officiating keeps away more fans then the fighting. I know I tend to avoid the judged sports in the olympics so that may scew my judgement. Then again I still don't like the 2 refs.

    I know I don't post much but when I due, I tend to babble, sorry for those tl;dr types.


  19. If they add energy to 'players', from either team, the net effect is nil. Or did you miss Brodeur saying he thought he got a rough start because of the delay? He didn't sound like he was pumped up.

    I thought he said they got off to a rough start cause salvador was in the box and messed up the D pairs. He did talk about the 10 minute delay picking p gloves and scraping blood, but he was laughing when he said it. When I read the quote he sounded like he was upset, when I saw the interview it looked like a throwaway line.

    The Carter fight was due to him busting dubinsky's sinuses last game. I still have no idea why the fact that a D took the opening draw didn't get more play I've seen 4'th lines start a few games in my life. Can anyone ever remember a D taking the opening face-off?

    they all knew they were gonna fight at some part, get done on the opening drop, get it over with, go on with the game.

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  20. It would make them more popular with the fans and therefore they will demand a higher salary.

    Lou is still stuck in the Dark Ages.

    so you are saying lou lives in the dark ages for the team not doing something like this, in a thread of the team doing stuff like this.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't

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