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  1. What about Taormina? Wouldn't waste a call up and he can actually play hockey. He could rove-a few shifts at D and a few at wing. You're not winning the cup without a decent 4th line.

    Green was a game day decision so tao was his backup, so if both greene and zach(also game time because of his hand) didn't go the team would have been short.

    I'm still not sure how Tri can be upset with the the last 2 roster spots while just brushing off the injuries.

    Pete seems to want that role on the team. They really didn't show it on tv but at one point Boulton took Zach's shift because Prust or Rupp was lined up against him. No glove dropping that shift but lots of yapping. Now I know you would rather have kept that line intact, but the coach wanted to send some message. I think it's both Lou and Pete wanting goons. If my memory isn't completely off, Lou fired Ftorek in late march in 2000 because Nieds got suspended for hitting worell on top off the head, when worell was running everyone all night and Ftorek never let Oliwa on the ice when worell was out there. You need the role for certain games. Hell Palmerie was taking fighting lessons just before he was traded so I'm sure that suggested by someone in management. Neither one will see the light of day in the playoffs.

    I'm not quite sure the timeing off this post. Unless you are saying that even for their role Cam and Bolton are horrible. Teams in a good spot while missing it's #1 center all year and you don't think we have enough depth?


  2. Let's get this straight for the last time. It's ZID-LICK-Y, not ZID-LITCH-KEY! Around the time he left Nashville for the Wild he began pronouncing it Zidlicky. He used to pronounce it Zidlitchkey, but changed it for some odd reason. I remember clearly because either the Nashville or Wild announcers were talking about how it was kind of diva-ish.

    Did you watch pre-game when deb asked him to pronounce it and he said 'zid-litch-key'?

  3. I was near there but no, didn't see it. I was too busy screaming "it's ok everyone the Rags lost to the Islanders in a S/O"

    Even though this loss wasn't anywhere near Marty's fault...I agree and wouldn't have minded seeing Moose in net. Just something to switch it up. Change the setting and environment. Brodeur's track record vs. the Canucks is pretty bad I think.

    yeah because when a team is 9-1-1 they need to switch things up.

  4. I've wanted to babble a few of my observations but didn't want to clutter up the board so I hope Tri doesn't mind this.

    I've felt like this team is an upper 90's point team with a 5 or 6 seed and a this point would be disappointing if they didn't reach that now.

    My take on Marty is that the nhl gets rid of the trapezoid and he plays one more year, announce he's retiring and have a farewell tour. Not sure if he'd want the distraction of it though. wouldn't shock me if the last regular season hockey night in canada next year is a habs home game vs Devs. The big difference in his game is that he doesn't come back from injuries well. He has looked horrible when coming back, but once he's in a groove, he's more then capable. I think he has also adjusted his game to the fact his glove isn't as fast so he can't show it and take it away. He seems to be working better with all the new D with his puck handling(which was part of the early struggle). I don't think his passes are as hard but he is still such an asset. Especially against a team like the rangers where they seem to clog up the boards and his passes up the middle opened things up a bit. Marty keeps adjusting his game to cover some weaknesses, so I'm really not that worried about him. You know the nerves won't get to him, sill fantastic in the shootout. He lets a softy here and there but he still makes some outstanding saves.

    Tao vs Foster. I keep seeing foster bad mouthed while people want Tao ahead of him. I just don't see it. I thought Foster looked good first few games. His play is defiantly uneven, but he did respond when Pete benched him. As for Tao, seems to have a decent upside offensively, but not high enough to make up for his lack of D zone play. The one play that I keep seeing is against buf earlier this year when a sabre(Vanek maybe?) got to the blue line turned around and skated backwards while tao just bounced off of him while trying to stop him(among others where a player skated basically thru him to the net). He just doesn't have the size or the defensive skills to make up for it. Foster at least has the shoot witch the pk has to respect and opens up the seem passes or 3 on 2 down low. I admit I'm not an advanced stat guy but it seems to me Foster has the ability, whether it's mental breakdowns or lack of intensity, that could be fixed, I don't see Tao with the physical tools. One thing I will say is that they shouldn't be paired together.

    Lou seems to be rounding out the roster nicely. Poni looks like a beast. Bernier has some skill. Zajak soon and there will be a player on the fourth line who won't deserve it. It's a good problem to have. Once playoffs hit, boulton and cam wont see the light of day, but I do think one is needed most nights until then. This team will be streaky. The special teams is huge. Very simplistic I know, but a pp goal here and there wins you games. zach, kovy elias and henique have been so good you really don't have to discuss them. The raw talent of kovy is amazing. Creates chances out of nothing, admittedly, the puck seems to jump off of his stick at times so he can drive you nuts(kinda upsetting a couple games ago when he had a turnover and hearing a few rows behind me a fan yelling 'kovasuck' in a game where he had 2 or 3 points), but when he is motivated and in his groove. He's fun to watch He's had some horrible games but gotten a couple points, which just means you take some bad with the good because the good far outweighs the bad. Okay, maybe I did have to discuss him. I must admit I wasn't not the biggest clarckson fan but he has been fantastic. I hated when he tried to get fancy in past years but in general he has been solid all year. He could easily have 5 - 10) more goals (that's not a knock, he's been in the right place all year) but he has been far better then I thought his upside was. I still think zajak will take his spot on the pp when the playoffs roll around. Larsson looks so good as well. just seems composed. Makes some mistakes, but you can just see the type of 2 way player he will become. Solid top 4 guy already.

    As for Lou and Zach, if they were close, Lou would sign him. i think the 6 mil this year was a more then fair offer for this year, and says to me(and hopefully zach) that Lou want him back, and he wanted him happy this year. Either Zach wants a boatload of money, wants to go or wants to see what kind off offers out there to take to Lou and see if he can be close. As for the not negotiating. I'm sure if Zachs agent called and said he want to sign a deal, Lou would take the call. They talked when they made the 1 year deal. I'm sure both sides know what the other's offer is. If they are waiting for the cba, it won't change soon, if it is the devils finances(which I'm guessing would actually be helped by signing zach long term(fan favorites being let go don't help the fan base)) it won't change before the end of the playoffs. If zach signs before he is ufa, it will be a fair deal but not outrageous. Would he leave money on the table? I don't thin so, don't blame him, this is the contract that set him and his family up for the rest of their lives. Deals don't usually get done until deadlines are near imo.

    And for what it's worth, this board is going downhill. I can't read the gdt threads anymore. I don't know where to post about specifics of any particular game because I don't even want to read then. I'm not sure why people don't chat about the game in chat and not in a gdt thread. I don't mind going off on tangents occasionally, but it seems more the half the posts are on trying to be funny or asking obscure references which are probably half of my posts, but I don't exactly post that much.

    As this team gets healthier, some tough decision will have to be made.

    Sorry for the babble, just wanted to share some thoughts and couldn't find a better place.


  5. If parise doesnt re-sign i'm personally going to vanderbeeks home and burning it down and pissing on the ashes for spending our money on kovi instead of the unquestionably more talented parise.

    How exactly are you sure he would sign if the team didn't sign kovy? Much rather have a chance of having both then a chance at not having either.

  6. Well, I give this call up a resounding "Whatever". I don't really know much about this Zalewski guy. If I recall, we acquired him via some minor league trade a year or two ago, but I could be completely wrong on that one.

    Anyways, I guess the guy deserves a shot to see if he can be any better than the losers we have on the 4th line now. He does lead Albany in scoring with 9 goals, 12 assists and 21 points in 34 games(Zharkov is 2nd in scoring there with 18 points, but has played in 10 less games than Zalewski). So with that kind of scoring he's managed down in the AHL, maybe he can actually bring something remotely resembling a scoring touch to the perpetually desolate offense on the 4th line.

    I'd still like to see Zharkov get an extended shot at making the big club and be given enough ice time to show that he can or cannot stick in the NHL. I think he deserves it as much, if not more than any other player since he's been able to score at a faster pace than anyone else in Albany, he showed last year that he's definitely defensively responsible enough to not be a liability on the ice, that he has NHL quality skating abilities, works and backchecks as hard as anyone else, has good enough hockey sense to where he usually makes the right/safe play and can make accurate passes, which is something that our current iteration of the 4th line doesn't seem to do well when the pass is going any further than 10 feet in order to reach it's intended receiver...

    So what you are saying is you know absolutely nothing about Zalewski but Zharkov deserves the call up more? Doesn't matter that this might be a cup of coffee to see how the NHL club is treated compared to riding the buses in the AHL or if this is a call up where he may get a few games at center cause Travis has a set back. Not saying he has had a setback but there is a road trip coming up which JJ might not make so an extra C might be needed. Lou has seen what sharky has, Let Lou and Pete see what the new guy has.

  7. No one has mentioned that fayne at times has problems carrying the puck starting in the defensive zone on the 2nd pp unit at times. Not all the time but at least twice (as in a few times in the shift and killed the flow for the 30 seconds are so)within the last 10 games (and I'm not even including the sh goal against last game). Overall he's been good it's just an area that stands out to me mainly because the pp has been bad. Not saying it's been his fault the pp's bad, but it seems to snowball at times.

    I am happy with him on the pp when it is set up in general though, and his 5 on 5 as well. Just surprised no one has mentioned it. Not trolling but when discussing a player his faults should be brought up.


  8. they said "Lou"

    I was saying boo-urns.

    my seats were next to the boxes were Nieds family was. For as graceful Scotty was on the ice, he came real close to falling down as he was walking down the stairs and possibly going over the glass. Stumbled down a few stairs but regained his balance, it was just a sureal moment when I saw it.

    and getting back on topic since all I really wanted to do was throw in a simpsons reference is.

    Aren't the fonts inconsistent on a few banners? don't think it's one of the cup banners but I do remember some of the banners being off. I will have to check tonight.


  9. Yeah because i started watching hockey when Ovechkin and Crosby entered the league. Good one..and its funny because Triumph probably didnt even know the NHL existed prior to 1995 anyway.

    Playoff series dont mean you are big rivals otherwise our biggest rival would be the Hurricanes. Ask any pens fan if they ever considered the Caps a huge rival, dont just look up that they played each other in the postseason and conclude they must be! Thats my point, but dont bother reading any of the posts, just respond with some childish sarcasm...

    Of the many wrong things said (by multiple people) in this thread this is the worst imo.

    Playoff series are where rivalries are born. The canes may not be top 2 on any devils fans list of rivals, but I'm sure it's on many fans top 5. Maybe I just don't understand your definition of rivalry.

    I'd like the old name's coming back, at least give a bone to the older fan since it feels like it's getting less and less like the game used to be(I still have no clue why a tie is such a abd thing). I wouldn't be upset with Gretzky, Orr, Howe and Lemieux cause I would just call it the Claude conference anyway. But I'd guess it will be some generic geographical naming convention.

    Not thrilled with the new format but it fits the wants of most teams. Seemed getting each team in home and away was a big deal. I was happy with with not having to see every western team but I understand I'm in the minority.

    That eats up a bunch of games so you have 2 choices. Play your division a bunch, or play a more balanced conference(I'm talking in the current sense, not next years sense) by taking away divisional games. I'd prefer the more balanced, but since you are seeing more teams that won't draw as much you want as many of the divisional games instead of the conference games(the thinking being divisional game is a better draw the a conference game which is a better draw then a conference game). I'm thinking draw, but from a western conference team they are thinking in terms of travel but it is similar logic.

    If this is the schedule they are happy with, I don't see how you could have a different playoff format with such a unbalanced schedule. One bad team could have such a dramatic affect on all of a division that wild cards wouldn't really work.

    After a few seasons, whatever rivalries that might not currently exist between divisional opponents will occur naturally by seeing them so much during the regular season and with a couple playoff series

    I would have preferred just status quo with a team swapped here and there, but that is a devils centric view, travel is a big issue with too many teams as it is currently set up


  10. New jersey doesn't dive, plain and simple. Lou is old school and that sort of behavior is frowned upon.

    Did you even read the initial post? It's not about power play goals, it's about power plays in general - the Devils are typically last or near last in penalty drawing.

    I think it's a combination of things - NJ doesn't dive, typically - they don't take penalties (this year so far has been an exception but I don't think it will continue), and refs are hesitant to call an uneven game. I also think the team is typically conservative offensively, but it's hard to say what the real cause is. Diving isn't going to draw that many penalties.

    one dive can cause a few extra penalties in a game. ref realizes it's a bad call, then comes the make-up call. pp goal gets scored and and every little thing gets called. Doesn't happen often but there was a game like that early in the season, maybe philly.

    with the team historically mediocre at best on the pp, the devils are better off playing 5-5 as much as possible. If they play a disciplined game and don't dive and with the refs trying to even it out most nights, you end up with 2 pp's each (desired) as opposed to games with 5 or 6 each and the game having no flow

    I have noticed some diving early in the year just because it stood out. I think it has been Josefson and Teddy once or twice.

  11. So your saying Kovalchuk didn't play the first half of 2010? Not going to say that MacLean isn't partially responsible, but if the coach put you on the ice and you don't perform, that is not on the coach 100% I assume your going to blame Bettmen, and the officials too for Kovalchuk's poor play.

    The 2009-10 team was one of the best groups in team history (prior to getting Kovy). Lemaire lost the locker room and forced the Kovy trade. Post lock out, we blew some easy chances, but that was no reason to blow up a successful franchise.

    So Lou didn't make the trade to acquire a former number 1 overall pick because he became available. He was forced to make the trade. Most teams try to add for the playoff push, most teams don't get as talented a player as a missing piece to there puzzle.

    Exactly how often do top 10 talent become available? How is adding a top 10 player blowing up the franchise?

    If you think getting kovy means zach is leaving, why can't zach leave even if Kovy doesn't join the team? And if getting kovy might mean zach leaving and the death of the franchise, why isn't zach's injury last year part of the death of that season?

  12. A pee-wee team could have a better start than last year.

    It's BECAUSE of last year and the second half of '09-10 that things are so negative, when (if?) the Devils get back to that 100-point sure thing for the playoffs level then things'll ease up a little. Not to mention this team can't afford to be on the playoff bubble again, with the Zach situation.

    what accounts for the negativity around here for the years of 02 - 08?

    best to take a break the board every now and then before it really gets to you.


  13. I thought they played better tonight then last night(even said that we stole a point when clarkson scored at the game last night). Didn't see all the penalties but it's tough when you get 4 calls against you and don't have a pp until you are down by 2 or 3 in the third.

    Not saying heddy played bad but when you are a butterfly goalie you let up a lot if the other team can hit the corners upstairs. God quick legs, great positionally but smaller butterfly's are tough.

    4th line had some good shifts. Didn't even need to double shift kovy because of it in the second.

    Impressed that Teddy is playing a better all around game. Couple games in a row with PK time as well. Interesting philosophy from Deboer with his pkers. Must want offensive threats on the ice.

    Need to play more disciplined, I know captain obvious there. I also notice that more then a couple players are skating around holding the stick up with one hand a lot. Not sure if this has been happening for a while but I just noticed it tonight. Might be fatigue from back to back nights,

    2nd tonight was one of the best periods of the year, 2nd last night was one of the worst.

  14. Okay, I have totally changed my stance on White. I thought he wasn't sticking it to the Devils and fans, but TG's latest report has him sporting a goatee. Definitely think that is quite the message from White. That bastard.

    from same blog post.

    “I know my kids will be cheering for me,” he said. “That’s pretty much it….I’m not really thinking about it. I’m just trying to focus on the game right now and, hopefully, it’s a good crowd.”

    I thought of posting something similar using the bolded part but just couldn't get the sarcasm going I must be getting old.

  15. Marty hasn't been Marty for the past 4 years now. Since the 2007-08 season Marty's GAA in the playoffs is near a 3, with an .898 SV%, and he's won 5 games. He missed 50 games with a shoulder injury in 2008-09.. 30 games last season.. and is now rehabbing again for 2 weeks. (maybe longer) He's playing out the last year of his contract, and turns 40 in May..

    ..case closed.

    People need to remember we're all Devil fans on this board, and it's completely normal to question the direction of the organization post Brodeur. Rarely will someone knock Marty just for the sake of knocking Marty. But seriously.. isn't it obvious to everyone that he's not nearly the same goalie he was? Did everyone really believe Brodeur would defy father time, and play like he's 27 when he's 40?

    Without a doubt.

    They already went to that co-starting goalie system last season. (which many compared to "hell freezing over") How the team plays these next 2 weeks will be pivotal to Brodeurs status. If the team rallies around Hedberg, Moose will remain the starter. Management will not make the same mistake they made 3 years ago. In the end, chemistry is priority #1.

    didn't he win the vezina 4 years ago? Wasn't he a finalist 2010? In the Carolina series didn't he steal a game to get them to to that game 7. Moose won't remain the starter unless Marty continues to get hurt. at the worst they will split the time 50 - 50( and my guess is without any more injuries, 60-40 maybe slightly more Marty the rest of the year). It's not like Moose is in his prime either. Moose gives the option of letting marty take his time to recover. Like last year when Moose had the winning streak during Marty's injury, once he lost, it was Marty's job again. Marty recognized he was playing like crap for a stretch last year and worked on his game(as he sat out a few games even while healthy). He's not in his prime, everyone knows that, but to say he's lost his skills after the second half last year is not giving him the respect that he deserves. He wasn't a co starter when he was healthy. The only thing I'm looking forward to when he retires is that maybe they will get rid of that stupid trapezoid, with all the bitching of need for a pmd(really like the term offensive defencman because I feel it is a better description but I know I'm in the minority on that) he still handles the puck and helps the D out.

    As for the playoffs, 2010, in the 4 games they lost to the flyers, they scored 4 goals scored total. tough to win like that.

    I wouldn't be surprised if this is his last year. Main;y becasue of the recovery time from injuries, not from his skill in net.

    missed the second bolded part. There is no way you could have gone with a career AHLer in net over Marty(who set the all time wins record a month or so earlier) in that series, what kind of message would that be sending to the team. The fans would have revolted. I see that posted a few times and it just doesn't make sense. Marty would have asked for a trade in the off season. I'm sure a few season ticket holders wouldn't renew as well. To even compare the 2 is an insult to Marty. do I want a goalie that won 3 cups or the goalie that has 7 mins, not games, mins of playoff experience.

    And why the hell am I o her at 2 in the morning when I have a conference call at 7:45 am turn the damn monitor off


  16. Sorry, reading his bothers me. Alot. It's the New Jersey Devils, not the New Jersey Kovalchuks. If the signing or re-signing of one player impacts how many games you go to, don't go at all. You support the team. This is yet another reason why Devils fans get the rep they do, as if anymore examples really need to be focused upon.

    quoting this post but it goes for a few in different areas. Why do people get so bothered by how other fans are fans of the team. People that don't yell and scream every second aren't fans, we should stop all the you suck chants, we should do more you suck chants. if you have something unique on your jersey it's jersey foul, if you are going to see one player instead of the team you shouldn't go at all, it's only about the team, if you put catchup on your hotdog you are a heathen. Why are people so bothered about how I or anyone else enjoys the game. Makes reading this board painful at times.

    I'm not exactly a fan of our fanbase (I forget if it was after the first or second cup, but during the opening night when the team raised a banner, people were booing a power play in the 2nd period) and do agree with some points, but I don't let it bother me.

    The guy yelling during the moment of silence is just an a$$hole.

    See Manta, I don't view it as a sacrifice as you do. I wanted him on the team for excitement AND PRODUCTION.

    Look around, where are the goals going to come from? and his contract is large but not over-bearing

    Now if they cant keep Zach, my opinion will change. I wanted him on this team WITH PARISE! that's key!

    I dont see why they cant co-exist

    If Zach might leave with Kovy on the team, why wouldn't he leave without him on the team? I don't see how the 2 are that related. If he had a 10 mil cap hit I could understand how it might handcuff the team. If Zach left because he wasn't 'the man' on the team, isn't that a problem? Lou going after a top talent is making this team less attractive? I just do't get it. If we didn't sign Kovy and then Zach left as well where exactly would the team be?

    It's true that winning has never filled the building in NJ, but Kovalchuk is unlikely to be a draw.

    there was someone in this very thread that said he goes to more games because of him so how is he not a draw?

    Want the building sold out every night, lower ticket prices, simple economics. Maybe they make more money by selling out fewer games with the higher prices then they would with more people. Very possible. Elasticity if I remember my economic terms correctly. And I'm sure they team has done studies.

    I just don't see how having a number 1 pick overall at a good cap hit is a bad move. Perfect? no, but who is? I'm sure when you see a player a few times a year on tv the mistakes aren't as noticeable as watching him play night after night for a few seasons.

  17. Tedenby isnt going anywhere anytime soon. Josefson maybe, Zubrus, and Clarkson come to mind.

    Maybe it's just me, but I do not feel that Tedenby will be a devil lifer. He does seem like a player that will be part of a package in a deal. Flashy enough talent that other team will notice (and more importantly value) him, but not quite a good enough all around game to be untouchable. Just my take, doesn't mean I'm not a fan.

    Josefson seem like a lifer to me.

    Tons of D prospects so I'm sure one or two will be in other org's before long. I like urbom in a couple games late last year, but when the trade deadline approaches this year, does Lou get a little more aggressive this year with Marty near the end and Zach being possible FA? I'm hoping the team is in a good enough position for Lou to have to make that decision.

  18. Because the dude has some very obvious flaws in his game for a "superstar" player and when those flaws come out he looks very, very bad. When he's good, he's very good no denying that, but to merely overlook the bad with this guy is not being honest and objective.

    He's a high risk, high reward type of player and there are nights he'll win a game by himself and nights he'll be a goat. That's what you get. Two games in a row, Hedberg had to bail him out of brain dead shifts with the puck. When people point out obvious flaws in his game (which are all valid) it has nothing to do with his contract, his personality or reverence to fans.

    I mostly agree with this. It's not just that when he's bad he's very bad, it's more that every little mistake is magnified by the 100 million, same goes for when he scores a big goal it just seems bigger(that gwg streak last year as an example). There are only a handful of players that you just can't take your eyes off of when they are on the ice. He is one of them.

    He makes scoring chances out of nothing while at the same time messes up very basic things. Pucks seem to just jump off his stick for no apparent reason.

  19. If Henrique isnt going to get at least 3rd line time, its better to have him in Albany than in NJ. When Zajac gets back, Mills will be sent back down probably.

    But with kovalchuk double shifting on the fourth line in games that won't be penalty filled, having offensive skill on the 4th line is necessary. Same applys to Teddy. Bolton and Cam will be getting 5 mins a night, but the 4th line seems to be getting ice time.

    I rather have him in Albany then being a scratch though.

  20. I'm not sure how everyone has such a strong opinion on this team after 1 game when half the game was special teams. The looked sloppy in the first, better in the second and they didn't look good the third, no flow but I guess that is tough when you are shorthanded. passing will get better, the offsides and icings will decline. Early season game, let them get a few games under their belt before jumping off buildings. Usually takes 10 - 15 games to get a feel for a team.

  21. eh.. no one will even notice this by December

    2'rd period tops

    it's stupid. I mean you have teams with numbers on the front of the helmet, back of the helmet, back of the jersey, left sleeve, right sleeve, upper right corner of the jersey

    How about not being a fvcking idiot and just identifying the player on sight?

    many players stand out without the need to look at a number(especially in the pre-helmet days)but there are quite a few that look close and some teams numbers kind of blend. I will reserve judgement till I see it in person though.

  22. The image I get when I imagine Burnside writing an article is that of a middle aged beer bellied loser, on his laptop, in his boxers.

    I don't take anything he writes seriously. Besides which we always do better when we get no respect anyway.

    That's funny, pretty much sums up what I imagine for a few (unnamed) people here.

    And just for the record, I don't use a laptop.

  23. It was a joke in seasons past... but right now, I think it's accurate as a pre-season rank. We've coasted off the past for the past few seasons and it's time to re-establish the Devils as a legitimate force.That's going be hard to do with goaltenders past their prime, and our #1 center out for a few months. This team needs to step it up and prove their worth... And hopefully we'll all be grateful when we're back in the top 10, 5, etc

    I understand they haven't gotten out of the first round in a few years, but (prior to last year) they did win the division 3 out of 4 years with 100+ point seasons. How is that coasting?

    As much as the Islanders sucked, they had an amazing second half.Toronto finished ahead of us... and people like the Avs prospects.I'm not saying we're a bad team, or that we are missing the playoffs. But it's not a ridicuolous statement to say we are in the bottom 10 of the league right now as a pre-season rank. You can argue where we fall. And Burnside won't give us the benefit of the doubt. But in years past, we were ranked 20th, etc for absolutely no reason other than - they are bound to fail sometime, right?So I'm fine with a 20-25 rank preseason... if we're as good as we think, we'll move up quickly.

    and as much as the devils sucked, they had a better second half season. (26-7-3 to end the season) but the isles deserve a better spot because they had an amazing second half?

    The devs don't always get the respect they deserve (from the media) and in general I don't really care, but those 2 points you made just jumped out at me though.

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