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  1. How about a solid 60 boys? LETS GO DEVILS!

    with a 4 day layoff I expect the first 10 mins to be flat(I wouldn't mind bein wrong though). I will take a take a solid 50 minute effort after that though.

    I'm looking forward to tonight. It's been a long time since I've been to a 1$ dog night, my over under is starting at 6 and will probably rise.


  2. Lol oh cmon he doesnt mean he wants to quit the league altogether. Hes not going to sell his stake in the Pens tomorrow because of this. Poor choice of words on his part but dont take that so literally.

    so you want people to assume he said something privatly to a player and to not pay attention what he actually said publicly, just what he meant to say?

  3. since I browse from work way more often then I should I turn off the sigs and avatars. Is there a way to be able to put a colored box around posts depending on who posted it. I don't want to ignore the posts but it would be nice to know that I think the person posting is an idiot (or even that I should pay attention becasue I actually repect that persons opinion) before I get too worked up with what they wrote. Kinda like players notes for poker sites.

    I know it's asking for a bunch, but it's worth a shot.


  4. Millbury and McGuire are the most annoying pundits in hockey. NBC should learn less is more.

    And i probably will take abuse for this but Dano can be really sh!tty at analysis. He needs to calm down, slow down, stop trying to talk a million miles an hr. He rambles on incessantly, with no mental thought of where his rambling is taking him. He doesnt really answer questions, states the obvious way too much. I liked him better when he first started, but now he just provides so little that i avoid any intermission report nowadays.

    on the Dano part, if he improves one thing I hope it would be to ask a question then wait for the answer. Or phrase the question better instead of explaining his question while the player is trying to answer. Other then that he will get better with the experince.

    Don't know why, but I just don't like McGuire, never have. it's not to the point of my Dan Dierdorf hatred, but it affects my mood while watching the game.

  5. The practice and meet and greet is a joke and I didn't even go. The guy we have season tickets went to print out the tickets Saturday and they were gone. He forgot about their printing deadline. So he called the Devils all day Saturday and no one answered the phone or called him back. We got screwed out of the event. On the flip side, you have to pay over a thousand or two thousand dollars just to watch 13 players practice and then not be allowed autographs. Most teams let fans watch their practices for FREE.

    You didn't go but know it's a joke?

    You were supposed to print tickets, forgot and got screwed. Maybe if you printed the tickets like you were supposed to you woulnd't have gotten screwed.

    I may be wrong but I don't think most teams practices are open to the public for free.

    (the rest is aimed at a few people here, not just the post I quoted)

    If you buy clothes then a week later they go on sale, they don't give refunds to the people that bought it early.

    The team offers a flex plan, use it. If the flex plan wasn't available, I could see where all the bitching is comeing from. It isn't the first year all of the discounts have been offered. If you bought fulls again (and are upset at all of the discounts) this year you only have yourself to blame becasue you knew this was a very possibly reality that the prices are too high compared to market value.

    I did have full seasons from 88 until the move to newark (and went to 35+ each year). This year I got a flex plan for the games that might be tough to get discounts, and have gone the discounts/stubhub route for any other games I've wanted to go to. (paid $32 (after fees) for a lower bowl seat agasint car weds for example, helps that I don't mind going to the game alone so your mileage may vary) If you are worried about sitting with the same people, buy the discounted tickets and sit in your normal seat. My guess is that it would be empty anyway.

    I also don't look at the tickets as investments either. I know stubhub type sites have changed the environment but when I had the full plan if I couldn't make a game, I had a list of people that were interested and usually ended up giving the tickets away cause I knew the hassle it would be to try and get anything for them. If it's that much of a finacial hardship to not sell the tickets perhaps you shouldn't be buying full seasons in the firstplace.

    I'm still more upset that I have to spend $10 to park each game(well, park and path train, I admit, I'm a cheap bastard) instead of knowing all the ins and outs of parking for free at the meadowlands.

    All this being said, I'm guessing full seasons are going to be majorly discounted next year. They are pushing the end zone balcony seats for next season cheap. I don't know the full detail but will be taking one of the arena tours soon so it may be a push to get anyone back next year. A sales rep also expect big changes next year but again it's a sales rep so take it for what it's worth.

    Stop thinking of the tickets as an invenstment. If you don't plan on going to most of the games, don't get full seasons.

  6. Give white an "A" till Parise comes back? :)

    This is where the real story is. I understand not giving anyone the C the rest of the year. I don't understand why noone has the other A.

    I'm not sure if they are waiting for the trade deadline dust to settle. Tough to give Arnott(for example) the letter if he is just going to be traded in less than 3 weeks.

    then again, I'm not in the locker room so I don't know who does the talking.

  7. I still haven't gotten over the fact that the OT winner appears to me to be a no-look shot.

    I've been suprised noone else has mentioned that myslef.

    Also, I would have liked to see Arnott's post shot replayed a couple more times. The stop on Zubrus was shown a few times but I don't remeber seeing Arnott's shot from a good angle.

    Why is this thread pinned and todays game thread not?

  8. You're disagreeing with the WRONG opinion.

    I said he doesn't not make it look easy.... :unsure: so...maybe you weren't ehem... responding to me :giggle:

    Yeah... in fact I HAVE agreed with everything everyone said. I just lost track of who you might be responding to :evil:

    Yeah -- the only thing actually addressed to me was the Couldn't fill Stevens's skates comment (Stevens's is actually grammatically correct in standard writing -- however in journalism Stevens' woudl be correct just a little FYI for anyone that mentally wants to correct me every time I write that)

    I think that's Niedermayer's strong point. He does know his limitations -- so well... so very well.... he's a major thinker analyzer. and he's beyond talented... I understand EVERYTHING... in fact it is BECAUSE I see that all so clearly I can't help but see him as a deceiver. Understandable --- it's all just self-preservation. it's also unnecessary :noclue: he IS that good and that smart. There is nothing to protect. But he can't help himself. His foie gras fight... come on... :doh1: You know -- I appreciate it all I do... but... I just can't hack it. I want his number retired here. because it only makes sense at the end of the day. btu the connection will never be there.

    Niedermayer is the disappointment of a boyfriend. I am as obsessed with him as I am with Stevens... I married my husband! I dated so many Niedermayers... at the end of the day it clicks for them or it doesn't. When it doesn't it's such a huge waste.

    So I used to say if he resigned with the Devils when he became unrestricted I'd change my view of him completely. I concede that is nto near enough time for a human being to mature into who he is. man 100 years isn't enough truthfully. So now... I'm looking to see what he does now.... he'll do nothing. He'll champion battery operated cars while not looking for a deeper solution. He'll save the ducks - but he wont' take the SECOND STEP... He never takes the second step on his path.

    Hmehh -- why should he? A bunch of first steps is a great path. And the only really important second stpe you're all but pushed into (thankfully for Scott) is your children. and well frankly no, I dont trust him on that..... I wonder if it's not like father like son even - Carol's hard hard feel made me interested in that whole dynamic so when I say I wonder I mean I wonder what his father was like - I am assuming nothing. :noclue:

    So you all are correct and I've never disputed that, just wrote why I am not thrilled with it all like I was with Dano or Stevens and like I will be with Marty.... I just find Scott Niedermayer profoundly DISSATISFYING.

    and yes my dissatisfaction shoudl take somethign away from him. Just because it's not just me. Many are dissatisfied and I can't chalk it up to mere bitterness. I'm not arguing with anyone just trying to articulate what it is people feel whether they know it or not even.

    i remeber much of your nieds analysis from back in the day. admit it, you just don't like him becasue he is western candian. or has that wetern canada personality.


  9. Because my feeling is that the team has trained fans to wait for specials and not buy at face value.. They clearly set the face value price too high and need to have all of the last-minute super discounts (and free tickets sometimes) because less people are buying the tickets.. This not only pisses off the STH, but now people who bought a ticket at face value for a game are annoyed and next time they'll wait for the deal.. I mean you can see that it's true because the arena is generally empty (poor play doesn't help either), they just had a special for lower level seats at $26 a piece, and tickets on StubHub are as low as $5

    as long as threads are made with the various deals here i'm sure pk and star will be kept up to date with all the info. I followed TG's twiiter for the kovy stuff, stopped it once (most of) the drama was over casue it was more anoying then helpfull imo.

    My dad and I had season tickets from 88 until the move to newark(he doesn't plan on every buying a ticket to a game in newark, I wanted to see all the kinks worked out and am only just a little bitter at the move as oppesed to very bitter when it was first anounced). I know there are a couple events just for STH but not enough to justify me getting a full season plan instead of picking up an flex plan with 8 prime games and working the discounts(i even mentioned that to one of the sales guys when I 'won' my free arena tour last game and said that may change next year). Simple economics, drop the prices and more people will go to the game. I'm sure the pricing scheme is set up with corperate sesason tickets in mind or maybe the games that do sell out make up for the empty seats the rest of the year.

    Attendence in the meadowlands rose every year until 96 when they jacked up the prices (25% for the seats we had at the time, some other might not have been as steep).

    Hell, drop the club seats to $100 a game and I would consider full seasons again, but again, how many of those seats are sold but just not used?

    I know -- I inexplicably missed Joe at the Rock -- I think the internet connection was so slow I thought he was one place when he'd already left or something like that.

    I waited for you between periods, when the puck dropped I went back to my seat. I probably should have called instead of just texting but who thinks of calling nowadays? Plus, I'm a bastard and why would anyone want to hang out with me anyway?


  10. i wonder if they tell a guy like urbom that he won't get 10 nhl games no matter what he does. probably not.

    If he has a decent agent, the agent should explain the situation.

    he came up for one other game and looked so much better then he did at the begining of the year. It would also be nice to see how he plays on a team that is playing better as a team.

  11. I was never implying that anybody on this board had priorities that are out whack. What I was saying is that I assume if a no facial hair rule exists, it came from Lou, and I wish Lou would worry about other issues instead of something as trivial as facial hair.

    It's attention to details that is the whole purpose of the facial hair rule Kinda like all the stupid rider clauses that some bands have (no brown m&m's for I think van halen). If you don't follow the facial hair rule(a small detail for sure), (or the brown m&m's) what other small (or larger) details are you missing?

    some companies allow jeans on casual friday, some don't. Some places alow sneakers, some don't.

    I'd bet that more discussion of the facial hair rule has occurred in this thread than Lou has had about it over the last 20 years so I'm not sure what other issues he hasn't gotten around to.

    It's not like this team has had a Don Mattingly sideburns indecent.


  12. Yeah, Fayne hasn't been anything amazing and he's gotta be eligible. Fraser being sent down may have something to do with that beautiful give away on the first goal last night... yikes...

    fraser doesn't need the rest since he's recently back from an injury, fayne has been playing so let him enjoy it as much as the rest of the team

  13. I'm talking about game changer in the bigger sense which pretty much no athlete in any sport is a game changer.

    If no athlete is a game changer, how is a knock on Gretzky that he isn't?

    Gretz was the best player (by a wide margin) in the game for a few years. When Mario arrived I appreciated Wayne more because I just didn't like Mario. Not that Mario wasn't talented, I just thought Mario whined all the times despite getting the call every time. Though when I saw Gretzky more often with the rangers, he seemed to be in the refs ear all the time.

  14. Firing MacLean and getting rid of Langenbrunner seem to be the likely catalysts. I'm going to guess that trading Langenbrunner was the key though, you can't have a captain that's a malcontent.

    I think the loss of Langs and the teddy sitting are key. The young guys have stepped up their game becasue they know there is a spot for them and they also know if they don't play hard, they could easliy end up watching for a few games. Zharkov has looked good the last few games before the goal. Now clarkson just has to play his game and not try and get fancy and the team as a whole hopefuly will put out solid efforts. A little production from the vets with a little production from the youngins has been nice the last few games.

    Next get the PP to shoot a little more to open up the passing lanes.


  15. I'm not advocating tanking for the sake of a high draft pick. I'm saying that sucking the first half, squeeking into the playoffs and then getting bounced leaves you with neither a Stanley Cup or a high draft pick. Right now we're closer to getting a top 3 draft pick than a playoff berth.

    so Philly shouldn't have snuck in last year with the shootout win? They didn't win the whole thing.

    Even if you said winning and just missing the playoffs would be worse then a top 3 I could live with it, but making the playoffs and getting swept, keeping the 13 year streak alive is better than the number 1 pick overall.

    and no, I don't think this team is making the playoffs. I just disagree with what you said.

    <world is coming to an end, I edited some(probably not all) typos grammar>

  16. When weighing a high draft pick versus a playoff berth, the only way it would be successful is if, at the very least, we get into the SCF. IMO getting into the playoffs doesn't trump a high draft pick this year. If we were on the bubble right now then it would be different, but since we're in a prime spot to draft top three it's a bit more precarious.

    that's just wrong. first goal is always getting to the playoffs. Saying we aren't making the playoffs so we should tank is different. I don't agree but it is a defndable opinion.

  17. is palmieri overall better than tedenby? no, but he'll do what jacques wants him to do.

    There are many times when teachers / coaches are tougher on students / players with a higher potential as well. May stunt their growth(for lack of a better term cause it isn't exactly what I mean, hmm, gotta think about it) this year, but makes them better when they fully develop.

    not the perfet anology but think of the tall high school basketball center. since he is taller then everyone else, he never learns to jump for rebounds. when he gets to college where there are other players as tall as him, he has to learn to jump.


  18. I would not expect this... Lou likes his veterans and greybeards...

    Lou has stated more than a few times he likes comparing NHL rosters to college rosters. You need a nice balance of Seniors, Juniors and Freshman. Each have their role. Then you need the right coach for whatever stage the team is in depending on that balance. So I agree you won't have a team full of youngesters.

    Besides, not even lou knows what this team will look like by the end of the year. Exactly what deal will become avaibale as the deadline aproaches. Maybe a good player gets an injury to a team that is in now mode and he is able to get more then he thought. It's also possible that a team that may be buyers now start to slide and they become sellers so less is available. Although with the west the way it is I don't forsee that happening.

    As for specifically Elias, I do see the fact of the 2 month old baby playing a big factor in Elias not wanting to move. Lou stresses family (giving mini jerseys to new fathers as an example) as well so I dont see him asking Patty to waive the ntc as well. Elias has come back from so much that coming back from a bad season shuold be nothing to him.

    Unless of course you think he's washed up which I don't see.


  19. Loss is on Tallinder IMO... on the 2nd goal he was out of place should have went for Briere instead of staying in the middle of nowhere not blocking and not watching anyone

    So it's Tallinder's fault for not covering for white, not whites fault for straying way out of position?


  20. Lemaire is messing with Ted's CONFIDENCE AND DEVELOPMENT. Ted is one of our top forwards and is a HUGE part of the future of this team. He should absolutely be playing every night this season and "learning on the job". I can see scratching him if we were a playoff team and were very deep; and JL was trying to teach him something. But under THIS season's conditions it is completely idiotic.....

    So if he isn't doing the defensive things JL is telling him to do in practice he should still be getting ice time? Stop the bad habits while they are rookies. We don't know what is going on so to assume he should play no matter what is just wrong. Besides there was some rumbling of an injury.

    As for Rolston getting ice time. He has little trade value now, maybe he gets something going to possibly get some trade value (even if it is in the off season) as opposed to just benching him where there is 0 chance.

  21. re: josefson - i don't want his contract wasted in this stupid year. unless he is really tearing it up in albany, which is just about impossible, we will save millions of dollars by leaving him in the minors.

    Purely $$$ or are your talking about if he plays less then X NHL games this year he still has an extra year of eligibility or along those lines.


  22. it's important to josefson, he just took a huge pay cut.

    but nonetheless, i think he'll add a lot to albany and hopefully we don't see him again until next year.

    My guess is he will be back soon. At the latest after Arnott is moved.

    More moves will be made, more youngsters will be called up to figure out what kind of talent some of our prospects actually have. If JL is the teacher the entire NHL says he is, let him teach while before he retires again. Saw reD(and others) bitch about him messing with Nieds early in his career but he didn't turn out that bad. Nieds actually turned out to be an above average defensive defensman(didn't have the muscle to clear the net but he was damn good defending 2-1's and I was never worried when he was on the ice unlike the phil housley's of the world). I would love to see Urbom back for a stint becasue that one game he came back (rangs?) he looked so much better then the begining of the season.

    All assuming the team continues as it has.

    As I re-read this I want to clarify that i don't thinnk nieds was a defensive defenseman, but he was good defensivly as well as being a talented offensive defensman. You never know on this board how people will think.

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