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  1. Yeah deff. Ive been trying to get people to do the Zubi chant but no one seems to be into it. The fans are kinda boring this season. :unsure:

    Maybe becasue when other teams fans start doing those chants, they almost always go over the top and do it at the stupidest of times. When a goalie plays the puck behind the net does it really make sense to yell Booooch? Let it come naturally, don't try to force a chant, it only comes off looking stupid.

    If they make a good play, the chants will be there.

    maybe it's just me though

  2. From my observations of the past several coaches, I don't believe MacLean has the authority not to play Brodeur. In fact, I believe Lou puts other conditions on the Head Coach(s).

    I recall Brent Mutter saying after being knocked out early in the Playoff, that he believed Brodeur was tired. In retrospect, it seems he wanted to rest Brodeur but was prevented from doing so by Lou.

    Either Lou called this start, or Martin told MacLean he wanted to sit the next game out.

    unless I am misremebering, basically every coach has said it's been the goalie coach that has mostly called the shots of when to rest Marty.

  3. Joe B - clearly you're missing spell check.

    yes I am, but you must clearly agree with me since you didn't tell me anything I said was wrong(other then the spelling)

  4. Well the only defenseman to play more even strength time than Taormina was Corrente, so Jmac certainly feels comfortable with him in our own end.

    Was going to wait until about 20 games in to kinda go over a few points, but it seems to me that Johnny Mac is more comfortable with the kids he has first hand experience with in the AHL last year then some of the players that have been with the club. Tao instead of Greene stands out the most in my mind.

    Not saying it's neccesarily a bad thing, but it was something I have noticed from the first game. Maybe Tao has outplayed greene in practice, but it has stood out to me.

    OMG had plenty of ice time last night<deservedly so> as well.


  5. you're a jackass - it was a simple question asking if anyone else was getting a lot of emails from the team. and no, it's not a few. it's about once a day. and when you grow up and have a big boy job and get hundreds of emails every day, they add up.

    as i said before, it's not a huge problem. i was just wondering if i was the only one.

    Correct me if i am missing something here.

    you give the devils your email address so they can send you ticket offers / updates or whatever<I did to, don't rember when or how so i don't expect you to>

    the devils send you ticket offers / updates or whatever once a day.

    you create a post which has part of the title for the devils to stop spamming you<even though you have the option of unsubscribing, or simply just deleteing the 1 email a day>

    you call someone else a jackass, tell them to get a big boy job because the suggest you just take a couple secs to delete the email. you can't handle 1 email a day, when you are getting hundreds a day. do you not read your email every day at your big boy job <how are they adding up if it's just one a day>? do you get lots of personal email at your big boy job?

    how do you claim you were only asking others if they are getting a bunch of emails when the title <sub title?> of you post is complaining that your are getting spammed<and maybe my definition of spammed is different, usually its unwanted emails about viagra or canadien drugs or how my long lost uncle from zimbabwai just died and I just won a 100 million $$'s, not something I actually, you know, signed up for.

    If you simply wanted to know if others where getting an email a day, you could have asked without saying the devils are spamming you. you start off confrentiaional and get offended when people call you out on it.

    again, am I missing somehting here?


  6. Hey JoeB ltns. Good to see you. :)

    I am comparing concepts. The reasons used here are just excuses for this hockey player. If a person does something like sucker punch a person they are capable of doing it again.

    I understand the point you are making but violence is part of the game. guys hitting girls usually isn't part of relationships (and why girls never leave the guys after the first hit is beyond me but not really a subject that belongs on a devils forum).

    Then again, I still thought he was just trying for a hit and threw the elbow out when he realized he was going to miss, kinda like a player sticks the leg out when missing a check(very dangerous as well, but more instictual then premeditated imo). the other two elbows that were behind the play were again trying to agitate. not saying he was clean, but to brand a kid at 19 as a dirty player is a little harsh.

    and how are you doing SD?


  7. Is it just me or are you guys getting emails almost daily from the team and/or the Prudential Center?

    have you tried the unsubscribe link on the bottem of the emails? only a guess, but it might stop the emails.

  8. As for him just being a teenager or basing an opinion on 1 incident or being mental, they are excuses. The first time a 19 year old hits a female, should he be excused for being a teenager, only 1 incident or being mental? I don't think so. When I person does something unjust, like Cormier, they are capable of doing that again. Let a male beat up a female and he will do it again at some point. People need to take responsibility for their actions.

    you are comparing a guy hitting a girl to a couple of elbows in a contact sport?

  9. And where did I state there that Lou should be replaced?

    not exactly sure what else you want other then I thought I was in the other thread where there was Lou bashing.

  10. Where did I say in my posts that we should replace Lou? I just say his shine is starting to wear off and that he has not adapted well to the new NHL.

    thought I was still in the should lou be replaced thread.


  11. Also got to give Washington credit for drafting well. Yeah they drafted pretty high for a few years when they were pretty bad, but it is paying dividends for them now. Atlanta has drafted some pretty big busts for them (Stefan and Lehtonen) or they drafted well and no longer on the team (Heatley, Coburn, and now Kovalchuk).

    So regular season success is good for Washington, who has won 1 playoff round since 97-98. won their division 5 times in that span. Missed the playoffs 4 times.

    but Devils have won the division 4 of the last 5 years, only 2 playoff series wins, and should replace their GM?

  12. SO you would start an aging goaltender who has lost a step or 2 over a goalie who has put up similar numbers during the same season? If you believe he had any real chance to win the Vezina, then again that is a Kool-Aid drinker hallmark. Even Puck Daddy Greg W questioned it and he is huge Devils homer.

    I am not pulling any kind of victim card, I am just stating how it is that people who think Brodeur is any less than stellar are called trolls. If I am the only one to think Clemmer should have started that series, then lets leave it at that and not call for my banning.

    Also loved your back-handed comment about my Hockey IQ. I may not know everything or as much as some others on the board about hockey, but I think I know at least a decent amount.

    If I would state that I wanted Clemmer to start in goal rather than Marty because I wanted the Devils to lose and to show everyone how much Marty sucks, then I can def see that as a troll comment. No arguement there. But what I am saying is that Clemmer was playing well, and the team also happened to play a tighter defense around him as well, which helped him too. I thought it would carry over into the playoffs against Carolina. And what happened at the end of game 7? A defensive breakdown that lead to a goal by Staal that Marty most likely would have caught years ago. Marty is getting older and his glove is slower. Take a look at the Pittsburgh and Colorado games this year for an example of that.

    I was going to let this die but have a couple points. did I say he would win the Vezina? no I said he was a Vezina finalist. My understanding is that the 3 finalist were the 3 top vote getters (gm's voting). Meaning that enough GM's thought Marty was in the top 3 to put give him votes. As I said earlier, marty may not be as good as he once was, but he is still a top goalie. And to compare a career ahl'er to him is an insult. Simple as that. That has nothing to do with being a devils fan. Simialr numbers does not equate similar skill.

    If you are arguing that they should have put a lesser skilled player on the ice to make the rest of the tem play better that is almost as bad. Suppose you are a player and your coach puts in a player (in the most important position) that everyone in that locker room knows isn't as good(and for for an injury which would be different). You think they will react favorably? I'm going to give it my all? know, you are going to give up becase you coach has already given up.

    You really think colin white woulnd't have gone for the big hit and put himself out of position if clemmer was in net?

    As for the nhl IQ. It wasn't a back handed slap(although again, everytime someone disagreed with you you called them a devils dancers, kool aid drinkier, you need to get a thicker skin). It's more along the lines of if that you feel clemmer is in Marty's league, i don't know what opinion of your I would trust when it comes to hockey. I really don't know any of your other opinions, but to me they are tainted.

    If I said that the buffalo bills are going to win the superbowl this year. Would you trust anything I said about football from that point forward?

  13. The franchise does not need to miss the playoffs and slowly watch attendance and interest fad because we no longer a competitive team.

    Again, can you actually wait until the team misses the playoffs before you consider this team dead and buried? I understand you don't like the kovy move, but to say this isn't a competitave team after 6 freaking games is projecting your dislike of the signing.

    Can people please explain to me what team you rather have been a fan of the last 5 - 7 years? then tell me that you would have still been a fan in the 5 year leading up to that point. I'll give you detroit, who else?

    when was the last time that a few people haven't come on here and say this team isn't making the playoffs. Every year they have been wrong.

    Other than detroit, which teams have had more success without a year or two of bottem feeding to get the high draft picks.

    I understand that cup or bust is basically the motto, but you can't just dismiss the regular season success either. Usually the higher the seed the easier the matchups. Hasn't been the case the last few years, but to use 94 as an example. Devs had a couple tough playoff series before meeting the Rangers. Rangers had a releativly easy first couple rounds. You reverse that and it might have been enough to tip the 7 game series in their favor instead of a loss. If people can claim that resting Marty an extra game in october might help him be more rested in the playoffs, I don't see how you can argue playing a few less games a week or two before might not help.

    Also, as to the orignal post. the title of the post is misleading. If you want fans true opinion, try not having a negative title to the post.

    lets see, Marty bashing, lou bashing hmm, where's the Doc bashing? any other HOF'ers(or future) I missed.

  14. So anytime anyone has a different opinion from the rest, then they are a clear troll? Why can't I just have my opinion and then leave it at that or just disagree with me and why you disagree instead of calling me to be banned and being called a troll? Damn people on here take the team a little too seriously, especially when it comes to players who have been with the team for a while.

    Plus, if they had the same stats during the regular season, why not start clemmer in goal? Why is that such a radical idea that I would want a goalie that played very well for 50 games during the season start and give the devils a good chance to win? I am just trying to suggest things that would benefit the team. Damn people are touchy here on this board about Brodeur.

    To compare Marty to Clemmenson is just not even close. Nothing to do with kool aid or whatever you want to call it when you disagree with that person(which you were quick to pull the victim card with). That is why you are getting so many disagreeing with you.

    Is marty the Elite goalie he once was? no. Is he still a top 10 goalie in the league. I haven't gone down the list but I'm sure he is probably bottem 10. He was a vezina finalist last year, right?

    There are plenty on here who aren't the biggest Marty fans(GR). I bet you are the olny one who thought clemmer shuold have started that playoff series. Thats not kool aid talking, it's just hockey IQ.

    What part of Clemmers game is better then marty's?


  15. I think "attack" is too strong a word to use here. He just grabbed the guy a little. What he did to the Minnesota player was cheap though. Hope he gets suspended just for that punch.

    totally disagree on both points.

    you cant touch the fans, period. Simple as that. they throw a beer at you or something like that, get security. WAY to much can get out of han. Plus, if the fans can get to you by clapping, every other fan in every other arena is going to try and get you to react.

    As for the cheap shot punch,, 2 mins roughing, that's it, maybe 10 for not listening to the refs depending how it all started.

    10 games seems a bit much, but the nhl doesn't want an Artest?(or was it spreewell? one jumped into the crowd, the other chocked a coach) incident.

  16. Clemmer has shown he can be equal to Marty in his skill with NJ. If Marty would have started his career on another and less defensive-minded team, would you think he would have put up the same #'s? If you say yes, then you are drinking the Kool-aid. Before the lockout, Brodeur didn't exactly face a barrage of shots on net during the NZT days and clutch and grab hockey. Hasek won all those Vezinas during that time while having slightly less impressive numbers because he was on a Sabres team that would have been much worse without him.

    Right now, Brodeur is very average goalie and nothing more. Clemmer is at about the same thing, but Vokoun is the starter there so he does not get much playing time. If Vokoun was on Detroit for instance, his numbers would be much better as well.

    so the fact that he was able to play the puck, and they could basically have the defense stand up at the blue line and he would take any dump in and clear them if not start a breakaway had nothing to do with the good defense? the good defense made marty better, and Marty made the defense better. Do they really make rule changes for average goalies?

    Or has he always only been average and just damn lucky that he ended up with this franchise.

    And you are saying that a 50 game stretch is enough proof to compare to even the last 3 year of a goaltender? How many Vezina finalist aren't even starting in 2 years afterwards. As I said(i think in this thread) it's all abobut adjustemnts. And marty has adapted his whole career, and there is no reason to believe that he won't continue to make adjustments this year.

    Buf was a trap team as well, Marty put up better number then Haskek for a few years and Hasek won becuase Buf had less talent(also word was that Marty would win some in the future so they gave it to the vet). Look at the number Marty put up when jiggy won the con smyth, bascially the same(other than wins obvously, set a record for playoff shutouts if I member correctly) The defense first franchise hurt his reputation as well.

  17. It would be an equal trade at that point, but Clemmers costs less. If this was between 97 and 2003, I would take Marty in a heartbeat. I think that is where a lot of you are stuck in.

    If thats what you think, more power to you. I'm kinda done with this now then.

    just trying to get into your thinking here. Clemmer has been equal in marty's skill since Marty's injury, since the lockout just this year?

    Are they bottem half of NHL goalie skill? Top third? I really am interested.


  18. Clemmer wasn't letting in softies, so yes.

    Do you keep a guy who is way past his prime and letting in soft goals just because he is a fan favorite? Doesn't help his image seeing him get scored on 4 times in a period, letting in softies, and getting pulled more frequently.

    so that was a yes you would trade Marty for Clemmers straight up?

  19. They should have kept Clemmer in during the playoffs. Marty doesn't need any more rest as all the rest in the world won't help him. He is just getting older and is 38, not 28 anymore.

    Also, loved the treatment Clemmer got after the season. Team spirit huh?

    So he is just old and it's not the rest? Is he an average goalie now? below? where does he rank league wide? should he be retired now?

    Is he the reason for the current record? Is he the reason the pp is 2 for 17? Is he the one that has hit 4 or 5 posts? Did he not tell volchenkov to duck so the player penciled in as the teams #1 defensive defesman missed a few games?

    As for clemmer, he got an insane contract for a career AHler that he never would have gotten from the devs. What was Lou supposed to do? hand him the job? Pushing your franchise goalie out for a backup that had a good stretch <and he wasn't that good> is good for team spirits? Yeah, play like a top 5 / 10 at your position all time but get an injury and we will wally pip your ass to siberia? i'm sure that would do with your fanbase. (not that you do things for the fans, but just flat out treating a fan favorite(obviously not all fans judging by this thread) like a used bag of pucks would not go well)i'm sure more Marty broduer jerseys have been sold then any other jersey. Sure there may have been more stevens jerseys in the 90's. I'm sure there are more Paresie jersey's now(and I'm sure there will be more kovy jerseys' in 5 years)

    do you trade clemmer for Marty straight up?


  20. Yep, the Devils were terrible when Marty was injured for about 50 games and Clemmer took over..... oh wait they did fine without him.

    Did they win the cup that year? If a rested Marty is all that is needed shouldn't they have won the whole thing that year? Or should have clemmer played every other game in the playoffs?

  21. I blame Lou for not allowing the coaches to insure Martin was well rested.

    This problem goes back to when Lemaire did not pull Brodeur in favor of Chris Terreri years ago, when Martin so obviously hit the wall during the Playoffs. We have seen this same problem several times since then, and the Devils have announced that they would take steps to prevent this, but did not.

    hasn't the team won 3 cups since then?

    Can you really cite problems in the past if they won since?

    My take is that it's like batting in baseball. All about adjustments. I know on shootouts, Marty used to give the high glove side just to take it away with his qick hand. If Marty's glove hand is slowing(which it might, but there have been some wicked shots ringing off the post that I don't think anyone would stop 100% of the time) he has to adjust to not give the tophelf and square himself more true.

    then the shooters adjust and start shooting more stickside.

    As for he's going to get tired. i'm sure the coaches can tell when he is tired. I don't think you can blame him for any of the early round exits the last few years. I know everyone points to the Carolina goal, but they wouldn't have been ina game 7 if he didn't stand on his head earlier in that series. HOF goalie will get the credit he sometimes doesn't deserves(although still pissed at the con smyth slap in the face) so he will burden some of the blame that isn't deserved as well. Just comes with the position.

    Might be a rough ending of career, I just don't think it is this year.


  22. Well your post says it all.

    You ask why people are worrying about the 2.8 man while the 100 men is still scoreless.

    Well as you said.Our defense don't move the puck so I guess he can't be moving it himself.Actually he tries it every game a couple of times. :noclue:

    Kovy isn't scoreless, he does have 2 assists. Also, it's not 2.8 vs 100 2.8 vs 6.66 or whatever vs 100. I understand the point, and agree that Kovy should have a bigger impact on the team, but that just goes into the Langs shouldn't be captain camp. It just tilts me when people are inacurate(like my spelling) with their arguments. Just like all the 0-3 crowd. an OT loss is still a point even if you don't agree. Getting stuff wrong just doesn't help help you point.

    I'm not a strip Langs of the C crowd either, think he sulks now how would he react. I am off the since the team need to clear some space, Langs is near the top of the list camp though

    People are worrying about the 2.8 man becasue at times it looks like he isn't trying as hard unless he is with ZZ.

    loved this quote from here suprised no one brought it up


    "The coach can do whatever he wants whenever he wants," Langenbrunner pointed out. "He just wants to make sure we get focused. We didn't have the intensity."

    I guess the 'you know, except when a coach wants to rest me for a meaningless game at the end of the season' part got cut off.

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