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  1. D%$^%&@& AGAIN with my 8 year old freaking about the impending Tornado

    1. Devilish34


      Haha If you watch the philly weather Oxford is always in a tornado warning/watch box

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  2. I want Scott Stevens to chitter chatter about hockey. I'm getting massively dissatisfied and uncomfortable with the whole game again. No one else is balanced (or UNbalanced) the way I am and iM JUST GETTING SPASTIC AND MISERABLE... I HATE THAT. 678%^&(*0A64&*)^%&)*#^%$(&^#%&*)%^#$%^&) so ha.

    1. Devilish34


      Miss Othmar I'd be glad to go pound erasers

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  3. Traffic is down to summer levels. Guess nobody believes anymore.

  4. Painful to watch Devils Hockey this year.. Goodthing I'm not against self-mutilation...

  5. I just upped the chat limit to 50 users (for real this time) Sorry to those who got locked.

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